Tuesday, November 27, 2007



Barry Goldwater at The Voice of Reason has offered a rebuttal to the below account. In fairness to all involved, I recommend reading his post. Simply click the linc.


This just in.
Our sources report that at a recent Marlboro Republican Club meeting, County Chairman Adam Puharic walked in, along with an as yet unidentified woman who had not been to a club meeting in some time. The woman proceeded to criticize the club's president, Captain Shital Rajan and call for his resignation.

Captain Rajan has been identified with the Republicans for Hornik faction, which backed Democrat Jonathan Hornik for mayor over the Republican incumbent, Dr. Robert Kleinberg. Hornik overwhelmingly defeated Kleinberg, sweeping in two Democrats for Council as well. The split in Marlboro, the New Howell, is said to have cost Jeff Cantor the election for freeholder.
Voices in the crowd then criticized the woman for her absence from Republican Club meetings. Others then questioned who Puharic was, to which Puharic replied, "I'm your Monmouth County Republican Chairman who just won one seat!"
This was met with catcalls of, "You mean you just lost one seat!" This was apparently in reference to Jeff Cantor's narrow defeat by Democrat John "Flippy" D'Amico.
Puharic is said to have left the meeting at that time.


William A. Newell said...

Do you have any idea who the woman was?

Honest Abe said...

None at all. So I'm not speculating.

Art Gallagher said...

I heard about that meeting too.

I heard the comments were a bit more explicit that "you mean you lost us a seat"

Adam met with the APP editorial board today. Should be some interesting reading tomorrow.

Honest Abe said...

Two seats in two years. Three in a row and that's the ball game. Beach ball game, that is. As in Bergen County with beaches.

Teddy Roosevelt said...

What goes through Adams mind when he does and says things like that.

It is like he is two different people . Sometimes you get the calm intelligent likeable Adam and sometimes you get...............

irallevin said...

I was at the meeting. I know excactly who the woman was. I know everything that happened. I can tell you that your source is pretty poor. If you want the truth you can email me at IraLLevin@aol.com