Saturday, January 28, 2006


Describing herself as "a Little person from a Little town", Highlands Borough Councilwoman Anna C. Little spoke at the Affilliated Republican Club of Monmouth County's Freeholder Candidate's Night at Ft. Monmouth's Gibbs Hall last night.
Other speakers were Howell Mayor Joseph DiBella, former Wall Mayor Robert McKenna and Spring Lake Councilman Brian Reilly.
With copies of her resume placed on each table, Little impressed many there with the brevity of her speech.
She is an attorney at law, practicing in her hometown of Highlands. She is multi-lingual. A lifelong resident of Monmouth County and a Middletown South graduate, Little is said to have the support of the Two-Rivers Republican group and is making headway as an alternative to the DiBella/Peters choice. (It has been said that Peters is out for the time being.)
Little is in her second term on the Highlands Council, having served since 2003. She expects to have letters out to the County Committee early this week.


Anonymous said...

I hear from my chairman that thia morming, Saturday Jan 28th, at the 9:00am Republican municipal chairmans meeting in freehold,6 candidates spoke

De Seno - howell
Dibella - howell
Little - Highlands
Mckenna - wall
Rielly - spring lake
Toomey - Aberdeen

Little & Rielly Odds 5-1& fading
- not much of a spark here. Didn't look like any support was gained today

Toomey Odds 4-1 but gaining -
impressed some of the chairpeople. not sure if enough

DiBella & Mckenna 3-1 came out swinging. Looks like these two are taking no prisoners. A few of the chairpeople were put off by thier attitudes that they were "better then everyone else in the room"

Questions that were not answered?
Were does fred stand in this?
What about Ted narozanick?
Why did Rose Marie peters Back out at this meeting?
Who will middletown support?


This is a pivotal time for the GOP. The wrong candidates could lose. There was an element of luck last year that won't be there this time for the "R's." "Variable X" will probably be on the bench this time out. A looming question: Why is everyone counting Ted gone when he hasn't said he'll go? This is a factor, and makes a difference in the whole race, one against one or two against two.

DiBella: Can win a primary but a general is not going to be a cake walk. He's damaged but resourceful. He would also be a candidate that could help repair fractures in the West with the county (it COULD happen but I wouldn't bank on a love fest anytime soon). Candidates from the West don't have the same strength as those from the Center to North or East. Just the way it goes.

McKenna: Smart, strong, organized and perhaps one of the best campaigners around. He makes allies with relative ease and is known for keeping his word when it's given. This inspires loyalty and strong alliances. He's going to be a major factor. If he works, he'll be a safe bet for winning.

Reilly: Are you kidding?

Toomey: Not worth any ink.

DeSeno: Not real.

Little: My money would be on her. She's a dark horse, true, but a comer. Maybe she's not the "anointed one" but this is a strong candidate. Undamaged, good record and good presence. She's a better candidate for fall, in my opinion, than any of the above. Democrats would be lucky if she loses at the "Tribal Council."

William H Seward said...

JP about DiBella

" He would also be a candidate that could help repair fractures in the West with the county "

The way I hear it, the rest of the West, Millstone, Manalapan, the Freeholds, wants anybody but DiBella and and a candidate from anywhere but Howell.

Fred wants DiBella because we comes with six figures of Norcross money and he'll play ball with appointments and other extra-county alliances that Fred is working on. Its all about money for Fred

Anonymous said...

Whether its Azzolina or McKenna, Purcell is a shill to the highest bidder. Bet McKenna is going to give the Courier a real good deal on printing. Sorry you had to become a Democrat, and now they don't even want you because they know how much of a nut job you are.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

DiBella can't win? Yeah right. Oh Sue, please get off this guy. He united the Hoewll Republicans, won a primary in Howell, was elected there as a councilman and then directly elected as the Mayor. They kid also won as a committeeman in Middlesex couny which was like 20 to 1 Democrats. And in speaking to more than a few from Freehold for one place, they like him and think McKenna is an old blow-hard who is just in love with himself.

