Monday, February 05, 2007


And it's a shame.
The Monmouth County Republican Blog has been critical of the Asbury Park Press' reporting and editorializing on Monmouth County government and the freeholders' campaign.
We can't be critical of this one.
In this editorial, the Press scores County Chairman Adam Puharic for his proposal to require candidates to put up $1,000 "to pay an investigator to sniff their dirty laundry."
I posted the following on William Seward's blog yesterday (Italics are from the editorial; my comments are in Boldface.):
  • Those who aren't chosen by the 24-member Republican screening committee as party-line candidates should have serious concerns about how the information will be used if they pursue a primary fight or an independent challenge to the Politburo-approved candidates.
  • And those who are chosen should have serious concerns, if elected, should they attempt to deviate from the "party line" while in office.
  • The fee alone could deter some candidates from running.
  • That may be part of the idea.
  • Puharic estimated the cost at $1,000, but other party members were told it would be $2,000 or $2,500. Puharic defended the plan, saying "background checks are something every big company does."
  • Possibly. But I guarantee that they do not spend $1,000, $2,000 or $2,500 a pop for the checks. That would be cost prohibitive and a bad business decision. No, they pay a small subscription fee for a service. The dollar amount leads me to question just who will be doing these background checks, and why such a high fee. Is Adam looking to throw business at an inflated price to a politically connected firm?
The Monmouth County Republican Blog has been critical of the Press, and I'm sure, will be again. We cannot, however, criticize them when our party leaders by their actions have brought the bad press upon themselves.


a changed bee said...

Of course he is sending the work to a connected outfit for the searches. This is like Fred all over again.

Honest Abe said...

A Changed Bee addressed...

"This is like Fred all over again."

That's pretty strong, Bee. Adam was on the right track until recently.

Is there someone who would like to comment on this who supports Adam's decision here?