Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Labor Day has been and gone, the kids are back to school or soon to go, and that means another Election season is upon us! The parties have their tickets nominated.
Our Republican Team of Rosemarie Peters for Surrogate, Andrew Lucas and Freeholder Anna Little will be working hard this fall and are ready for whatever the Dems finally figure out to bring on. The Republicans have been campaigning hard and had a good response at the Monmouth County Fair and other summer venues.
The Democrats have been more or less playing defense and catch-up because one of their Freeholder candidates, Lenny Inzerillo, went away. They have replaced him with J. Gregory Gibadlo, who is looking for tips. Their other candidate, former Freehold Borough Councilwoman Barbara McMorrow, has been keeping a low profile, but will probably start showing her face soon, once she and JGG find out what the issues are.
Time to make the calls, walk with the Candidates, do the lit drops, put up signs and work hard to elect our team.
Happy campaigning!


007 said...

Yo abe.would lucas be the first manlapan to sit on the freeholder board if elected?

Honest Abe said...

I think so. I'll look into it.