Thursday, June 05, 2008


With the Primary over and done with, the Candidate Websites have been updated once again.
John McCain, our presumptive presidential nominee, remains at the head of the list, followed by Dick Zimmer for U. S. Senate. Two out of three Monmouth County congressional campaigns are linked, Rep. Chris Smith in the Fourth District and Alan Bateman of Holmdel in the Thirteenth. Except for a page at the Affiliated Republican Club of Monmouth County website, we have no information on Judge Bob McLeod's Sixth District campaign site, or if he has one yet. If anyone has any info on his website, please post it and I will link it; if there isn't one yet I strongly recommend that he get one. Either way, I'll link it.
Also no info on whether the 2008 Freeholder campaign will run its own website.

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