Thursday, October 23, 2008


OK, campers, once again the Asbury Park Press has begun its series of candidate endorsement editorials, and so far it's a mixed bag.
They began on Sunday the 19th with an endorsement of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. and his faithful sidekick Robinette, which was basically just a rehash of Democratic talking points. Nothing else to say here. I mean, Purcell actually did better than the APP on that regard.
Then on Monday, the APP began delving into the various races for the House of Representatives in the area with a hearty and resounding endorsement of Congressman Frank Pallone over Judge Bob McLeod for an eleventh term. A sign of character in an elected official is the breaking with his party from time to time on certain important issues, and in Congress Pallone has failed miserably there. While in the State Senate, Pallone earned a reputation as a conservative Democrat on certain issues, such as abortion. Within six months of his election to Congress, he took a hard left turn and hasn't looked back since. When then-State Senator Pallone first ran for Congress back in 1988 a slogan used by his opponent's (Assemblyman Joe Azzolina) campaign was Frank Pallone: 5 years of press; the ocean's still a mess. That still holds true today, only now it's 25 years of press. I encourage my readers to peruse the comments posted after the Press editorial.
On Tuesday, the Press printed an endorsement of incumbent Congressman Rush Holt for reelection over Holmdel Township Committeeman Alan Bateman. Holt is basically a carbon copy of Pallone, a strong follower of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic House Leadership. He doesn't really offer much to Monmouth County. Again, be sure to read the comments.
Yesterday (Wednesday) it began to get interesting. The Asbury Park Press endorsed a Republican! Medford Mayor Chris Myers actually got the endorsement over state Sen. John Adler, D-Camden, a cog in the Norcross machine, to succeed retiring Congressman Jim Saxton. Although this district doesn't cover Monmouth County, I'm referencing this endorsement because of what the Press had to say:
"Adler, whose political career has been scripted by Camden County political boss George Norcross, is part of a long-entrenched system that has allowed corruption to run rampant in New Jersey. As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which conducts confirmation hearings on key gubernatorial appointees and state judges, he has signed off on or run interference for a "who's who" of unqualified party hacks. Among those vetted under his watch: former Attorneys General Peter C. Harvey and Zulima Farber and Supreme Court Justice Roberto Rivera-Soto."
The Norcross reference is interseting. The Press has repeatedly endorsed Democrats for freeholder whose campaigns have been heavily funded by Norcross' lieutenants like Assembly Speaker Joe Roberts. In view of that sordid history, it will be very interesting indeed to see if they follow the same pattern and endorse the Democratic candidates for freeholder this year.
Today they endorsed another Republican, veteran Congressman Chris Smith, the dean of the New Jersey House delegation. In spite of the Press' assertions otherwise, Smith is a conservative, and has proven that you need not be a liberal in the mold of Christie Whitman to succeed as a Republican in New Jersey. He will diverge from his party's line on issues of importance to his constituency in the 4th District. That's called representation. Something that both Pallone and Holt could do more of.
It will be interesting to see who will be endorsed in the race for U. S. Senate. Will the APP endorse Democrat Frank Lautenberg (Who is reminiscent of some of the former Soviet dictators like Yuri V. Andropov or Konstantin U. Chernenko!) or Republican Dick Zimmer?
And, in light of their rightful criticism of Adler's connections to the Norcross political family, will the Press endorse Freeholder Director Lillian Burry and John Curley, or Democrats Amy Mallet (Who is like a shark) and Very Silent Glenn Mason?

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Have you ever met Madame Burry....she would eat her young to get elected.