Saturday, May 26, 2007


All gave some. Some gave all.

And they continue to do so.
One year ago, our Memorial Day Weekend post was as follows:

Memorial Day Weekend: What many consider the beginning of summer. The sweet aroma of barbecuin' fills the balmy Monmouth County air, as people make their way to the beach, barbecue or sale. The highways and byways of Olde Monmouth become packed with bennies bound for the shore.
As you read this, think. Think about how it became possible to go to the sales, the barbecues or the beaches. How it is possible for you to even read this and many other blogs.
In short: Love your freedom? Thank a servicemember.
But Abe, but Abe, you say, I'm so busy this weekend I can't get to any of the ceremonies.
No problem. There are other ways every bit as appropriate. When you have a moment, stop at a local cemetery. It doesn't have to be Arlington, right here in Monmouth County rest veterans of every war. Find a veteran's grave; they'll have flags on them. Then just take a moment to think about this individual's sacrifice and contribution and just say "thanks." He may have been with Washington's troops at the Battle of Monmouth, in the Long War on Terror, or any conflict in between, but pay your respects. These service men and women deserve it!
Maybe a loved one was lost to the ravages of war. Take out that family album, and maybe, as you enjoy a family barbecue, remember and celebrate the life of that person.
Our war dead gave their life for us; they did not die in vain. They live on in our freedom as Americans. Be proud of them, and let's make them proud of us!
Last year's post is every bit as appropriate this year, but I must add some thoughts. Thoughts which are very disturbing, but must be said.
The enemy is among us.
That enemy can be overt, like the evil Fort Dix 6. Their sinister attack plot was to take place just outside of Monmouth County, less than an hour from Freehold. Just imagine if the clerk at the Mt. Laurel Circuit City had not alerted the authorities, or if the terrorists had opted to burn their own DVD. Now imagine if they had chosen a target other than Fort Dix; say Freehold Raceway Mall or Downtown Red Bank.
Our enemy can be more covert, too.
A number of politicians, mainly liberal Democrats like John al Kerry and Harry bin Reid, have called for the withdrawal of U. S. troops from Iraq; some have included Afghanistan in their call as well. Without a plan for victory or securing the countries after our troops leave, this amounts to surrender.
Talk of surrender in any synonym, in turn, serves not only to destroy the morale of our fighting men and women uniform, it also serves to embolden thugs like the Fort Dix 6.
Result? More terrorism on our shores.
This was just a few thoughts to consider this weekend. Remember our servicemen and women, living and dead, past and present.

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