Thursday, November 01, 2007


In the last week or so the highly funded Democratic legislative candidates have really amped it up. The volume, that is.

It's shrill.

In the 11th District, they are airing a radio commercial blasting Dave Rible and Mary Pat Angelini. In it they say that Rible is accepting contributions from developers and Angelini awards no-bid contracts. Barry Goldwater, the Voice of Reason, refers to a shrill e-mail from ex-NFL player Phil Villapiano supporting his brother, Malcolm Carton supporter and former assemblyman and freeholder John "Well Done" Villapiano.

In 12, incumbent Senator Ellen Kärcher (D - Monmouth/Camden), has brought the rhetoric to new levels of cattiness with her Rastaesque attacks on her opponent, Assemblywoman Jen Beck, where she digs into the long-ago driving record of a then-twentysomething Beck. Kärcher also attempts to defend her farmland assessment.
On the assembly level, the Democrats appear to have distanced themselves from Kärcher, and are attempting to run as pseudo-Republicans. Assemblyman Michael Panter is airing commercials with himself as a corruption fighter. Earth to Mike: Your bosses in Trenton, Camden and Newark will never allow any worthwhile legislation to see the light of day. Amy Mallet is trying to portray herself as a born-again conservative. Her latest commercial piece calls for cuts in state government. Amy, get real. Your bosses will make sure that you vote to send our tax dollars to the cities. For more in-depth reading on the 12th, see The Voice of Reason. Barry's writings are informative and very well researched.

The 13th District has been pretty quiet, with the Democratic legislative candidates looking more like they are running for Middletown Township Committee. Lately, however, Senate candidate Leonard "ELEC" Inzerillo has had some stickers affixed to his signs. A recent late-night sojourn through the Bayshore has revealed at least two: "Control Traffic" and "Lower Tuition". The tuition stickers were all located around the Brookdale Community College area.
Huh? What's up with that, Lenny? Got a plan? Weird.
This has been an update on the zany madcap Democratic legislative campaigns.

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matawan advocate said...

Local Dems have also gone wild! This weekend in Matawan a certain Dem called Police to remove Republican signs from a strip mall. He claimed Dems had the exclusive rights for signage. The Police complied. Mon. am all signs were removed. Perhaps the owners never did give their "exclusive right" or even permission. Pretty underhanded!