Thursday, May 11, 2006


Well, where do we go?
First, let's get through the June 13th reorganization meeting. At this point I don't know the location, but by state law this must be called by the incumbent County Chairman. Committee members will be notified after Primary, so leave that date open.
Who will it be? The current front-runner would appear to be Sheriff Joe Oxley, with former Freeholder Ed Stominski and Neptune GOP Club President Mel Hood as contenders. Rumson Mayor John Ekdahl is also mulling a run, but will not oppose the Sheriff. I'm not sure if Ed or Mel have plans to withdraw or if they're committed to a floor vote.
A possible wild card would be a Niemann-backed candidate a la Joe DiBella, but Fred really hasn't had much luck with that sort of stunt.
By-laws? A bad set of by-laws can cripple an organization, so this should be done right. At this point the party's finances are of the utmost priority if we are to win in November. The Monmouth County Republican Committee treasury has been depleted and the rent for the temporarily closed Republican Headquarters hasn't been paid. Most of the funds have been deposited in the various PACs under Glenn Hopler's treasurership.
It is important that the party get control of these funds. I would advise those interested in the job to get legal advice on that NOW. We don't really want the new Chairman, trying to do a good job, meanwhile Fred, Dan, Glenn and the rest of the "bunker boys" are still in control of the money and use it to start mischief.
Bottom line: All the PACs should be shut down by May 31, however many there turn out to be, and the money deposited in the Monmouth County Republican Committee account. Then the new leadership can go through the books and determine which contributions might be tainted and act accordingly. For starters, any contributions from the likes of Jack Morris, Solomon Dreck or Jack Westlake or others of that ilk should be returned to send a message that their games will no longer be tolerated here.
It is important that the new chairman operate a clean organization, and it is incumbent upon the rank-and-file to demand no less. We must be vigilant. Secretary Seward and myself will be watching. So will Jackie and Jim. Won't you join us?



At one time, a lot more people were active in the party, and then Fred showed up.

Divisions were deepened. And now, some of the factions are so locked in argument that it has gone very far. Along the way, a lot of people who the party trusted took a lot of money they had no business taking. Whomever is the cause is less important than getting rid of the practice and those responsible for it in the first place.

Some people were vilified by others who should not have done it, and some were vilified for good reasons. One way or the other, a LOT of people are ticked off and SOMEONE whom everyone trusts is going to have to sew the thing back together and it will NOT be an easy task.

Whomever it is I wish them well and luck. Of course, if it's just another schmuck out of the peanut gallery, which I am sure it will not be, then not much is going to get accomplished. Everyone knows who the contenders are here. Someone very devisive probably isn't a good idea.

But, that is pretty clear at this point.

All the best.

A lot of damage was done by Niemann and cult boy.

William H Seward said...

Watch we will, and lead we must.

Our choice of Chairman is critical. We can not afford another mistake.

We need a well respected, high profile Chairman to bring the party together and restore our integrity. We need a real leader. Someone for whom taking the position will be both an opportunity and a risk. To give this position to someone who has no risk in taking it, as we did last time, could be a grave mistake...a voodoo crap shoot. We need someone for whom the job will be both an opportunity and a sacrifice. Someone who's duty it is to lead us.

"Our duty is to be useful, not according to our desires but according to our powers."
Henri Frederic Amiel

ginger Hoffmeier said...

"Wild Card" DiBella will surely meet with a lot of vocal opposition and cost the GOP many members. Not just because of his association with Fred but because of what's happening in Howell.

It's become very obvious to Howell's many residents that although DiBella keeps claiming not to be handing the town to developers he is in fact supporting develpers more than anyone else ever did.

Those who know see Howell becoming what Asbury Park was in it's worse years -- san ocean -- thanks to Mr. DiBella.

He just voted against a change in the master plan that allows 20 homes per acre on the planning board but this vote fools no one. He knew that the vast majority of United Republican Club appointees were going to vote for it. It's political tag-teaming at its most obvious.

DiBella is also touting a zoning change that will allow "residential" hotels up and down route 9!

Imagine what this guy can do for the rest of Monmouth County! Mr. DiBellopment indeed!

Thanks to the United Republican Club Howell is losing Howell's GOB base. They need to get a grip on things and clean house. The success of Bob Walsh is only a start. Wait until November. The Dems might be back.

The URC is backing DiBella Buddy, Pete Tobasco, in the next election. BIG mistake. Lately, Tobasco has been acting very thuggish at meetings which are now televised for all Howell to see. He screamed "shut up and sit down" at one Republican woman and this isn't the first time. Of course Sue V. has also felt his wrath but his words just bounce off the iron lady.

Of course, you might get away with this if the cameras aren't rolling, but Tobasco's archived antics are going to put anyone else running on the URC ticket between a rock and a hard place. Defend him -- or hide?

This club needs serious guidance. So does the county GOP if it even considers DiBella!