Litte is nice but is an immigration lawyer. She represents people who want to become legal citizens. Sounds nice and all but don't we have enough immigration issue. Now we need a liberal leaning Freeholder helping to weaken immigration laws?

Tomey gave a nice showing. McKenna just shouts too much.

Wally said...

Please spread the word that by-laws are being drafted for the Monmouth County Republican Party


Latest Word said...

McKenna will likely win because he is a product of the old guard and he'll get the Bayshore. The DEmocrats and the APP will eat his lunch since he and Merla are pals. He is smart but talks too long and has reallyed pissed off all the Freeholders something bad.

DiBella scares the crowd on the "hill" because he has a no BS attitude and he laid people off in Howell and cut the size of the government. He is the best speaker of the bunch. He may be too good actually to have to run and run again. He may be just a bit full of himself but it is politics and they all have egos. Popkins is scared to death of him. He may drop out I hear as he may not want to run 2 years in a row. This was the latest buzz from him from today.

Little is nice but meak. Toomey is a Hudson County Democrat. Reilly is very nice. May be a future star.

I hear the real buzz is Joe Azollina is about to announce as his way to get back at Amy. She takes his job and he takes hers. He may just be able to pull it off with the $$ he still has in the bank and people are starting to like him again.

Anonymous said...

Popkins isn't scared of anybody. If she wasn't a county employee she would be the best person for the Freeholder spot. She's smart and to the point and knows county government. In fact she's smarter than all the candidates combined.

DiBella will drop out if he can't get enough people behind him. He doesn't want the humilation of losing on his record. He will make up some BS line about family, job and Howell. DiBella has asked for endorsements but nobody is going out on a limb for him. A few towns were routing for a recall on him to get him out of the picture. He'll try to come back for the three year term if Ted does not run, but DiBella is damaged goods and he has done it to himself.

Anonymous said...

i can't believe some of this stuff. mckenna friends with merla? i bet they had never met each other until they were both trying to get rid of bill dowd.
frankly, mckenna is the only heavyweight in this crowd. dibella talks a good game, but its just a stepping stone for him.

Merla For freeholder said...

Go ahead. You people keep bad mouthing John Merla. Keep it up. See what happens. He will be vindicated then all you people will come crawling back kissing his ass and asking him for favors.

Anonymous said...

and trolls live under bridges too.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Honest Abe said...


This is the Anna Little thread.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh for Pete's sake!

Anonymous said...

I am laughing hard!

Sharon Migliaccio said...

Good luck to Anna Little and the rest of the candidates.

I would love to hear more info on Ms. Little and the others on the appropriate threads.

Anonymous said...
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Moncty said...

At the freeholders Candidates meeting in freehold My chairman said that toomey and Mckenna views on abortion, County development, county goverment were opposed to every other cadidate at the meeting and they were in sink together.

At one point mckenna even said I totally agree with gus toomey. They are both insurance guys. They probably know each other.

My chairman is wondering if There are plans underway for a
north(aberdeen)/ south(wall) ticket of mckenna and Toomey

Anonymous said...

There is already a North and Bayshore guy - Freeholder Rob Clifton of Matawan. If Toomey were to get Handlin's seat, he would have to run with Clifton in 2007. A Matawan/Aberdeen ticket is not what the party wants. There is more likely a South (McKenna) and West (DiBella)ticket being developed.

Howell Guy said...

DiBella is an insurance guy too!

Anonymous said...

Anna Little is NOT a liberal. I took the time to talk with her about her views and her immigration practice. Her attitude is simple, seal the border and get all illegals documented. (BTW this is much like the President's view.) "The federal laws being proposed will help take the grey area out of the current immigration laws." she told me. Her practice is focused on individuals that want to follow the law of the land and become a part of this great nation. UNDOCUMENTED aliens are a security risk. Ms. Little views herself as part of the solution on the front line of the immigration problem. She said that she does not believe in BIG Government programs or Government handouts for anyone "Don't give them fish, teach the people how to fish" she said. After my brief encounter I came away with a good feeling about her. She is smart, articulate, and her insight into the immigration laws might help Monmouth County better understand and deal with the illegal immigrant issues.

