Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Less than two weeks out from the June 13 County Committee reorganization, and we cannot stress this enough: Fred Niemann may be down, but he's still not out. He is still the chairman until that meeting.
The behind the scenes machinations going on would be familiar to anyone who has participated in the last two county conventions, where an assortment of dark-horse candidates, stalking-horse candidates and outright red-herring candidates were in the races.
Several candidates were suspected of being nothing more than a part of an elaborate divide and conquer scheme aimed at securing the freeholder nomination for Howell Mayor Joe DiBella.
These schemes were ultimately unsuccessful, and owing to the closeness of both the February and April Convention votes, some have pondered that, without the divisive schemes and outlandish shenanigans of some of DiBella's supporters, he may have been a freeholder today.
Today finds us with several names in and out of the race for County Chairman. Sheriff Joe Oxley, the perceived frontrunner, opted not to run, leaving Red Bank's James Giannell in the apparent lead. Former Freeholder Ed Stominski and Neptune Township's Mel Hood have apparently formed a slate. Other names mentioned have included Little Silver Councilman Declan O'Scanlon, lobbyist and former DiBella campaign manager Brian Nelson, Howard Dean contributor Madeline Ferraro, and newcomers Adam Puharic of Aberdeen and Elias Abilheira of Millstone.
Several leaders said to be allied with the Niemann-Gallic group are reported to be casting about for a candidate, but so far have not found the candidate they seek.
If you are on the County Committee, or will be elected in the Primary on June 6, please pay attention to this race. It is very important. Read and listen to what the candidates say, and look at their records to get an idea of what they will do. Beware of stalking-horses. And be on the lookout for shenanigans.
The future of our party depends upon it.


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