Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Well, "Silly Season" is now over, and now it's time for...
Silly Season???
Yes, campers, Election Season '08 is upon us faster than Santa can slither down a KY Jelly-slathered chimney. With the early Super Duper Tuesday Presidential Primary slated to go off on February 5th, there'll be no rest, as filing day is on December 10th. Other events will keep us Republicans very busy as 2008 draws near.

Freeholders Reorganization. Around the first week of January. Who will be the Director? Will the board follow the Harry Larrison tradition and choose Bill Barham for a third straight year? Or will they choose another freeholder to take the helm for 2008? Some have recommended Rob Clifton for the post, due to his recent reelection in a tough year and his conciliatory demeanor. However, Lillian Burry, the current deputy director, lobbied for the post at the last reorganization, and would have to be considered a tantalizing possibility this year. Barham, Clifton and Burry are the three remaining Republicans on the board; the other two members are Democrats Barbara McMorrow and John "Flippy" D'Amico. At this time it is unknown where their votes would fall.
Also, would the board vote to reappoint former Democratic Red Bank Mayor Ed McKenna's law firm as Assistant County Counsel? You know, under curmudgeonly County Counsel Malcolm Carton? If so, Red Bank Councilman John Curley is poised to throw his hat in the ring. More on that below.

Super Duper Tuesday. February 5th. The Presidential Primary. New Jersey has opted to move its presidential primary up from June so as to be more relevant in the presidential selection process. Here in Monmouth County, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney so far have a lot of support. We'll see who files next Monday and see where the support lines up.
So far, no information on whether Chairman Adam Puharic will require background checks on the presidential candidates.

Lincoln Day. Somewhere in the midst of all this will be Lincoln Day.

Primary No. 2. Yes, there will be two, count 'em, two primaries this year. The regular Jersey primary will go off as planned in June, with a filing date presumably in April. It is said that both Bill Barham and Lillian Burry are each looking for new running mates this year, and may oppose each other in a primary. A possible third ticket may be in the offing as well. If Democrat Ed McKenna is reappointed as an assistant county counsel, John Curley of Red Bank will run. It is not known which slate he will be on, though it's a safe bet that he will oppose Bill Barham. Presumably there will be some kind of a steering committee with the requisite background checks; so far no details on that.
Also no details as to whether or not there will be a Rasta-esque persona this year to trash opposition within the party.

Chairman's Election. Yes, the Chairman's Election. Adam's two-year term will be up in June, a week after Primary. Will he be challenged?

Welp, that gets us to the middle of 2008. More to come! And fasten your seatbelts folks - Howell will have a local election this year!

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Art Gallagher said...

Great post Mr. President!

Something else to consider. It is possible that there will be three county committee conventions in 2008, as there were in 2006.

There is a great deal of speculation, fueled by Bully Barham himself, that he will step down if he is not re-appointed Director. The Freeholders passed a resolution in August imposing a term limit of two consecutive years on the Directorship, but it is not binding past December 31.

If Bully Barham steps down, there will be a Title 19 convention to replace him. Puharic can't make the rules for this one.

John Curley and Jeff Cantor will both be candidates in this scenario. Andrew Lucas and the Mayor of Howell (he really hates it when I write his name on a blog) are possible candidates as well. Anna Little has said she will not be a candidate for any office for at least three years, as she will be serving as Mayor of Highlands.

Whatever happens, this winter promises to be very interesting in the Monmouth GOP.