Thursday, September 21, 2006


As of yesterday, September 20, the deadline for replacing candidates on the ballot has passed. The window has closed. That means that if your candidate has withdrawn from the race, and your organization hasn't named a replacement by yesterday, you've got a blank spot on the ballot going into November.
The Democratic Party, who "don't need no steenkin' deadlines", just as they don't need no steenkin' reports, believes otherwise. It is well-known what they did in the 2002 campaign when disgraced U. S. Senator Robert "The Torch" Torricelli withdrew after the deadline and the State Supreme Court led by Chief Justice Deborah "I Am The Law" Poritz allowed them to replace Torricelli with the old Frank Raleigh Lautenberg. There are rumors of the Dems trying the same this year if Bob Meanendez' limp campaign continues to lag. And, in a variation on a theme, County Democratic boss Victor Scudiery is trying to get his man on the Democratic Ticket in Matawan. That case is expected to go before Superior Court Judge Alexander Lehrer this afternoon. If Lehrer rules against the Democrats, they will be minus one candidate. When we hear more news, we will update.

Judge "Hollywood" Al Lehrer has decided in favor of the Monmouth County Dems in the Matawan case - Michael Cannon will appear on the local ballot this November.



Just for the record: I think Debbie Poritz is pretty cool. I met her a few times and I think she makes a lot of sense.

Jackie Corley said...

Now, now, the Middletown Republicans were the first to argue "home is where the heart is" in front of Judge Leher just last year. (And he agreed.)

Let's see if the same rules reply to Democrats as they do for Republicans.

(Though, for the record, I think the "home is where the heart is argument" is pretty lame -- Dem or Republican.)

Howard Stern said...

Well not only is the FCC out-of-control regarding censorship and controlling what we should and should not be allowed to heard on the TV or radio, but the Justice System in New Jersey can now with pride state that ANYTHING is legal in New Jersey so long as you don't get caught.

Judge Leher's decision to allow Michael Cannon to present his testimony as he and his wife were on the beach in Hawaii is a slap in the face of our legal system. The Judge's inability to confirm who was on the other end of the telephone was a joke. But Judge Leher allowed it to go through.

Cannon's testimony and lame excuses were an insult to the residents of Matawan.

Secret meetings with select persons on the Matawan Democratic Committee is no way to conduct party business. Forcing a candidate off the ballot and replacing him/her in secret appears to be typical Democratic politics. Shame on Vic for being part of this travesty. Maybe it has something to do with the property he and his friends own in Matawan.

Robin, Gary, Fred, and I will be voting for the Matawan Republican team this year.

Oi Vey! said...

Me first! Me first!
I wanna be the mayor!
I'm a shining star!
I'm a shining star!
I smell tires burning. It shall come to pass. The House of Atreus is doomed.


I'm sure the whole Howard Stern thing isn't played out at all.