Thursday, April 16, 2009


The Monmouth County Republican Blog takes pride in our commitment to the celebration of diversity. Therefore, we were kind of embarassed that we missed a holiday that is very important to a large segment of our population.
We Republicans as well as other Americans look at July 4th as a patriotic holiday at which time we remember the founders of our great nation, who took great personal risk to themselves and their families.
Followers of the Democratic Party celebrate a different holiday, April 15th. That day is not only a patriotic holiday, it is held at nearly religious heights as Democrats across the nation remember the Internal Revenue Service, which provides great personal risk to ordinary Americans (Not Timothy Geithner) and their families.
We apologize to all Democrats for our insensitive ignorance of their customs; the vast editorial staff here at the Monmouth County Republican Blog will be required to undergo sensitivity training at a reeducation center to be subsequently determined.
We hope all Democrats had a happy holiday.

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Anonymous said...

The Democrats were insensitive enough to put up as their 12th district candidate someone who not only hates Italians, as all of New Jersey found out a few years back, but who makes her living off of blood money protecting the African gold mining companies who are exploiting Africans. This racist actually wrote public relations pieces -- for money (what did she get, 24 pieces of silver?) -- praising the African gold mining companies for the "wonderful" way in which they treated their employees -- employees who are forced to live 15 in a room in run down hostels because they aren't paid enough to afford even a tin shack for their families. Where is the NAACP? Does it do anything other than rubber stamp whatever the democratic party does? Are they such hypocrites that when the democrats nominate a racist they'll look the other way to avoid offending the democratic party or, heaven forbid, support a republican? If the Freehold chapter of the NAACP stays silent on this one, they have lost whatever little credibility they have left, and it's time that organization got new leadership.