Sunday, August 06, 2006


Op-ed Column by Freeholder Anna C. Little
Asbury Park Press
August 6, 2006

For years, the governor's office has blamed New Jersey's skyrocketing property taxes on local government. I am pleased Gov. Corzine is taking ownership of the remedy because, clearly, the state is the only authority with the ability to bring about widespread change in our tax system.
However, some of his proposals show that the Democrats in Trenton still don't get it. They seem to believe that big government is the answer to society's ills.

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ginger Hoffmeier said...

We all know that property taxes are too high and the cause of this is primarily the high cost of education. It's almost a quarter of the entire HUGE state budget.

We all know that neither the Dems or the Republicans are about to buck the NJEA and change this.

Would fewer school districts result in lower costs or just larger districts with the same number of employees and the same costs? The unions and education community will still wield a big club and are unlikely to bend.

Why not remove taxes for education from property taxes and pay for it all with sales tax? Raise taxes on many items, add taxes to some new items and seriously go after vendors at flea markets and who sell tax free off the back of a truck?

Sales tax makes sure that everyone, illegal aliens, and those earning big bucks in banking pay a fair share. It gives those who want to keep a roof over their heads to economize.

If sales are down it's a sure sign that we can't afford the property taxes either and perhaps the schools will have to double up classes for a while.

Why not a super-lottery once a year to fund education? Or bingo at the public schools on Friday nights?

Yeah, I know... We want to take the 'high road.' Except that we want our casinos too.