Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Last week, we saw the guilty plea of gangsta developer Anthony Spalliero; he pled guilty to bribing former Marlboro Mayor Matt Scannapieco to the tune of $100,000.00. Other charges were dropped as part of the plea deal.
Spalliero is to be sentenced on March 17, 2008; he will remain on bail until that time.
Spalliero's bail arrangement is to continue, namely, he is to wear an ankle bracelet while living with his daughter.
He had been free on bail until two years ago, when he attempted to abduct a 22-year old Brookdale Community College student at gunpoint, after which he attempted to hide out at his ex-wife's Holmdel home. After a brief stay in the Passaic County Jail, he was deemed "too sick" to stay in jail and "near death" and the current arrangement was set up.
This blog has criticized Spalliero for "play acting"; we have criticized the judge and prosecutors for falling for it. Seemingly every time he was due for a court date, Spalliero would fall ill with some ailment, usually the day before court.
This continues to this day, as the Asbury Park Press reports, "But Spalliero has been stricken in recent years by a rash of ailments, which were detailed in a six-page memo his attorney submitted to Judge Thompson on Wednesday.
The memo reports that Spalliero suffered a heart attack six weeks ago and additionally suffers from diabetes, arthritis, gout and Parkinson's disease. Spalliero currently takes 25 medications, his attorney says, which are administered in 37 pills and five injections daily."
(CUE: World's smallest violin.)
Spalliero was well enough to attempt to abduct the woman at Brookdale, but too sick to stand trial? Ask yourself: If you attempted the things he did, while already on bail, would you get the treatment he did??? Uh, huh, I thought so. Of course not.
Expect more of his shenannigans as his sentencing date approaches.

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