Sharon Migliaccio said...

Thank you for that insight.

Much likeI do not believe in handouts with regards to Affordable Housing, there is a way to understand and work with the issue, rather than debate the validity of the mandate.

Tell me more about Anna Little and her moderate views.

what is her stand on county services designed to help the elderly?

Anonymous said...

"If Toomey were to get Handlin's seat, he would have to run with Clifton in 2007. A Matawan/Aberdeen ticket is not what the party wants."

Ask folks from the bayshore and they will tell you they have no use for Clifton- He hasn't done a thing except collect his $30,000 pay. He hasn't done anything for folks in the bayshore, not even in his hometown of matawan. If the bayshore had it way he wouldn't be on the ticket next year.

Also clifton is the guy that Dowd had picked in the backroom.

There is a good chance Clifton time is up

Anonymous said...

Clifton is also the guy who won a primary and a general election. The "people" in the Bayshore who don't like him are those who will probably be spending the next election cycle in jail.

monmouth county sentiments said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yeh- If the Freeholders want to have any chance of staying in power they better clarify their position on the world bank immediately. That's what all my neighbors are clamoring about. Give me a break.


If I am "up for the highest bidder" than I'm sure doing a bad job at it.

As for a "shill," I think there's a lot better candidates for being "shills" out there than me.

Abe, thanks for deleting anything that was really ridiculous. Anna is a good person and, whether or not she wins the General Election, she is someone who people on either side of the aisle could feel good about serving them in Freehold.

If anyone is going to actually regret her presence there, probably the only one who would is Anna herself... once she sees the cesspool some people have made of the democratic process in this county.

Of course, there are others, like Mr. Barham and Mrs. Burry, not to mention the long-serving Mr. Narozanick, who are pillars of this county. Mrs. Little would be a good addition...if she isn't nauseated by the sideshow acts surrounding the board.

She might even bring a new day. But, then, there is the matter of this convention first.

Anonymous said...

Jim- If your not a "real" shill you'll do fine until the real thing comes along.

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing a ground swell of rumors that Bridget Antonucci is about to enter the race. I have met Mrs. Antonucci before and I feel she is going ot bring a spark to this election that was missing from the other candidates. I have E-mailed her to personnally confirm this, so if anybody else has heard anything to this point could you please post it.

William H Seward said...

Antonucci is in the race

Yma Nildnah said...

How transparent, Mr. Chairman. I guess Anna Little was doing better than you "boyz" expected. Pushing a woman from the Shore at such a late time is only an attempt at pulling votes away from Little. It is a shame that Ms. Antonucci is being used for this purpose. Don't buy into this one folks, it is a move as old as time, divide and conquer.

Also, When is the Vote??? My letter said Friday Feb 24th?? what is with that? Is our Chairman trying to guarantee total confusion??

Rich Kohler said...

Mrs. Antonucci has just completed the first year of her term on the Hazlet Township Committee. So far, her most influential act as a public servant was to support Scott Broschart as he, along with Chairman Fred Nieman, failed in a devious bid to usurp a spot on the Republican ballot in Hazlet’s special election to replace Paul Coughlin.

Mrs. Antonucci’s experience as part of Hazlet’s governing body exemplifies that she is more interested in furthering her career as a politician than working to improve the quality of life in Monmouth County.

No positive experience…no positive credibility…positively no seat in freehold!


Hazlet is a major town and should have a candidate if one so chooses. However, Mrs. Antonucci is only now beginning the second year of her first term. She has comparatively little experience in elected government. Scott Aagre has acocmplishments and would be someone who could be taken seriously.

