Wednesday, September 13, 2006


The Independent reports that County Democratic Boss Victor V. Scudiery is attempting to force Michael Cannon onto the local Democratic ticket in Matawan, replacing candidate Robert Bunion. Cannon, a former Republican councilman who fell away from the GOP and found himself a home with the Democrats, had lived out of Matawan for nearly a year after resigning from council.
This has raised questions about Cannon's residency.
Not to worry, says Scudiery, who in true Democratic tradition is looking to have a court make an exception to the law, along the lines of disgraced former U. S. Senator Bob "The Torch" Torricelli being replaced in 2002 with the old Frank Raleigh Lautenberg.
Local GOP Chair Paul Buccellato believes that the law should be followed regarding Cannon's residency. County Clerk M. Claire French has indicated that unless the courts rule otherwise, her office will abide by the law.
Control of Matawan's council is at stake this year. Democrats have held three out of six council seats since January 1, with Democratic Mayor Mary Aufseeser voting to break a tie, giving the Democrats effective control.
The diminutive borough, where Republicans hold the registration edge over Democrats, would not even be on the map with the county Dems, but with the proposed redevelopment of the Matawan Aberdeen train station area, the county and state Democrats are very interested. It is said that Scudiery himself even owns property in the area to be redeveloped.


Oi Vey! said...

Ay caramba!
Whatta cowinkydink!
Does Mr. Scudiery own the tire place too?

looking for tips said...

Thanks for the tip on where I can find Victor


Well, Abe, first off it was YOUR party who got the "home is where the heart is" ruling out of Lawson. You folks are the ones who got someone who didn't live in Middletown and DID reside in Keansburg to become a Middletown Committeeman.

SECOND OFF, I think YOUR party has had quite enough to say about the Matawan Train Station. I would think that referencing crooked GOP deals would be a BAD way to promote the party. The GOP lost in Matawan BECAUSE it was a bad deal.Can't WAIT for that freeholder election (FYI).

AND when it comes to MORRIS's deal... there are REPUBLICANS that you and I know who own property there. I never heard ANYTHING about Mr. Scudiery owning anything there.

If Vic "owns property" then give a lot and block... or else at least START to look into somehting before you put it up. Just a thought. I know that stuff like that doesn't hold a lot of credence over there at all times.

Just for the schucks... how much is morris giong to give THIS year?

Howard Stern said...

Zodiac Year: Horse

Howard Stern said...

Oh my goodness, Jim is blogging his days away again!

Jim just call Vic yourself to verify the property in Matawan. Your a reporter (or so you think).

I also noted that your Zodiac sign is the "Horse". My question is what end?


Howard Stern said...

Jimmy, stop having other people do your work. The property that you seem to have a question about is:

Block 11
Lot 26
Address 27 28 Main Street
Matawan, NJ
Owner: Victor Scudiery

Even Boy Gary is not a lazy as you are when it comes to doing research. Well got to go back to my radio show. Here I come Robin!

No need to thank me, Jimmy.


Sarge said...

"If Vic "owns property" then give a lot and block... or else at least START to look into somehting before you put it up. Just a thought."

BLOCK 11 LOT 26. It's the really crappy looking corner lot next to 7-11 with grass growing through the many cracks in the pavement and graffitti all over the walls of the gas station, which he never repaired after a fire. Like all good slumlords, he just sucks money out of people who need parking and spends zero to make the place look halfway decent. Yep, this is a guy who cares about Matawan.

Maybe you can give us the lot and block #'s of those Republicans that own property there.

007 said...

back in the hizzy kids.jim your a fool.tell you what

whats goin on with the lynch and how much he is payin fo

Honest Abe said...

Sarge addressed...

"Maybe you can give us the lot and block #'s of those Republicans that own property there."

Well, Jim?

Howard Stern said...

Boy Gary and Artie were wondering if the two (2) republicans turned democrats (Mullaney & Cannon) own property at the Station.

Robin and Fred heard that they own houses or condos or both in PA & FL. Not bad for a tire man and dispatcher.

Well gotta go and prepare for tomorrow's radio show.



Such a gracious bunch.

Ok, so it turns out Mr. Scudiery owns property and has for a long time before this project. The land is there, the lot is there, the ownership is there...and it has been there for a long time.

But please...go on. I wouldn't want to interrupt.

Oi Vey! said...

The GOP lost in Matawan because of the tire promotion! But they're all out of tires this year I think.

cliffwood soccer dad said...

Jim - you can't handle the truth. You are way too biased to handle this in a truly objective manner. Now why don't you do us all a favor and give us the names of the republicans that own land by the station because this "I've got a little secret" stuff is getting a little old.

Howard Stern said...

Jimmy, to paraphrase my friend and fellow radio talk show host Bob Grant:

"Get-off this blog you ....."


cliffwood soccer dad said...

Kindly tell us which Matawan Republicans own property by the train station. The request was made before - but you have yet to reply/supply any names.

Honest Abe said...

Jim, if a Republican "owns property" then give a lot and block...