Friday, August 31, 2007


The illegal immigration issue continues to dominate the news. As I wrote in a previous post, they are not living in the shadows, they are in our face. Not only was there the Newark massacre, we recently had a Mexican woman finally deported after spending a year holed up in a Chicago church. Locally, men still "shape up" at "muster zones" in Freehold, Keyport, Manasquan and other Monmouth County towns. Even trendy Red Bank has them lining the streets around the train station. In a hip way, of course.

Citizens continue to demand enforcement of Federal immigration laws.

Sheriff candidate Kim Guadagno has called for the implementation of "Section 287 (g)" policies in the Monmouth County Jail to ascertain the immigration status of prisoners prior to their release.

Attorney General Anne Milgram has issued a directive calling upon New Jersey law enforcement to "inquire about the arrestee's citizenship, nationality and immigration status" when arresting perpetrators of indictable offenses or for DUI. Milgram's directive has come under criticism because it appears to exempt other offenses such as routine motor vehicle violations as well as disorderly persons and quality of life offenses.

Many of us, when filling out a job application, have had to to answer whether we are a U. S. Citizen or if an immigrant, authorized to work in the United States. If job applicants have to do it, it should be a no brainer that law enforcement professionals be authorized to ascertain the immigration status of all offenders at the time of arrest, and if the offender is illegally in the U. S., to refer them to ICE or other Federal authorities.

The Feds should then deport the offender as swiftly as is appropriate.

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