Mrs. Antonucci made a promise to Hazlet voters a few years ago that she was going to do "A,B,C...X, Y and Z" and it hasn't happened and she's already looking for the door to whatever is next.

Mrs. Handlin, Mrs. Antonucci's apparent role model, became a freeholder after gaining experience on the municipal level in a substantial way on the governing body of this county's largest municipality.Her resume for higher office was there, and she had a very strong and unified club she was coming out of. I do not agree with many of the things Mrs. Handlin did with that trust but she was certainly qualified. Mrs. Antonucci, at this stage of the game, is not in my opinion. Tracey Maffiore, Scott...and most especially Mike Sachs would each have been very good choices.

This is an irresponsible move that I believe is designed to take votes away from Anna Little in Highlands. I believe this reflects very negatively on Mrs. Antonucci and Mr. Niemann (who is again, I believe, attempting to interfere with municipalities in an errant fashion...knowing him it will be done poorly at least). Not 2 years on the job and Mrs. Antonucci is already playing Freehold games. Politicking is fine, but at least there should be substance behind candidates and not so much backroom nonsesne. This candidacy was unwise.

And as for McKenna being tight with Merla, that is so much nonsense too. The two were never tight. They simply belonged to the same organization and it is ridiculous to believe that Bob has any momentum in the Bayshore. He's a good guy, in my opinion, but no one at the grassroots level here actually knows him that well.

As for me being called a shill, since we are being derisive here, that means so much from someone who will not identify themselves because they lack any actual gumption. Abe and Seward hide for good reasons, but people that are so derisive simply hide because they are whoever "anonymous" is who has the wise comment. Want to change my mind? Give me a call at the office.

You won't do it, though, because people who offer such criticisms from behind a curtain are simply insecure, ridiculous, small minded people who stand for nothing and usually have their lips firmly attached to the most prominent set of trousers available in the GOP. In short, they sicken me.

anonymousey said...


I think you are right on. Do you think Bob will do Freeholder and County Chaiman at the same time?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Seward for confirming the rumors. I had also E-mailed Mrs. Antonucci and left her my phone number to confirm whether she was running or not and she was kind enough to call me and confirm this with me personnally.

I am a little confused about YMA NILDNAH's post. I have been on this blog site for mouths reading along with everybody else on who might throw their hat into the ring. I checked some past posts and in November there was open debate about Mrs. Antonucci's impact on this race should she run. In December ABE even posted Mrs. Antonucci's picture and commented that she was a possible candidate. Here we are in January and she announces and this was some sort of ploy. I never even heard of Mrs. Little until friday night.

I am not suggesting that everybody should drink the Antonucci Kool-aid, but from my personnel dealing with her she has alway been open, honest and witty. I would suggest to anyone that has yet to met her to wait and see if she does make an impact on you.
Mrs. Antonucci stated that she was mailing out her information to the other chairs tomorrow. She had also stated that if I or anyone else has any questions or concerns that she would be happy to address them.
( I suggest you e-mail her through the Hazlet Twp. web site, it worked for me)
Lastly, The election is not for another 4 1/2 weeks, I think all of us county chair people should take our time and not rush to throw our support around until we are sure of who is the right person.


I think Bob McKenna is an enigma, who has the burden that he is a lot brighter than most people with fewer diplomatic skills.

I haven't spoken with Bob since the BBQ in Navesink, but I knew him a little before that. He has already stated that he wants to be a Freeholder and I know he isn't adverse to the idea of becoming the Chair, should he deem the circumstances right, based on previous precedent.

It is speculative about what he wants to do. But, I estimate he wants at least one of those jobs. My gut tells me he wants the Chairman job more than the Freeholder job, but that's just a hunch.

Anonymous said...

I would like to be able to vote for Freeholder!! But when is the date!! The 24th at 10, or the 25th at 9. Where can I find the correct date??

anonymousey said...


