Thursday, August 10, 2006


Most of you have probably already read about the fact that the Recall Howell Mayor Joseph DiBella movement has fallen short of the required number of signatures to place the recall question on the November ballot.
Over the past several months, some Republicans have speculated that, if DiBella survived the recall effort, he would emerge stronger politically. With the recall question off the ballot, is this the case? Does this help or hurt the local GOP candidates in Howell this November? How about the County?
Let us know your opinion.


Sharon Migliaccio said...

Let's wait to answer that question until we know whether the council votes to rescind the charter study on changing the form of government.

Although the tax bills finally went out, and people are not pleased at the jump in the municipal rate.

We expect to see a jump in the school tax, but the rate that the muni portion has risen over the last three years is staggering. Howell has a debt load that would choke Mr. Ed.


Arlene Luft and her folks changed the form of government not too long ago, didn't they? I mean something like over 10 years ago but that's still pretty recent.

Sharon Migliaccio said...

Yes, they did. Actually, Joe has been in office 4 years, Konopka 8 and Harvey Morrell was the first elected Mayor, so I guess it was about 16 years ago.

1990. The population of Howell increased about 25% between 1990 and 2000. Our hybrid form of government allows the elected official to play the blame game...whereby they blame any problems on the manager, since he handles the day to day operations of the township. He, in turn, falls on his sword, since if he doesn't, he'll be looking for a new job next week....hypothetically, of course.

Many people would like to see greater accountability from our elected officials.

I don't know if anyone thought the town would grow so rapidly in such a short period of time. Arlene, Phil, Tony, and the rest did a tremendous job and I respect their efforts. But I think maybe they would agree that a charter study is wise if only to confirm that Howell has the most effective form of government for the residents.

ginger Hoffmeier said...

I think a lot of people are surprised that the recall effort got as many signatures as it did. Many people, including myself, see a recall the same as term limitations. It interferes with our votes and we just don't do it. I don't know anyone who did sign it but would not vote for DiBella again.

But this many votes against DiBella is surely a sign that he is a lot less popular than he once was.

I have said before that DiBella is a candidate with a knack of making lemons out of lemonade. It will just make him more arrogant and he will do himself in by making foolish choices. Or making good ones and then apologizing for them.

I don't think the URC really expects Tobasco to stay on the Howell council or newcomer Racugglia to win a seat this coming November. And I suspect that DiBella's wisest survival move would be making peace with the others running for seats.

Remember, three out of five seats are open. If only Howell can survive the lame duck season!