Friday, September 29, 2006


With all that's going on in New Jersey's volatile political scene, you'd think that the once-vaunted would be on top of it all.
Beginning in mid summer, their chief writer, Bill Albers, seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. Albers had been picked but a few months before to replace the departing Steve Kornacki. After Albers' disappearance, it just got weird. The site was not updated, then they went to a "Best of Kornacki" theme. Now, they're running Kornacki posts on the presidential race from New Hampshire? In New Jersey?
With all the corruption busts as well as a pivotal U. S. Senate race at hand here in New Jersey, you'd think that they would pull together and get back to business. Otherwise, if you're interested in what's happening, log on here; if it's not on my blog, check out some of the great blogs that I have linked.



politicsnj was good in its time. it's over. reall, really, really over. it would be great if it came back strong, but i nreality that isn't going to happen so it is sort of time for political folks to move on.

guys like abe and will are going to be "it" when it comes to political coverage and that's not so bad. ok, you don't get the whole state but you get a good sharp view of monmouth between them.

Dino P. Crocetti said...

I think that the powers that be behind Politics NJ are too busy being an integral part of Menendez's campaign staff to properly maitain and update the site.

I was wondering what happened to Bill Albers too. I'm wondering if he was even a real person i.e. Wally Edge. Maybe there was a money dispute and he walked. I also found it strange that they were posting Kornacki's stuff from Politics NH. It makes no sense whatsoever!

Needless to say, I still enjoy busting chops over there. Did you see that stupid poll they posted of a matchup between Tom Kean Jr. and Bill Bradley!? My sides have been in agonizing pain all day from laughing so hard!! I did a post about it on my blog today.

I also posted the new Kean TV Ad. I thought it was fantastic!