But that was before the "falling out"?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the wrong date was on purpose so if the "right person" does not win there is a way to challenge the election? And what's with going to the westernmost border of the county for conclave instead of some central area? Is that to discourage the Bayshore and coastal towns from showing up for the anointing of King George III's night of the Southern Monmouth Cross? Less people from those towns and the vote splitting will help DiBella unless Kleinberg takes a shot now.

William H Seward said...

Does anyone know the outcome of Antonucci vs the Hazlet Township Board of Education? I see that the NJ Supreme Court issued an opnion on September 27 (, but I can't find the opnion itself online.

Evidently sued because she wasn't granted tenure and she was let go.

Anonymous said...

she lost, and I believe it was in the appellate division.

William H Seward said...

"Anonymous said...
she lost, and I believe it was in the appellate division. "

I wonder how much that litigation cost the Hazlet taxpayers

Michael Borg said...

anonymous said...

"I took the time to talk with her about her views and her immigration practice. Her attitude is simple, seal the border and get all illegals documented. (BTW this is much like the President's view.)"

While I respect my President, and feel he has taken a lot of heat, and done a great job on homeland security, the immigration reform proposals out there are smoke and mirrors and will not solve anything.

anonymous said...
"Ms. Little views herself as part of the solution on the front line of the immigration problem."

While this is not a comment on Ms Little's qualification or ablilities for the freeholder seat, you raised the issue of her being part of the solution on immigration.

Nor myself, or my fellow officers consider immigration attorney's part of the solution. Are you going to tell me she has never represented anyone who was in violation of their immigration status, that would just be nonsense.

Please do not mix issues, she is not part of the solution when it comes to immigration issues, don't even bring that into the freeholder debate. She may, or may not be ready to sit on the freeholder board. If Ms. Little or any of the leaders on the Two Rivers Group want to speak to me about her leadership capabilites and why she is the best candidate, I welcome their dialogue. I can be reached at 732-887-3411. If she or any of the candidates want to meet the Aberdeen Republican Committee, I will set it up.

Anonymous said...

Michael Borg Said: ... don't even bring that into the freeholder debate.

Actually I was trying to answer Anon from Sunday, January 29, 2006 8:51:41 PM. The question about immigration came up during the saturday morning meeting with the town chairs, I talked with her briefly after the meeting. Just trying to pass along the info.

Anonymous said...

Antonucci will run for county seat; Peters out
Staff Writers

One local woman is in and another is out in the race for Amy Handlin’s former seat on the Monmouth County Board of Freeholders.

Handlin, who held the post since 1989, recently stepped down after being elected to the state Assembly. Members of the Monmouth County Republican Committee are expected to meet later this month to vote on Handlin’s successor.

Middletown Committeewoman Rosemarie Peters, whom Handlin endorsed as her replacement, confirmed Monday she has taken herself out of consideration.

“I felt if I were to take the freeholder position, there would be a lot of pressure to step down from my position on the Township Committee,” Peters said.

“I’m in the third year of my term,” Peters continued. “And it’s my 18th year on the committee, and I have a number of projects I want to see completed, including the Arts Center project, which I feel I must fulfill.”

Peters said she hopes to run for freeholder later this year for a term that begins in January 2007. Two county positions will be available at that time, she said, a surrogate position and a regular seat on the board.

The extra time will allow her to finish out her term on the committee, pass along knowledge to new committee members and finish ongoing projects.

“We have a very young committee,” Peters said. “I’m the only one left with any real experience.”

While maintaining that she has complete faith in her committee’s abilities, she added, “There’s something to be said for history and experience.”

With the Arts Center scheduled to open in June — after eight long years of planning — Peters said she would also like to complete a few more open space acquisitions before attempting a run at freeholder.

While some candidates began campaigning weeks ago for the freeholder spot, it took Hazlet Committee-woman Bridget Antonucci a little time to make up her mind.

