Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Standing strong against the voices attempting to destroy our party

Dear fellow Republicans:
Tonight, I received word from the Asbury Park Press that Anna Little has decided not to seek our great Republican Party endorsement, and instead is considering to run off the line in a primary or has even hinted at switching parties. Switching parties? This is an outrage to every good Republican – over 550 of us who attended Lincoln Day last night -- that she would betray our hard work, use the election victory we all worked towards together, and throw all of it away for her personal glory.
[OK. Switching parties? Adam, you sound like your RastaMan friend here.]
As a result, I will honor her request and I remove her for consideration as a Freeholder candidate in 2007. Despite her attempts to undermine her running mates, Monmouth County Republicans like Claire French, Joe Kyrillos, Sean Kean, and Jennifer Beck will prevail in the fall.[Undermine? Oh Adam, do explain.]
In her comments, she will claim that the candidate agreement our party asked candidates to sign is the sole reason she is leaving our party – but nothing could be further from the truth. She did not have to sign it, and I told her this. [The only "agreement" that amounts to a hill of beans is the Oath of Office. You know, the one that says "under the authority of the PEOPLE." Not under the authority of the Party. Not under the authority of Puharic.] From the beginning, Anna Little and her supporters have attempted to divide our party by embarrassing fellow Republicans in the Asbury Park Press.[Oh, I guess you must mean that pesky vote against curmudgeonly County Counsel Malcolm Carton. How dare she!] Only Anna Little and the renegade candidate attempting to undermine Jennifer Beck’s run at Ellen Karcher have made an issue of the candidate selection process. [Undermine? It's called a primary. The law allows it. So, is Rudy Giuliani "undermining" Mitt Romney's run at the White House?] For them, it was an excuse to embarrass our party, and to undermine our leadership. [Adam, you are an embarassment to our party.] They have failed, and in their failure they are now joined as a campaign ticket against all Monmouth County Republicans. [Say what?]
Truth be told, Anna Little was not living up to her promises when she ran for office. She has proven ineffective in reforming county government, [Careful here, Adam. Either county government is reforming or it's not. If it's not, then you've just attacked all the Republican freeholders.] and instead attacks her fellow Republican Freeholders. She has not lived up to her responsibility as a party leader. Instead of being an active part of the 2006 campaign, Anna’s supporters organized into a counter-organization known as “Anna’s Army.” They met independently of the true campaign, making decisions counter-productive to her great running mates Andrew Lucas and Rosemarie Peters. [And she won, Adam. Sounds like "Anna's Army" was pretty effective after all. Would that Andrew had an organization like that. He might have been a freeholder today.] They made independent campaign expenditures without consulting their running mates. [Each of the three candidates had their own campaign account and treasurer. Oh, and did I mention that Anna won.]
And last night, Anna’s supporters attempted a quiet boycott of Lincoln Day in a poor attempt at protest. [Lincoln Day was a nice event. Freeholder Little was there herself. But attendance has been going down for several years. Because a few people may have had other committments, it doesn't constitute a boycott. But, once again, Adam, we find you and the libelous blogger Rasta on the same page. One wonders. Are you him? Do you know who it is? Are they working at your behest? No, you don't have to answer now. It means so much more when you're sworn under oath.] Instead this backfired, with over 500 Republicans of good cheer replacing them without much effort. This party is moving on. We have moved past the angry scowls and negative spin of an agenda-driven cabal. [Cabal? Be careful with those conspiracy theories.]
On March 3, our screening committee will convene to select two Freeholder candidates [TWO?? I thought the screening committee was supposed to select two for each position, meaning that all four should all go right to the convention. Wow. I wonder which two he means here. Adam, are you targeting Rob Clifton now? Rob, watch this guy.] among a qualified pool of four great Republicans, including Freeholder Robert Clifton, Ocean Twp. Councilman David Hiers, Marlboro Council President Jeff Kantor, and Spring Lake Councilman Brian Reilly. Freeholder Clifton has publicly supported this process, along with all of the Assembly and Senate candidates. [How 'bout the Sheriff?] They deserve our support and our unity.
The voices of dissention have made their voices heard. It is time for the voices of party unity to speak. I am writing to ask for your support to work together, and stand strong in the face of shrill voices [The shrillest voice in this debate is your own, Adam. Unless you're hearing some voices that the rest of us can't.] that would destroy our party. I need your help.


Dino P. Crocetti said...

I just don't get it. What does she stand to gain from all of this nonsense? I say if she wants to go then good riddance! The Republican Party as a whole in New Jersey has enough fickle people in it that cost us elections every year on all levels.

If anything, I see this as a good thing. Our party needs to be strong in our convictions and in our ideology as the father of our great party Abraham Lincoln and the greatest Republican of our era and my personal hero, Ronald Reagan were.

I wish that we could make it a point to purge every last RINO humanly possible out of our party. They have infiltrated it heavily and done massive damage to it.

Teddy Roosevelt said...

Abe, you sure are hitting the old nail on the head.

I wonder if the sheriff, county clerk, Rob Clifton and our elected legislatures are saying s--t what did we just let happen.
They must realize this is not good for them.

Honest Abe said...

Dino, Freeholder Little is not a RINO. She comes from the Right of the Party. Shi is no Christie Whitman or Hazel Gluck. The problem was a falling out last fall with the chairman. I understand that this is how he does business, and did so when he was chairman in his town. Anyway, he began a campaign to bump the freeholder off the line; his screening process was set up with just that in mind. Couple that with the appearance of a blog who's purpose was to discredit Freeholder Little to the point of libel. Although the anonymous blogger called himself a "lifelong Democrat who tells it as it is", he? basically stays on the same page as Chairman Puharic. The blogger's Democrat label is doubtful, as back in June he? called him?self a new County Committee member and a supporter of Adam Puharic for county chairman. The garbage on that blog is similar to the worst material commented on Wally Edge.
With all that, I don't blame Freeholder Little for wanting to go off line. Will she become a Dem? I doubt it.

ginger Hoffmeier said...

"The Republican Party as a whole in New Jersey" is losing a lot of good people who are unhappy with some of the stuff going on.

We can use Howell as an example. The DiBella regime was enough to try the patience and loyalty of enough of us to take a stand and say 'WE WANT OUR PARTY BACK OR WE WANT A NEW ONE."

"The party" is only alive because it's made up of real people who often disagree. It's a shame if the party won't embrace Anna Little and let voters decide. Isn't that what it's all about?

She is an incumbent and deserves to run as such with the support of the party.


anna certainly deserves to be able to run.