Monday, June 18, 2007


Last week columnist Arthur Z. Kamin opined on Brookdale Community College's Larrison Hall and whether it should be renamed. He pointed out that, due to possible unresolved ethical questions about the late Freeholder Director Harry Larrison, Jr., that some believe it should be renamed in honor of one of Larrison's predecessors, Joseph C. Irwin.
Another Art, More Monmouth Musings' Art Gallagher, gives his opinion at his blog. One of his commenters suggested that Larrison Hall be named for yet another (Democratic) former freeholder director, the late Raymond Kramer of Asbury Park.
What do you think?
Joe Irwin was a giant of a man on the Board of Freeholders and remains a beloved GOP icon. He was Director of the Board at the time of Brookdale's founding, and saw through the first few years of its development.
Harry Larrison, too, was on the Board at the time; indeed he served through all of Brookdale's history from the beginning up to the time of his resignation in 2004. Mere months after his resignation, he would go to his grave without having the opportunity to defend himself against corruption charges.
Kramer, a former Asbury Park mayor, was part of a Democratic majority in the 70's that among other things brought dual office holding to Monmouth County. It is said by many that his administration in Asbury Park fiddled while the once vibrant Jersey Shore resort declined.
Let's now look at Art Kamin, who never met a liberal Democrat he didn't like. The former editor of the now-defunct Red Bank Register, Kamin was a big fan of Kramer and the Democrats in the county. One of his reporters was even observed on an election night back in the 70's to throw her arms around then Democratic Boss John Fiorino, Sr., and gush, "We did it, John!", when it became apparent that Democrats would gain the majority on the Board of Freeholders. Despite complaints from GOP leaders, Kamin stood by his reporter.
Kamin would later become director of The Bayshore Development Office, a state job. He would also become a big fan of former Democratic Keansburg Mayor Michael Minervini, who strove to do for Keansburg what Kramer did for Asbury Park.
So Kamin's credibility here is dubious to say the least.
What's your opinion? Should Larrison Hall remain named for Harry Larrison, or someone else. If so, who do you think it should be named for? Or should it be named for nobody?


Teddy Roosevelt said...

Quite frankly I find the whole idea of naming buildings after politicians to be odious. Especially if they are still alive.
I would make exceptions for the true giants of our country's history like the founding fathers and Abe Lincoln.
But run of the mill county and state politicos.


Buildings at Brookdale shouldn't be named for politicians. But seeing as it already was, I don't think the situation calls for a renaming.