Friday, June 30, 2006


Those of you who live in the 6th Congressional District have probably already received a mailing or phone call from the Leigh-Ann Bellew for Congress campaign.
Leigh-Ann is running against entrenched Democrat incumbent politician Frank Pallone, and has hit the ground running. This will be a tough campaign, and it will not be won by sitting around watching TV. Leigh-Ann knows that you can't be "Pallone Lite" and expect to win; she's right on the issues. She believes in the issues she stands for; you'll know that if elected, she won't be a RINO or DIRC.
The House of Representatives was intended to be a citizen-legislature. Unlike Pallone, Leigh-Ann Bellew is not a career politician, and will be a citizen-legislator for the 6th District.
If you live in the 6th District and Leigh-Ann's campaign reaches out to you, lend a hand. If you haven't heard from her yet, why not reach out at 732-692-6443.

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I think Mrs. Bellew deserves a lot of props for being a part of the process. She is working hard, and that is clear, and she should get a lot of credit for that. Winning begins with working and she's definitely doing that. I haven't heard her issues but I'm sure all of us will.

She is going the route. Best wishes.