Tuesday, October 10, 2006


There is a third political party here in Monmouth County: The Gannett. Their daily newspaper, The Asbury Park Press, ran a series of articles in Sunday's edition obviously timed to influence the upcoming election for freeholders. Gannett has an agenda, and that is to be a player on New Jersey's political stage. Influencing this election would clearly be a way to achieve their agenda.
The Press has been critical of the freeholders' 3 - 2 vote reappointment of Neptune City's Malcolm V. Carton back in August as County Counsel. Now, while the vast editorial staff here at the Monmouth County Republican Blog may have voted differently had they been on the board, it appears that the Press just doesn't like the gruff Carton and bases its opinions thusly. Lost in all this is the fact that Freeholder Anna C. Little voted against Carton's reappointment! Her running - mate, Andrew F. Lucas, isn't even on the board yet, making this issue moot as to this election.
Still, the Press attempts to drive the news, not just report it.
It is important in a free society to have a press vigilant to governmental abuse. But when that press goes beyond vigilance and slants its reporting to suit an agenda, just how free are we?
The Press has attempted to use the Carton reappointment as an issue to influence this year's election even though no freeholder running this year or next voted favorably on the reappointment.
In past articles, they attempted to paint rank & file county workers as political hacks, publishing names, salaries and overtime for all to see.
Their biased reporting in 2005 prompted a fact-laden response from then - Freeholder Director Thomas J. Powers.
As stated above, a free press protects us from government abuse. Operative word here being free. Sadly the Press (with a capital P), which as part of the Gannett empire holds a near monopoly on daily print media in Monmouth County, has been likened to a schoolyard bully. If you give the bully your lunch money in September, expect to give it up every day until June unless you fight back.
Our freeholders, beginning with Director Powers and continuing under Director Bill Barham, are fighting back. They are fighting back by doing what they believe to be right, and by not being cowed by the print media.
What can we do as Republican activists? County Chairman Adam Puharic said it very well in this week's Wireside Chat: Stick together.

And a stovepipe hat-tip to Bayshore Journalista for the "third political party" idea.

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