Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Embattled state Attorney General Zulima V. Farber, an ally of Hudson County Democratic boss and appointed U. S. Senator Robert Menendez, resigned last evening effective August 31.
Farber is just part of a long string of embarassments coming out of the Democratic administration in Trenton.
Former Gov. James "Machiavelli" McGreevey, an embarassment himself, appointed Peter Harvey as Attorney General, replacing David Samson. Harvey was most notable for his apparent obliviousness to the whirl of political corruption around him and instead concentrated on such things as holding a hip-hop voter registration summit. Harvey served through the administrations of McGreevey and Richard Codey.
When the bozo-coiffed Gov. Jon Corzine took office, many Jerseyans were hopeful that he would appoint a bona-fide crimefighter to the office, in the mold of an Elliot Ness or Rudy Giuliani. Instead we got serial traffic scofflaw Farber.
Farber is a woman who is most at home going against the grain, and she soon became notable for her opposition to mandatory penalties for political corruption.
This past May, a man who sounds like a nursery-rhyme character, Hamlet Goore, whose name sounds like a nursery rhyme character, another serial traffic scofflaw who happens to be Farber's live-in boyfriend, was stopped by local police. The rest is well-known history.
The result of that motor vehicle stop was an investigation which found Farber guilty of three state ethics violations, leading to her resignation yesterday.
On September 1, First Assistant Attorney General Anne Milgram will take over as acting AG. Corzine says he will act fast to name a permanent replacement. Don't act fast, Governor. Don't act half - fast. Act smart. Don't screw it up a second time.



Good. He shouldn't have appointed her in the first place.

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