Wednesday, July 15, 2009


At last week's freeholders' meeting, County Commissioner John D'Amico (a/k/a Flippy) announced that the county was taking applications for the position of In-House County Counsel. The job announcement is on the county's website. This three-year appointment would replace the current outside curmudgeonly county counsel, Malcolm V. Carton.
John P. Curley, our GOP standardbearer in this fall's freeholder race, addressed the board and expressed concern that creating a full-time legal department would potentially evolve into a new layer of bureaucracy. He added that creating new county government jobs would be inappropriate in light of the recent layoff of many county employees.
Here's the announcement from the county website.

Job Details

Title: In-House County Counsel

Title Code:

  • Starting Salary: DOQ - up to $150,000 Annually

    Job Description and Requirements:
    •In-House County Counsel

    The County Counsel serves as the chief legal advisor to the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders on a broad range of subject matters. The ideal candidate will be a trusted legal advisor with a professional demeanor who will be proactive in bringing issues to the Board’s attention, be creative and have good judgment, and be able to multi-task and function effectively in a large government environment with shifting priorities.

    This position is in the unclassified service under the NJ Statutes Annotated [40A:9-43] for a three year term.

    Salary DOQ – up to $150,000.

    Essential job functions may include any of the following but are not limited to:

    ◦meets with and advises the Board of Freeholders with respect to both legal advise and representations at all Freeholder workshop, executive and public meetings;
    ◦provides timely and comprehensive responses and recommendations regarding requests from the Board , individual Board members or the County Administrator;
    ◦adheres to the highest ethical standards in the discharge of all responsibilities;
    ◦monitors and supervises support legal staff’;
    ◦researches, interprets and applies laws, court decisions, statutes, ordinances and other legal authorities for use in the preparation of legal opinions and briefs;
    ◦assists the Board of Freeholders in the development and implementation of Board policies, regulations and operating programs as needed;
    ◦may represent the County in civil litigation, including preparation and trial of cases before courts and administrative agencies;
    ◦performs other related duties as assigned.
  • Education & Experience:
    Juris Doctorate Degree with a minimum of 10 years of experience in the practice of law including substantial responsible experience as Counsel for a public jurisdiction.

    A Certificate of Good Standing from the New Jersey Board of Bar Examiners

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

    ◦Knowledge of applicable County and State statutes, codes and procedures.
    ◦Knowledge of methods and procedures required to provide legal services to governing body of a public entity.
    ◦Knowledge of managing a legal department of a city, county, or state department or federal agency, or a law firm or corporate law office involved in civil litigation.
    ◦Ability to conduct legal research and draft legal documents.
    ◦Ability to conduct effective presentations.
    ◦Ability to resolve problems and make decisions.
    ◦Ability to use and communicate by means of computer network systems necessary.
    Candidates must demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities required in managing a legal department, the management of litigation in a cost-effective manner, and the technical and administrative direction of 2 in-house attorneys and outside special counsels.

    Forward resume application in confidence to:

    Mr. Robert M. Czech
    Hall of Records
    1 East Main St.
    Freehold, NJ 07728

    How to apply:•Individuals will only be considered if they possess the minimum requirements listed above.
    All applicants: In order to be considered for a job opening, an Application for Employment must be completed for each position. Resumes may be attached but are not considered as substitution for a fully completed job application form. E-mailed or faxed applications are not accepted.
    Mail: Completed applications referencing the job title code on the application to: County of Monmouth, Personnel Department, 1 East Main Street, Freehold, NJ 07728
    Phone: To request a Job Application be mailed to you, call 732-431-7300
    In Person: Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm


Anonymous said...

Here's where it's really shortsighted. It's for a three year term. Politics being what it is, there's an excellent chance that the person won't be reappointed. In three years, the person will have lost whatever private practice they had and will find themselves without an income. In other words, who is going to apply? Only someone desperate for an income NOW. Who is going to be that desperate? Obviously someone not as good as the outside counsel we're now using. Common sense tells you this is a very bad idea.

lawman said...

Well thats assuming you believe the outside counsel we are now using is a competant lawyer.
Also you might get reappointed. It depends which party you are from.
If the right person got the job and if the Freeholders actually supported cost savings measures in the legal department I beleive significant savings could be had by taking the position in house.

Anybody have any idea who has applied so far?

Honest Abe said...

They've been very quiet as to who's applied.

Anonymous said...

rumor has it only 3 apps so far, 2 Republicans and one Dem

Anonymous said...

I've heard some names, Schueler, Denoia, lafey, Baezer and Kinney

Anonymous said...

heard interviews are scheduled