Saturday, February 17, 2007


Sunday Afternoon
William H. Seward of More Monmouth Musings reports that the freeholder candidate screening has been postponed to March 3.

Sunday Morning, February 18
Adam has released the names of the Legislative candidates endorsed by the Steering Committee to appear before the March Convention. So far, nothing on the County level candidates, although Sheriff Joe Oxley and County Clerk Claire French have no opposition. When more information comes out, we'll post it here.
The legislative candidates are:
10th District: Sen. Andrew R. Ciesla; Assemblymen James W. Holzapfel and David W. Wolfe.
11th District: Assemblyman Sean Kean for Senate; retired Wall police officer David Rible, Mary Pat Angelini, , Monmouth Beach Commissioner Kim Guadagno and Neptune Committeeman Tom Catley for Assembly. Ocean Township Mayor Bill Larkin was eliminated in this round.
12th District: Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck for Senate; Colts Neck attorney Caroline Casagrande, Little Silver Councilman Declan O'Scanlon, Jr. and Fair Haven Councilman Tom Gilmour for Assembly. Jen Beck will face Manalapan Committeeman Joseph Locricchio, who opted to forgo the screening process, in the June Primary.
13th District: Sen. Joseph M. Kyrillos, Jr.; Assembly Members Amy H. Handlin, PhD and Samuel D. Thompson, PhD.
30th District: Sen. Robert W. Singer; Assemblymen Ronald S. Dancer and Joseph R. Malone III.
The contested 11th and 12th District assembly teams will be narrowed down to two each at the convention.

Today, February 17, is the date scheduled for the meeting of the Steering Committee for the purpose of selecting a list of candidates to present at the March convention.

The screening committee membership is:
Senator Joe Kyrillos
Assemblyman Sean Kean
Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck
Assemblywoman Amy Handlin
County Clerk Claire French
Surrogate Rosemarie Peters
Freeholder Director Bill Barham
Freeholder Lillian Burry
Aberdeen Chairman Michael Borg
Freehold Twp. Chairman Tom Apostle
Howell Chairman Norine Kelly
Little Silver Chairman Rick DeNoia
Manalapan Chairman Steve McEnery
Marlboro Chairman Sal Alfieri
Middletown Chairman Peter Carton
Wall Chairman Bob McKenna
County Chairman Adam Puharic (votes to break a tie)

County Vice Chair Molly Giamanco
Second Vice Chair Caroline Casagrande
Political Whip John Cantalupo
SERC Chair, Tom DeSeno
Leadership Council Chair Tom Gagliano
Finance Chair Andrew Lucas
Legal Council (Counsel) Michael Supko

It will be interesting who they choose. Will they prove multitudes of critics wrong and give both incumbent Freeholders Anna Little and Rob Clifton (with 2 others) a pass to the Convention? Such a move will also help slap down a particularly vicious and slanderous hate blog which has posted libelous material over the past few months.
When we have more material, we'll post it here.

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