Monday, October 22, 2007


According to Art Gallagher, it appears that Rasta is Alan Moretti, 27, of Rumson. There may be others involved as well.
I think Alan needs a lawyer.
Many have wanted to (figuratively) Taser® this clown.
Monmouth RastaMan.
This blogger first appeared on the Monmouth County scene around the time of the 2006 County Chairman's election as a supporter of Adam Puharic's candidacy. Originally posting as "Donny D" and using a photo of former Governor Donald DiFrancesco as an icon, after the chairman's election he began posting as Monmouth RastaMan, a "lifelong Monmouth County Democrat who tells it as it is". He then began using a series of photos, changing them periodically.
Rasta's blog began pretty benignly, posing as a disheartened Democrat coming over to the G. O. P. His criticisms at the time were along the lines of criticizing Freeholder Anna Little for not resigning as a Highlands Councilmember soon enough.
After the 2006 election, Rasta amped up his criticisms of Freeholder Little, to the point of libel. Many other dedicated longtime Republicans were targeted; Rasta also went after Courier Publisher James Purcell. It was at about this time that I removed the link to his weBSite.
Purcell retained the services of attorney Tommy DeSeno, who aggressively pursued the case. Through DeSeno's tenacious hard work, Monmouth RastaMan is now Monmouth BustedMan. Found out. Purcell promises to reveal Rasta's identity in a press release later today. When we have the information we will post it here.
I expect this to have a cascading effect. Many will probably want a piece of the Rasta. He offended many people, many of them private citizens. Time will tell where this leads.
Also unknown is whether this extends beyond the civil realm into the criminal realm.
As more info is officially made public, I will post it.

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