Monday, October 08, 2007


We have gotten well into the time of year that campaigns are in full gear. That means signs, campers.

Our Monmouth County G. O. P. has always had a very efficient sign team, and this year is no exception. All over the county one may see the multicolored "Guadagno, French, Clifton, Cantor" signs on lawns and roadsides. (If you haven't gotten yours, call Republican Headquarters at 732-431-6664 and get one!)

Signs for our legislative teams are also appearing in their respective districts; the locals are getting theirs up in the towns. (If you think Howell is quiet, it's because they have no seats up this year. See Manalapan.)

The Democrats have been a tad slow on the uptake this year when it comes to signs. One month out from the general election, we have not seen any Democratic county signs. Their locals are up, as are the legislative candidates, but no county. [UPDATE! 10/10/07: Earlier today one lonely "Hill, Choudhary, D'Amico, Scheuler" sign was spotted on Crine Road in Colts Neck. All by its lonesome.] This does not mean that they have no campaign, however. We have it on reliable authority that their sheriff candidate, Jack Hill, sent out a mailer recently. This piece aroused the ire of postal workers due to its large size and slick texture; a darker side to it was the fact that several postmen received paper cuts from the Hill piece.

Democratic 13th District Senate candidate Leonard "ELEC" Inzerillo got his signs out in the Bayshore this weekend; this appears to have been done separately from his Assembly candidate running mates as they do not appear on his signs. It does not appear that Union County's goose-stepping, Oompa-loompaesque publisher James J. Devine is involved in the 13th District campaign this year.

Last year there were the "Republicans Barbara McMorrow" signs, this year we have the "Republicans for Hornik" (Democratic Mayoral candidate Jon Hornik) signs in Marlboro. These appear to be the result of a party split (Brought to our attention by Barry Goldwater at The Voice of Reason.) in the Marlboro G. O. P. relating to Mayor Robert Kleinberg. So far we have no names, but it appears to be actual Republicans who had a falling out with the mayor. It is our understanding that this group includes some long time party members. Hornik's father, the late Mayor Saul G. Hornik, was a longtime Republican who then switched parties in his first term. The signs do not list a treasurer's name, just paid for by Republicans for Hornik.
Note to Republicans for Hornik: The time to oppose a Republican candidate/official is in the Primary. The Primary, people. Don't promote the Democrats.
Im Marlboro, who is paying for something is always important to know, and it'll be interesting to see just who is funding this operation. If anyone has any info on this, let us know.

Finally, we are told that Mayor Andrew Lucas of Manalapan (Who should have been elected Freeholder last year!) tied the knot this past Saturday. We wish the Lucases much happiness in their marriage!

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Barry Goldwater said...

The Inzerillo signs took me by surprise. Both for the fact that they were up, and for the fact that he appears to be running by himself.

For some reason the dems are always late in their signs.