Friday, May 26, 2006


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Jon Corzine is shaping up to be the worst governor of the state of New Jersey. In fairness, though, I have to believe that, at this juncture at least, Mr. Florio and Mr. McGreevey have to be tied or apart from each other by scant inches.

In lore, former Gov. Robert Howell was, for many years, regarded as the worst standard bearer of the Garden State. But, so many of his inadequacies have been lost to the ages.

So, with hope in our hearts that the bearded sage of Trenton can earn the No. 1 spot, we go on believing that records were made to be broken and yes, Jon Corzine can be the single most incompetent governor of the state of New Jersey.

Perhaps though, just perhaps, Mr. Corzine can not only salvage this administration and even this state with a bit of the divine spark and maybe even a little old-fashioned common sense. Hopefully, this is but a rocky start to an otherwise glowing tenure, but reality is a hard thing and taxes are even harder. The truth is simply the truth.

William H Seward said...

I knew Jim was a DINO.

Honest Abe said...

He keeps posting on Republican blogs about Republican issues.

Kramer Hall said...

Honest Abe said...
"He keeps posting on Republican blogs about Republican issues. "

He's really posting about Monmouth County issues, which just happen to be Republican issues, given that the Democrats really have nothing to offer.

Despite Old Hickory's and Donkeys Rule's "best" efforts, is there any place else for an articulate, intelligent (and hot if you count Lisa) person to post?


actually, abe and will, you guys have the best game in town. the dems are asleep about the blogging thing and you guys just have the best sites.

you gotta give the devil(s) their due. i just deal in issues. i think parties are a misnomer anyway, but sometimes they speak to fundamental issues.

i don't want to be on the same side as john lynch, nor support anyone who does. so, in monmouth county, that means you're a democrat. everyone who supports vic doesn't support lynch. there's some housekeeping that needs doing on the other side of the aisle.

Honest Abe said...

Lynch has his Democrat friends here in Monmouth County. Ed McKenna, Jack Westlake, Pat Menna; I'm certain there are others.

William H Seward said...

Show me Republican ties to Lynch(Not Rob Clifton, he gave the money back) and I'll be happy to shed light on it at my place.

Of course any Republican linked to Lynch would have equal time to explain.


yes, the same bunch of people who regularly try and fail at usurping victor. they are fought, beaten and marginalized.

basically, no offense to the innocent, ed mckenna's best friends in monmouth are republicans.

westlake was appointed by republicans. dupont is promoted by republicans.

lynch plays a smart game. own the republicans, own the democrats, own the game. right now, he has great influence in the gop, not that much in the monmouth dems. hopefully, he won't have anything to say in the gop soon.

morris is a big lynch guy...his buddies are....ah...i forget.

Honest Abe said...

JIM_PURCELL addressed...

"westlake was appointed by republicans."

Appointed as what??? He was appointed as Clerk of the Board by a Democratic Freeholder administration. The Demo majority at the time was Director Tom Lynch, and Freeholders John D'Amico and Ray Kramer. As far as I have been able to find, his friendship with Harry Larrison occured after his appointment.
We've already been over this territory, Jim.


jack westlake was and maybe even still is a voting member of the monmouth county tax board. he was very involved with the issues in upper freehold township, where good republican memebrs of the board were actually trying to make sure that farmland assessments were not being abused in upper freehold township. basically, republican big shots in the mid 90s were being given breaks that the tax board did not feel were appropriate, so they canceled a bunch of assessments and this didn't sit well with the powers that be at that time. in the midst of this, mr. westlake was, according to beverly bova-scarano, trying to ensure that some of the goold ol boys were secure in their farmland assessments despite the fact they didn't have farmland.

she tried to go to bill dowd to get help, she said, but that was to no avail. when she figured out that mr. westlake and mr. lynch were on baord with the county gop then she became a democrat. by the by, she was put off the board for this.

westlake is a partner in alma limited, shrewsbury. alma limited is a campaign contributor to, among others, joseph kyrillos.