Saturday, February 10, 2007


The county GOP sent out this notice about the guest speaker at Lincoln Day:

Tagg Romney To Be Guest Speaker At The 44th Annual Monmouth County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner

Please join us in welcoming Tagg Romney, son of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and senior advisor to the Mitt Romney for President Exploratory Committee, at the 44th Annual Monmouth County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner being held Monday, February 19th at Addison Park on Route 35 in Aberdeen.
Our cocktail hour starts at 6 pm with three hours of hors d’oeuvres and serving stations. The program will start at 7 pm featuring our exciting guest speaker and candidates. Tickets are just $45 per person.
This is the largest gathering of its kind in the State. Please join all of your elected officials and candidates for a night of good food, fellowship and fun!
As an agent of a federal candidate, Tagg Romney does not solicit and is not soliciting any funds in violation of federal election regulations. Specifically, he solicits only those funds drawn from a personal account within federal limits, and does not solicit funds from corporations, labor organizations, government contractors, or foreign nationals.

It appears that Mitt Romney has a lot of support among the leadership of the Monmouth County GOP.
While it is still early for the 2008 election, and whether you support Romney or someone else for president, this is a bit of positive news at a time when so much negative energy is around.
Positive? For a couple of reasons.
One is that, with talk of a possible early presidential primary, New Jersey becomes relevant once again on the presidential level. Hopefully, Mitt Romney will not be the last GOP presidential candidate we see in Monmouth County.
Another is that this is the first time in many years that there has actually been a guest speaker at Lincoln Day. It is said that big name guest speakers were once the norm at Lincoln Day, the biggest event on the County GOP calendar. Speakers would usually be some Cabinet or Congressional leadership figure. It is even said that George H. W. Bush spoke at a 1970's Lincoln Day.
So, with all that's going on, whether you support Romney or someone else or whether you support Chairman Puharic or not, come out and have a good time at Lincoln Day. Tom Apostle and Serena DiMaso ran a nice event last year, and this one promises to be nice, too.


Kramer Hall said...

what kind of names are Tagg and Mitt? Is it a baseball thing? who else is in the family? Mound? Base? Batt? Ball?

I'll vote for him if he names a stadium after me said...

Thanks for the heads up! I've posted a link over on the Mitt Report.


Honest Abe said...

Kramer Hall addressed...

"what kind of names are Tagg and Mitt? Is it a baseball thing? who else is in the family? Mound? Base? Batt? Ball?"

Mitt's full name is Willard Milton Romney. Mitt being short for Milton.
According to Wikipedia:
"He was named after hotel magnate J. Willard Marriott and Milton Romney, a relative who played football for the Chicago Bears."

Tagg, I understand, is short for Taggart.