Wednesday, February 04, 2009


He's doing it again. County Commissioner (neé Freeholder) John "Flippy" D'Amico has flip-flopped again.

Read the editorial in today's Asbury Park Press. It points out that the Freeholders have appointed 22 attorneys and firms to represent the county in legal matters, above and beyond the two in-house lawyers the county hired last year; the 22 does not include curmudgeonly County Counsel Malcolm Carton, who oversees the county's legal department. The 22 does include Silent Steve Schueler, Flippy's defeated running-mate. So, Silent Steve is a county counsel, Rebecca Aaronson runs an MVC office on property owned by County Democratic Figurehead Boss Vic Scudiery, maybe Very Silent Glenn Mason will run the new county Inspector General Department; all we need now is Greg Gibadlo, who is looking for tips.
Flippy, a longtime supporter of Carton, had proposed the idea of salaried, in-house attorneys as a cost-saving measure. That's fine, but why keep the same amount of outside lawyers? The Press refers to 22 lawyers, it's actually 24 including the in-house attorneys, 25 including Carton. So there's no real savings here. That's Flippy.
This is the same Flippy who keeps pushing the establishment of a new county department, that of Inspector General, at a time when the county is seriously contemplating the layoff of existing staff. So the savings generated by layoffs would potentially be used to pay for a new patronage position and staff, rather than be returned to the taxpayers. That idea was also editorially panned by the Press. And they actually endorsed the guy. Art Gallagher wrote about it last month. It's all about serving their out-of-county handlers.
Flippy is a crass, old-time politician who will take any stand to promote his party above all. He is a dangerous man. A very dangerous man. That's why it's imperative that we take back the majority on the Board of Chosen Freeholders this year.

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