Saturday, March 10, 2007


Today, March 13th, the Asbury Park Press, in an editorial, calls for the Board of Chosen Freeholders to issue Carton a letter of reprimand. We believe that that is not enough. He is obsolete, has become a liability to the entire Board, and should be replaced.
The irony of it all is that today, March 11th, begins Sunshine Week, dedicated to open public records.


County Counsel Malcolm V. Carton has "jumped the shark." The Asbury Park Press reports that he has responded to Freeholder Anna C. Little's request for information on his billing records in a very snide and sarcastic manner. Read Will Seward's account here.
It doesn't matter whether you support Freeholder Little or not, the operative word here is "freeholder." Carton was insubordinate and inappropriate. His response demeans the entire board, particlarly where he has the audacity to hint that he would bill for the act of providing his billing records!
It also doesn't matter whether his cost overruns are legitimate or not. Let's assume that they are. Since his billing and fees were raised as an issue, the County has imposed guidelines as to what his costs should be. If he does go over his guidelines, he owes it to the Board (His client) to have the information readily available.
Carton was reappointed by a controversial 3 - 2 vote last summer, with Freeholders Robert D. Clifton and Little dissenting. Knowing that the Asbury Park Press just flat dislikes the guy and would look for any opportunity to blast Carton as well as the Board of Freeholders, one would think that Carton would owe the Board the courtesy of being on his P's & Q's and not go out of his way to generate negative press. After all it's not his name on the ballot. The Press has been known to attack in a frivolous manner; it makes no sense to hand them (Or the Democrats!) legitimate ammunition.
It's time for Carton to be replaced. There are plenty of competent attorneys already doing legal work for the county that can step up to the job.


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Old Hickory said...

Democrats expect a good year in 2007 in Monmouth county because of 3 things. 1, the Repubs are running a light weight ticket. 2, the Repubs are divided and dont expect them to be united by Nov. And 3, President Shrub's poll numbers are at record low levels. When we win this year we will win again in 2008 we're back! Happy days are here again!

DUD said...

Carton's legal bills are none of your business. NONE!!!

ginger Hoffmeier said...

"It's time for Carton to be replaced. There are plenty of competent attorneys already doing legal work for the county that can step up to the job."

I can see many of them circling the raft already...

Honest Abe said...

Dave Hiers is hedging his bets. He's running for reelection to the Ocean Township Committee this May.

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First off, I want to begin by saying that I love reading your blog. You provide a level of analysis on the issues that is unmatched in this state. I have recently started a blogging community,, that I hope you would either contribute to or at least add us to your blog roll. While Red Generation was only officially launched this morning, I hope that it will become a place for Republicans across New Jersey to share ideas and promote solutions for the problems afflicting our state.

Once again, you are a remarkable writer and I want to thank you for everything that you have done with your blog.

Eric Pasternack

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You've been added.

Check out his site, people.