Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The arrest last week of 44 offenders by the FBI strongly reinforces New Jersey's need for the team of Chris Christie and Kim Guadagno. An outgrowth of the big Operation Bid Rig, the latest roundup nabbed a motley bunch of legislators, mayors, supposed men of the cloth and various hangers on and ne'er do wells. They even arrested a man selling human body parts. And Community affairs Commissioner Joseph Doria, who was not arrested but did get to watch SWAT live as they searched his house, resigned/retired.
How does this reinforce the need for Christie and Guadagno?
Chris Christie, as U. S. Attorney, has overseen the conviction of over 130 corrupt politicians of both major parties. The reaction of members of each party is markedly different. Most Republicans react with revulsion and horror, condemning the thugs and political corruption in general. Democrats normally circle the wagons, often condemning the prosecutor. Indeed, many Jersey Democrats do just that when they whine about Christie prosecuting more Democrats than Republicans, as if it is supposed to be a 1:1 ratio.
"Political affirmative action" cannot be used when pursuing the corrupt. Where corruption festers, it must be rooted out, the party affiliation be damned. No quotas.
If the Democrats were really interested in fighting political corruption, and if they truly feel that Christie's prosecutions have been politically one-sided, they have had a remedy for years. In 2001, Jim McGreevey was elected governor. He appointed David Samson as Attorney General; after Samson left the office went downhill with such hacks as Peter Harvey and Zulima Farber. Remember the Norcross tape? Although many said that Stuart Rabner was an improvement, it turned out that he was only looking for a stepping-stone to the Chief Justiceship. Anne Milgram, the incumbent AG, although a competent attorney, has been a disappointment as her office continues to avoid prosecuting corrupt politicians.
The Democrats have also controlled all 21 County Prosecutors' offices for a number of years. Likewise, little or no corruption investigations have come out of those agencies. So if the Democrats feel that too many of their party or not enough Republicans have been prosecuted for political corruption, and that Christie has been too partisan, they could have solved the problem through the State Attorney General or the 21 County Prosecutors. They have not done so, which leads me to believe that it was just political posturing.
Whoever takes the oath of office as Governor and Lieutenant Governor in January 2010 will also appoint the State Attorney General. I believe it's a pretty safe bet that Christie will appoint a serious crimefighter like Sheriff Guadagno and himself. We already know what the Bozo-coiffed Jon Corzine will appoint. Same goes for the County Prosecutors.
So the choice is clear. Corzine - Weinberg (pronounced WHINE-burg) and more of the same, or Christie - Guadagno and a commitment to fighting political corruption.
Real change begins with changing governors.

NOTE: The Honest Abe Research Foundation is still looking into Sean Byrnes. It's not going away, Lil Flippy. You didn't think we forgot, did you?

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Anonymous said...

If given a choice between a liberal that calls himself a liberal (Corzine), and a liberal that calls himself a conservative (Christie), I'll always choose the more honest man.

Fortunately for me, I'm not limited in choosing between two liberals (Corzine & Christie). I'm voting for Steve Lonegan. I'll write in his name. The only way to change the liberal, RINO establishment here in New Jersey is by not complying with their scare tactics. Otherwise, they will keep serving up the "not as bad as" solution and then blame the conservatives when the electorate doesn't support their pro-abortion, Democrat-lite brand of Republicanism.

When the New Jersey Republican party starts nominating conservatives, I might consider voting for their candidates. Until then, I'll be sure to bring my pen into the voting booth with me.

N.J. conservatives deserve a "Torricelli" on Chris Christie