Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Although there was no official primary contest on the county level this year, blogger Art Gallagher ran a write in campaign for Anna Little for freeholder. Although the movement was not successful, according to Gallagher Little received 10 % of the vote.
On the local level, there were three Republican primary contests:
In Holmdel, according to unofficial tallies, Mayor Serena DiMaso cruised to a primary victory over veteran Committeeman Terence Wall and newcomer Gerald Allocco, with Wall coming up a narrow third after Allocco in the three - way race for two seats. UPDATE: Pending determination of outstanding provisional ballots that could change the Wall/Allocco numbers, the Holmdel Township Clerk is declaring Wall/Allocco too close to call. UPDATED UPDATE: With everything counted, it's Allocco over Wall. The November ticket in Holmdel will be DiMaso and Allocco.In Sea Bright, Mayor Jo-Ann Kalaka-Adams beat C. Read Murphy for mayor.
And in Upper Freehold, Lori Horsnall Mount and Stanley Moslowski Jr bested John A. Mele for the nomination.
We wish our primary winners the best as they go on to win in November!

View Primary Results HERE.


Honest Abe said...

insidejob961 addressed...
Rasta has 4 times removed posts speculating that he is (Well-known GOP councilman and writer).

Now all of a sudden he stopped accepting anonymous posts


You are snagged Dawg

Thursday, June 07, 2007 8:24:00AM

Inside Job 961, you may be correct. However, in case you are wrong, I have redacted the councilman's name. Rasta has serially posted libelous material; to link anybody's name with Rasta without proof is tantamount to accusing them of Rasta's deeds. If he is an innocent party there is no point in bringing his name into this.
Rasta will be exposed and dealt with.

Honest Abe said...

If the councilman is an innocent party, not Rasta.

insidejob961 said...

Speculation is not libel.
Niether is opinion.
I have speculated who rasta is and
Rastas actions have given some degree of lwgitamacy to that speculation.
Tommy D must have you rattled.

insidejob961 said...

ps if you want to read my speculation the last post on rastas website has not been taken down yet.

Teddy Roosevelt said...