Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Some readers may wonder why we keep calling Flippy D'Amico and the other Democratic freeholders, "county commissioners". It's because Flippy wanted to be called that. He brought it up at the September 11, 2008 Work Session, and it seemed to have fallen flat. (insert rimshot) So, we thought you, our readers, might want to see it for yourselves, from the minutes of the board itself.
Here it is, campers:

Freeholder D'Amico brought up the idea of changing the title of "freeholder". He explained why he was undertaking this effort in asking the Board to endorse a resolution for submission to the legislature to change the title keeping in mind that other states have County Commissioners. Director Burry read a statement opposing a change in the title. Freeholder McMorrow supported Freeholder D'Amico's request and stated that although school children are well versed it appears that the term "freeholder" is misunderstood by the general public. Freeholder Clifton indicated that we should keep the title as it allows for the opportunity to educate the public. He added that although the County demographics have changed the title "freeholder" is not as elitist an acronym as it was in the past. In fact, we have a number of women on the Board, we have our first woman Director, and we have had an African-American freeholder. Freeholder Clifton indicated however that he would raise the issue at a future NJAC Board of Directors meeting and get a feeling for the position of that organization. Freeholder Barham stated that sometimes people call them worse names than freeholder. He further indicated that the Board should concentrate on more meaningful issues such as property tax relief and effective state government. Following the discussion Freeholder D'Amico concluded that the resolution would not be acted upon tonight but felt it would be appropriate for it to go to NJAC for review.

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