Saturday, February 21, 2009


We at the Monmouth County Republican Blog have expressed concern about gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie defining himself beyond his crack record as a Federal Prosecutor. Our concern is rooted in the fact that all too many candidates backed by the state GOP establishment or "moderate" wing of the party have been, essentially, "Democrats lite", or RINOs. They fail to sufficiently contrast themselves with the Democrat, and inevitably lose.
We were deeply concerned that Christie would follow the same liberal path and founder against the Bozo-coiffed Governor Corzine, should Christie win the primary.
It appears that this is not the case.
We were very impressed with Christie's speech at Lincoln Day, in which he proposed a very aggressive fiscal policy and a frequent use of the line-item veto if necessary. He also pointed out the folly of Corzine's social engineering through the Council On Affordable Housing (COAH), and vowed to "gut" that policy.
Save Jersey has an interesting post on Christie's Pro-Life credentials. This is a sharp departure from previous establishment candidates, from the waffling Jim Courter to the mild Doug Forrester to the unabashedly liberal and rabidly pro-choice Christie Whitman.
This blog has not yet made a choice in the gubernatorial primary. All the candidates are qualified men of character who bring a lot to the table. Should Christie get the nod, and should he stick to a conservative platform, Corzine and the Dems could have serious a problem.
We would like to see more.
A start would be for all the candidates to address the problem of an overreaching judiciary. At the close of the Whitman-DiFrancesco Administration, all seven State Supreme Court Justices had been appointed by a Republican governor. (An unprecedented six by Whitman, one by Tom Kean, Sr.) Still, this court was at least as liberal as if it was all-Democratic, and some critics have even said it was more liberal. Can you say Torricelli-
Lautenberg switcheroo?
So, it has been very refreshing to see Christie take conservative stands. Let's keep it up.


ginger Hoffmeier said...

I have concerns about Chris Christie. First is the pro-choice issue. As a woman it's my body and how it's used that's being decided by a government primarily made up of men. It implies that women cannot make a moral decision or that women do not have 'a direct line' to God as some men seem to think they do.

The other issue is that former Howell mayor, Joe DiBella inferred in an email to me that Chris Cristie is his friend and swore him into office. A small thing but given what DiBella has done while in office here a disturbing one. Birds of a feather?

Honest Abe said...

Ginger, did you read the article?

"In an interview, Christie today outlined his own positions on social issues, saying he evolved from pro-choice to pro-life with the birth of his children but would not use the governor's office to 'force that down people's throats."

At this point, it's not a major issue on the state level, however it does point to a more conservative candidate than we have been used to.

"...given what DiBella has done while in office here..."

And what has he done in office that you find disturbing?