Monday, March 05, 2007


"There is a bit of a vacuum, and it is fair to say we only have a month. I think the party faces some tough times."
...Former County Republican Chairman William F. Dowd, referring to the race for County Chairman last May.
He was right.
The Monmouth County GOP is in a very vulnerable position going into the 2007 election, with the retirement of two out of three legislators in the 11th District, our one Republican in the 12th District facing a contested primary in June and an incumbent Democrat in November.
Then there's the county situation.
First, Chairman Adam Puharic did everything in his power to deny the "line" to incumbent Freeholder Anna Little because he didn't like her. Going into the March 24th Convention are three newcomers vying for her place on the ballot; Marlboro Township Committeeman Jeff Cantor, Ocean Township Committeeman Dave Hiers and Spring Lake Councilman Brian Reilly. The winner of the convention may face Little in the June primary, depending upon her decision.
To top it all off, award-winning Sheriff Joe Oxley has informed the Steering Committee that he will not run for reelection. This news was broken by blogger RonalD ReagAN over the weekend. The County GOP is now seen as casting about for a sheriff candidate; William H Seward at More Monmouth Musings reports that Monmouth Beach Commissioner Kim Guadagno may be interested.
So, what do you think will happen? Who will get the legislative and freeholder line? How will our party fare this November?

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Barry Goldwater said...

"A bit of a vacuum"? Dowd was never known for understatement.