Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well, after two years, I finally get to use that slogan. Former Sheriff Joseph W. Oxley was unanimously elected Monmouth County Republican Chairman last night. No shenanigans were evident.

This is the first unanimous chairman's election since 2002, when William F. Dowd was elected to his final term. Dowd would go on to be unseated in 2004 by Frederick P. Niemann. In 2006, Niemann opted not to run again; Adam N. Puharic would succeed him, defeating James Giannell for the post.

Make no mistake. Joe has his work cut out for him.

Factions should hopefully not be an issue, as Joe is a known quantity in the party and appears to be sincerely above the petty sniping that has bedeviled our great party for the last few years. A strong leader can work with people regardless of differences. It is a good sign that he has received rave reviews from across our diverse party.

Organization and fundraising will be major issues on Chairman Oxley's plate. The Democrats are one seat away from controlling the Board of Chosen Freeholders. And a look at local candidate filings this year shows the Democrats contesting Colts Neck (again!), Freehold Township, Rumson and even Brielle. The blue tide must be beaten back on both the local and county levels or it's Bergen County with beaches. The Dems are playing for keeps here and we ignore that at our peril.

Fundraising must be closely looked at. We must outraise the Democrats or we're done. (See Bergen County with beaches, above.) While we mustn't sink to the Democrats' level here, we must also be sure not to cripple our own fundraising ability. Important here is retiring the Party's $30,000.00 debt. The $6,000.00 that Puharic claims to have spent on his credit card needs to be looked into as well, and resolved appropriately. If it was for authorized party expenses, then he may deserve to be reimbursed, otherwise he may have to eat it.

Finally, communication is key to politics. Previous chairmen have blasted G. O. P. bloggers. Joe may want to reverse that and establish a Chairman's Blog. This can be used to post online messages and increase the visibility of our great party and its candidates. I would link him here if he did.

Best of luck to our new Chairman!!!



I think you are right, Abe. Chairman Oxley is the person for the job. But, about this:

"The Dems are playing for keeps here and we ignore that at our peril."

I think Democrats becoming more involved in Monmouth has been nothing but a benefit to the process and the governance of the county.

There may be some things Democrats and Republicans differ on, but good government is the goal.

matawan advocate said...

We believe Joe Oxley will bring a fresh approach to the Monmouth County Republican Party. That being said, we question the rest of Purcell's response.

Benefit to whose community? Certainly not Matawan. We have Councilmen performing work for the Borough, then voting to pay themselves,an increase in the scope of the 2008 Road Program (while the Borough is facing Budget difficulties) and Council members voting to award a $300,000., no bid contract to the Borough Engineer, Maser Consulting. These are just a few actions of this Democratic majority Council.

We agree good government should be the goal for all parties. Matawan is still waiting.

Joey said...

Don't get me wrong, I like John McCain too; he seems to be a great guy, personable, likable, a kind of guy that you could invite over to a BBQ. Yeah sure, I respect him for his military service. No it doesn’t bother me that he graduate in the bottom 5% of his class from the Naval Academy, (hey I dropped out of High school) or that he crashed 4 planes,(I crashed my car twice) or even that he was shot down on his first mission over Vietnam,(hey, I’m three time loser) or even the that he started singing like a bird when captured by the NVA, without being tortured, or that he cheated on his wife, while in office, and is trying to portray himself as the candidate for family values, hey who am I to judge, I've mad my fair share of mistakes and then some, so who am I to judge McCain for his.

What really gets me is that some of your readers, won’t name any names, (hint:on a 2001 car trip to Florida), spoke about how Bush was going to do this, and bush was going to do that, and how the economy was going to be better. What happened? We started out with a surplus and eight years later were going to end up with the biggest deficit by a president ever recorded in history, and McCain supported Bush 95% of the time.

Our economy has tanked, our Gas Prices have skyrocketed and everything from the cost of food to diapers has gotten insanely expensive. I won’t mention how many Americans lost their jobs, or the tax breaks to companies that ship American Jobs overseas. Maybe those of you that are well off can afford the basic necessities, or have a nest egg to carry you over until the economy gets better, but many Americans, including myself cannot.

We went to war in IRAQ on a LIE, remember WMDs, 4,146 soldiers are dead 30,182 wounded for a LIE .How did Americans get duped into agreeing to spend 12 Billion a month in Iraq for a war that shouldn’t even be? So far we spent $368 billion on military operations, $45 billion more in veterans care, diplomatic services, training with that type of money we could of rebuilt the nation’s Infrastructure, invested in alternative energy and established our own Universal Healthcare.

Come on, be honest, when "W" changed his focus from looking for Bin Laden in Afghanistan to invading Iraq, you weren’t all scratching your head thinking "why in the hell are we doing that?" Intelligent and hardworking Americans such as yourselves?, didn’t have any doubt about that decision? OK, ok, I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

What about when the excuse for invading Iraq was proven to be a LIE, WMDs? How about then? Were you outraged? No. no, you just voted him back into office for another four years, with the excuse, "Well,we want him to finish what he started." What!? Come on, wake up! If that was any other American, he would be in prison.

John McCain has been in Washington for a long time, twenty-six years and nothing’s has changed. He is out of touch with reality. He doesn’t even understand economics and even admits it himself,

"The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should," McCain said on December 17 in New Hampshire,

I’m astounded, How can smart, Intelligent, hardworking people want McCain for president? Don’t get me wrong, I like John McCain, even after all the crappy things he has done, even after all his flopping around on issues like a fish out of water, I like him, just not as my Next President!

I am 36, and this will be my first election that I will vote in: presidential or otherwise. It’s Time for a change in Washington.

It’s time for a president for the people, from the people, someone who has seen the same hardships that we have, made the same kind of sacrifices we made, and works hard for success, Think about that when you cast your ballot in November.