Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Two so-called "day spas" were busted by Ocean Township Police for providing "happy endings" to their massages; eleven people were arrested, according to the Asbury Park Press. Three Prostitutes and three johns were arrested at the Ocean Day Spa, and three prostitutes and two johns were arrested at the Sea Day Spa.

All six hookers were from Flushing, NY and all had mainland Chinese names. The names of the five johns were not released. The nationality of the prostitutes would normally not be relevant but for the fact that they may not only be illegal, they may be the victims of human trafficking. I wrote on this very subject last July 24th. Hopefully, Ocean Township has implemented the 287g Program and will investigate the immigration status of the arrested women, and contact the appropriate federal authorities if there is evidence of organized crime, international or otherwise.

An interesting aside to this Press article is the Asbury Park Press itself. A look at the Business and Service Directory in the classified section will reveal that nothing has changed since my post nearly a year ago. There are still ads touting "Asian", "East European", "Brazilian" and other tupes of "massage". Nude and "shemale" can still be found. Indeed, today's (July 18th) issue still advertises both the Ocean day Spa and the Sea Day Spa, on the very same day that the Press reports the busts of the very same brothels!

Human trafficking is a horrible crime against humanity, where individuals are forced into prostitution or slavery. The Asbury Park Press prides itself on investigative reporting; maybe it could look into the plethora of "happy ending" spas that litter its own classified section.

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