Friday, August 18, 2006

Join us for a grand re-opening of the Monmouth County Republican Headquarters

A "Wireside Chat" from Chairman Adam Puharic

Dear fellow Republicans:
When I received the honor to serve as your chairman, I assembled an administration with three specific objectives to lead us towards victory in November:

1. Professionalize the fundraising and raise the bar on ethics in politics.

2. Establish a board of directors to help steer the party towards a better future.

3. Unify the party and build within it a spirit of service and dedication to Republicanism

I am happy to report that our Director of Operations Michael Borg, and our Administrative Manager Heather Bachman have been working feverishly to recreate our Monmouth County GOP headquarters as a resource center for volunteers, and a classroom where candidates and chairs can receive useful information on running winning campaigns.

I am proud to invite you to our grand re-opening of Monmouth County Republican Headquarters on Saturday, August 26th at 10am. Assemblyman Bill Baroni will conduct an educational lecture breakfast session at 11am on the topic of campaign election law compliance. Every Saturday, we will host an educational lecture breakfast on topics relevant to party workers and loyalists.

If you ever wanted to be involved in GOP politics, or to learn more from the experts who know how to win elections – this is your opportunity.
To participate, please call Heather Bachman at (732) 431-6664. I look forward to seeing you there.

Adam Puharic, ChairmanMonmouth County Republican Party