Tuesday, February 06, 2007


"...you cannot turn a girl into a trial attorney and then try to turn her into a wilting rose."
...Freeholder Anna Little

Freeholder Anna Little has announced that she will not participate in County Chairman Adam Puharic's background check program, in which a candidate is recommended to voluntarily pay a $1,000 fee to have their background checked by an investigator with a political background.

"If he doesn't want me on the ticket, he should look me in the eye and say that."
...Freeholder Anna Little.

Exactly. If the chairman has any doubts about the freeholder's electability, he should sit down and calmly discuss it with her.
Instead, it appears that games are being played. From the January 10 Candidate Selection Process correspondence:

(2) Any candidate seeking the Organization’s nomination who is not an incumbent having served a full term in the office sought, must:
(a) submit a detailed resume;
(b) provide any and all additional information as determined by the Chairman which may be required in writing;
(b)[sic.] participate in a full and complete interview and interview process with the screening committee;
(c) if successfully screened, agree to participate in a Republican county convention; and
(d) agree that should they lose the Republican county convention, they will support the winner of the Convention and agree not to run against the Monmouth County Republican line as established by the Chairman.

The language very transparently targets Freeholder Little. Why? When this resulted in criticism, he backtracked the very next day:

On January 11, 2007 the Monmouth County Republican screening committee convened and voted unanimously to open all seats involved in the 2007 general election to the screening committee process.

Adam took office with much promise. He presented himself as his own man, and took efforts to distance himself from his predecessors, Fred Niemann and Bill Dowd. Recently, however, he appears to be on a search and destroy mission. For what or whose purpose?
Freeholder Little has performed well in office and has defended her seat in a very tough election. With control of the Board of Freeholders on the line, now is not the time to play games with the county slate.
Adam owes that to the candidates, the County Committee and the people of Monmouth County.


factgiver said...

Locricchio Calls for Abolishing "Puharic Plan"
Freeholder Anna Little Says Plan "Borderline Unconstitutional"

Date: For Immediate Release
Contact: Joe Locricchio

After a recent Asbury Park Press editorial rebuking the Monmouth County GOP plan to charge candidates $1,000 or more to have a background investigation conducted on themselves before a "vetting process" is conducted by hand-picked supporters of the County Chairman, State Senate candidate for the 12th District and Manalapan Township Committeeman Joe Locricchio confirms his plan to shun the biased and questionable plan, and says it must be abolished.

"From the start I have been against Mr. Puharic's hand-picked selection process. The Asbury Park Press compared the Puharic plan to a Communist concept used in the former Soviet Union. That is not what the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan stands for. The Constitution of the United States allows for representatives to be chosen by all the people, not by a back-room vetting process decided by a dozen of Puharic's loyalists. I call on Mr. Puharic to allow the people to make their own choices."

On Monday, Monmouth County Freeholder Anna Little announced her concerns for the Puharic Plan, calling it "questionable at best and borderline unconstitutional," and the plan to charge candidates at least $1,000 for a background check "unusual."

Locricchio says Mr. Puharic in one breath has called his plan "voluntary" and "recommended," however has stated "Only those approved by the screening committee may participate in a Republican county convention."

"Mr. Puharic calls this 'voluntary,' but if you don't submit to the Puharic plan or pay to be a part of it, you can't be a part of the election process. I call on Mr. Puharic to remove what has been called his 'Orwellian scheme' and place the election process back in the hands of the people."

ginger Hoffmeier said...

It's getting harder and harder to be a Republican in Monmouth County.

Anna should run with or without 'consent.' It should be the voter's choice. It used to be soooo easy! Just vote down the Republican column.

Maybe we should just give up on elections and let the party appoint people?

ReGOPlican said...

What's the big deal? You don't have to pay for it, it's voluntary, it shows the people you aren't hiding anything.

The other side is going to spend much more money trying to dig up dirt, why not just be open with it.

I think she's drawing more attention to herself and it's making me wonder what she has to hide...