Friday, September 21, 2007


As a "railsplitter", I obviously know about hatchets. Including the fact that there are times that they should be buried.

That time is long past for the hatchet to be buried between County Chairman Adam Puharic and Freeholder Anna Little. That battle serves no productive purpose at all.

Whatever its origin, there is no reason for it now. While Adam may have originally sided with the supporters of curmudgeonly County Counsel Malcolm Carton against Little (Who voted against Carton's reappointment.), the fact is now that much of Little's agenda has picked up support or has been enacted. Truth be told, freeholder candidate Jeff Cantor has endorsed Little's proposal for term limits and rotating the Directorship, and both Cantor and Freeholder Rob Clifton this week came out and bashed Carton, with Puharic's blessing. So it seems that issue is now moot.

Further, Puharic has rightly signed off on Little's candidacy for Mayor of the Borough of Highlands, recognizing the vote of the local committee members. That's a start. She, as a candidate, is a fact of life. If elected, she will remain a fact of life as a local elected official, as well as a former freeholder.

The ugliness that took place earlier this year can and should be put behind us. Our great Party is bigger than any one person, and has room for more than one person.