Friday, June 02, 2006


The corruption trial of former Middletown Mayor Raymond "O'Shady" O'Grady, who was busted in the FBI's "Operation Bid Rig", and could get up to 20 years in prison, began this week, and already it looks like it's going to be a circus.
As the second day of testimony was to begin, witness Anthony Palughi, in true mobster style, took ill, and was rushed to the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, where there is no corruption. This recalls a case last year where gangsta developer Anthony Spalliero was said to be "near death" conveniently as his bail was about to be revoked. The ploy worked for Spalliero: Instead of a 4' x 6' jail cell, he was sent to his daughter's Hazlet home and told "wear this ankle bracelet". Said to be "near death" in September, it is unknown whether Spalliero has gotten any closer to his destination.
The basis of O'Grady's defense is that "Palughi is a liar"; it would appear that that much is true, as Palughi pleaded guilty Wednesday to making false statements. Whether it is even relevant to the charges against O'Grady remains for the jury to decide.
A number of defendants have entered guilty pleas in the Bid Rig matter, including former Marlboro Committeeman Thomas Broderick, former Hazlet Mayor Paul Coughlin, former Neptune Mayor Richard Iadanza, former County Transportation Coordinator Joseph "Joey Buses" McCurnin, Palughi and former Deputy County Fire Marshal Patsy Townsend.
Operation Bid Rig is an ongoing federal investigation into corruption in Monmouth County, which Monmouth County Democratic Boss Victor V. Scudiery referred to as "entrapment."



It's a big trial. I wonder where Palughi is going to be in all of this...there or not there?

William H Seward said...

My money is on Palughi showing up to testify rather than lose his deal. His bail will be revoked and he will be kept in custody under a suicide watch.

If he can't show up on Monday, a mistrial will be declared and Tony will be there at the new trial.