Wednesday, March 07, 2007

150,000 HITS!

Sometime today, my hit counter turned 150,000. When I began this blog, I never thought I would be seeing numbers like this.
Recently, the counter has been turning at a rapid pace; sadly, the reason is no doubt due to the disappointing circumstances our party finds itself in.
Hopefully, better times are to come.

Special thanks go to the many readers who help make this blog possible, including but not limited to William H Seward (and his Seward Authority), Lew Alcindor, Jim Purcell, Jackie Corley, Teddy Roosevelt, Elephants not Donkeys, Sue Veitengruber, Kaiser Sose, Ginger Hoffmeyer, Howard Stern, Cliffwood Soccer Dad, Sharon Migliaccio, Edwin Stanton, Barry Goldwater, Concerned Monmouth Republican and the multitudes of readers who choose not to post.
Thank you all!


William H Seward said...

Mr. President,

Congratulations. Not so much for the hits, but for what they represent. That is, a free and open expression of ideas, values and opinions that has increased participation in the government and politics of our great community; Monmouth County.

While we are playing on a smaller stage than state and national bloggers, I think of us a pioneers in this new medium. We are making a impact in our community.

You have provided great leadership in making that happen. You produce a blog that is informative, relevent and entertaining. All while being tasteful and civil.

One local newspaper publisher opined today that we are "geeks" and "wannabees" destroying the Monmouth GOP. I think we are trying to save it, and that we only wannabee bloggers.

Another newspaper had an editorial today that sounded an awful lot like your pages or mine.

The owner of an online forum I used to participate in said, "the internet is a great equalizer." I used to think that he was right about that. Over the last year of partnering with you, I realized that while the internet has expanded opportunity and given a more powerful voice to many, leadership, intellect, integrity and values still matter. The cream still rises to the top, and you are tops.

Thank you for your partnership and friendship.

William H Seward said...

and one other thing...have you noticed that manalapan has become the new howell?

Jackie Corley said...

Absolutely incredible, Abe. Congratulations.

Honest Abe said...

William H Seward addressed...

"and one other thing...have you noticed that manalapan has become the new howell?"

Yes. Manalapan may soon get a post of its own.

Barry Goldwater said...

That's alot of action, Mr. Lincoln. I have been impressed with the number of hits my realtively new blog has received, thanks in great part ot your link. When tlaking ot people, it is funny how many deny reading the blogs, and yet, who are these hundreds of people that page through everyday?

Barry Goldwater said...

I just went over 1000 since Monday.

What I love is looking at the "visitor paths" to see who's reading.. That is a story in and of itself. Pretty cool stuff.


congrats abe!

you were the guy who started this blogging craze, you crazy emancipator.

you've done a good thing. i wish you continued success on a site that has become the gold standard, sir.

Sue Veitengruber said...

Congratulations and your welcome, Abe! Although I have not posted in awhile, I do continue to check in and read the political scuttlebut from time to time. keep up the good work.


carton should get a reprimand. he is a professional serving at the pleasure of the board...and for too long at that, and for too much.

he doesn't run anything, or at least shouldn't. if he is so in need of playing king, he can do it on someone's money other than the taxpayers.