Friday, July 24, 2009


The Bozo-coiffed Governor Jon Corzine has named a veteran Trenton insider, liberal State Senator Loretta Weinberg (pronounced WHINE-burg), D-Bergen as his running mate for Lieutenant Governor. She would be on the ballot opposite Kim Guadagno.
We don't know how well Corzine is going to hold up with all this "ethnicity". You see, back in 2000, when he was running for the U. S. Senate, Corzine said some really dumb things. Bidenesque things. Bad things.
It seems Corzine, while courting Italian-American voters, was introduced to an attorney named David Stein. Corzine is alleged to have said, ''He's not Italian, is he? Oh, I guess he's your Jewish lawyer who is here to get the rest of you out of jail.''
There's more. That same year, Corzine not only stuck his foot in his mouth, he stuck his whole leg in up to the hip, if you can believe that. Upon being introduced to an Italian-American man who was in the construction business, Corzine blurted, "Oh, you make cement shoes!" (Read the New York Times article here!)
The political left is fraught with ignorant people; Corzine used a spokesman to apologize.
Corzine's opponent, Chris Christie, is not a Jewish lawyer, but he is an Italian-American one. And he isn't known for getting crooks out of jail, rather he built a solid reputation for putting them in jail. Lots of them. No cement shoes here either, Governor, just steel bracelets.
Corzine has a well-deserved reputation for nastiness. Just look at the garbage his campaign has been churning out so far. Assuming Boss George Norcross doesn't replace Corzine on the ticket, the pressure could really get to him. He could then slip and say something stupid like back in 2000.


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