Thursday, March 01, 2007


Not a spine to be found. Anywhere.
That is how the Monmouth County GOP looks as County Chairman Adam Puharic bumbles his way to a Democratic victory this November.
It is time for Republicans to think about what's going on and do something about it. It's not about Freeholder Anna Little, it's about principle.
Puharic has manipulated the candidate selection process from day one to deny the line to Freeholder Little because he didn't like her. She was too independent. Why, if only she had followed Puharic's lead unquestioningly during last year's campaign, she would have... probably lost.
It's time for some of the elder statesmen of our party to stand up and be counted. Where she is now, so may you be. While I can understand to a point that some officials would fear the same treatment as Freeholder Little, others such as Assemblyman Steve Corodemus, are not running and are beyond the reach of Puharic's vendettas. Still others such as Sheriff Joe Oxley have the status, the gravitas, that it would be difficult for Adam to dump him. And if enough elected officials protest, there is a certain safety in numbers that Puharic would be hard pressed to react.
So grow a spine or grow a pair, but stop him before he screws up again!


Lugar96 said...

As someone who is young (and prior to his election, unknown), Puharic could not have been elected chairman without the approval of most of the elder statesmen of the party. Maybe they aren't saying anything about what he's doing because he's doing what they want. In some circles silence is consent.

the inside airbather said...

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Barry Goldwater said...

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