Wednesday, July 15, 2009


"...D'Amico, who has now completely reversed his May support of the Red Bank route..."
The Asbury Park Press, Wednesday July 14, 2009, article by Larry Higgs.

He's doing it again.
County Commissioner (neé Freeholder) John D'Amico, Jr. has flip-flopped again. He can't stop it. It's what he does. It's how he earned the sobriquet, "Flippy". Keeping track of this one is like watching a tennis match.
When he's not busy attempting to create new county bureaucracies, Flippy is wasting no time doing what he does best: flip-flopping.
Last week, at the freeholders' meeting, D'Amico not only voted yes on the reappointment of County Engineer Joseph Ettore, he heaped praise upon Ettore like you wouldn't believe. Now, we believe that reappointing Ettore is a good thing, and his conduct is certainly praiseworthy. He is a professional who has served the taxpayers of Monmouth County well.
Our criticism of D'Amico stems from the fact that in spite of his praise of Ettore, he and County Commissioner (neé Freeholder) Amy Mallet (a/k/a Hammerhead) attempted to replace him with a political crony. Their scheme fell through when their fellow Democrat, Director Barbara McMorrow, refused to participate, giving Republican freeholders Lillian Burry and Rob Clifton the votes needed to reappoint Ettore.
Flippy flipped again in an article in yesterday's Asbury Park Press, in which he completely reversed his stand supporting passenger rail service from Manchester to Red Bank. D'Amico purports to be something of an expert on transportation issues, but he's all over the page on this one. I mean, Jim Howard he's not! It was only in May that he supported the rail line coming into Red Bank, and now he opposes it.
He was for it before he was against it!
John D'Amico stands to become Freeholder Director if the Democrats retain the majority on the Board after the November election. They would actually solidify their control because Sean Byrnes (a/k/a Lil' Flippy) is not as willing to step across the aisle as McMorrow, and would provide a much-needed third vote for Flippy and Hammerhead. This would allow the Trenton Democrats and the Union County gang total control of Monmouth County.
The prospect of Director D'Amico is a scary one. This is a dangerous, vindictive, fickle man. He must be stopped. John D'Amico would make a better weathervane than a freeholder. Or let him stand out in front of a cigar shop or something. That's why it's imperative that we take back the majority on the Board of Chosen Freeholders this year.


Anonymous said...

Abe, lol, the picture of Damico is hysterical! Try scrolling him up & down w/ the mouse wheel, it makes him look like bouncing!

Honest Abe said...

I think he looks like he's enjoying being upside down. I don't know about the bouncing part; I'll take your word for it! :)