“I had gone back and forth with it for a little while and was really not sure what I wanted to do,” Antonucci said Monday. “Last night, I thought about it a bit more and I decided this morning to run for the spot.”

Antonucci listed a number of reasons as to why she wants to run for the position, which Handlin held for 16 years.

“I think for a while now, freeholders have had this stereotype of being corrupt and dirty, and I think I can help to change all of that,” Antonucci said. “We need people that are honest in such an important position.”

Antonucci also said it’s time to have a new face on the board.

“For such a long time now, the county has had the same faces around and I think it’s time to have a fresh face in Monmouth County politics,” Antonucci said. “I think everybody’s ready for a change.”

Antonucci, who said she would step down from her Hazlet post if she won, also is an advocate for placing term limits on freeholders.

Although she has only been on Hazlet’s committee for about a year, Antonucci says her time on board has taught her plenty. Antonucci said that dealing with tough situations like the corruption charges filed against former Mayor Paul Coughlin and the opposition to the location of Hazlet’s new town hall has made her stronger.

“I think having had exposure to things that most other towns have not had to deal with is something that gives me an advantage,” Antonucci said. “Yes, I may not have been on the Township Committee a very long time, but I think that having dealt with adversity already has been helpful.”

Also in her favor, she feels, is that she is the owner and founder of ID’s kids, a Holmdel-based business that caters to young people with special needs such as attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and Down syndrome.

“There’s two things about ID’s kids that can relate to running for freeholder. One is that much of what I do there is community-oriented, and being a freeholder is much of the same,” Antonucci explained. “The other thing is that I built the business from the ground up, and that would be my mind-set with being a county official. A lot of people in the county may not know who I am because I have not been around that long. But eventually they would understand what I can bring to the position.”

Antonucci said she called Monmouth County Republican Chairman Fredrick Niemann on Monday to declare her candidacy for the open spot. Even though Handlin has moved on to Trenton, Antonucci said she’d like to continue the tradition of women at the county level of government.

“I think women in politics need to strive higher. Many of the county committee votes come from women, and I think that’s a step in the right direction,” Antonucci said.

For now, Antonucci says she will be going to functions throughout the county and letting people know just who she is and what she feels she can bring to the position.

“There are plenty of things I possess that are useful. I’m educated, I have experience with different issues, and I think that I can help make a difference in Monmouth County.”

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing that last year it was debated as to whether or not Antonucci should run. Now that she’s in, the “politicos” are nervous. What does this say about the other candidates and their credentials? Quite frankly, I’ve never heard of any of them (except for Fred’s’ chosen one.

Having met Mrs. Antonucci on a few occasions and reading her credentials and platform, which she kindly emailed me, she is very qualified. She has her own business, is active in many Monmouth County towns through her job, and is a good committeewoman. She’ll do well in Freehold. I think she can win in the general. I’m giving her a chance.

Rich Kohler said...

As a Hazlet resident, I've followed Mrs. Antonucci's career since she rode into office on the coattails of a strong republican ticket and a very popular incumbant, Mike Sachs.

Are your standards so low that one year on a local Township Committee is a qualification for Freeholder? What exactly is a "good committeewoman? I have not seen Mrs. Antonucci step up on any issues here except to promote an unqualified interim committeeman.

I've seen no credibility or real experience inb Mrs. Antonucci, and I believe she is on the ballot only to further split the vote.

Anonymous said...

Kohler, go move to union beach with purcell, everyone knows your agenda. Maybe you can get your name in the Courier next week.

Rich Kohler said...

The “anonymous” supporter of Mrs. Antonucci is too cowardly to take responsibility for his/her comments. The exchange of rational ideas often intimidates such people into lobbing insults in lieu of substantiating their claims.

Inside Source said...

Word has it that Fred has even more problems. Turns out Joe D may have asked Lane to be his treasurer. AND she is already on line to be Kleinbergs. That would represent a major coup for the Lane's. Stan by to watch the sparks fly.

Anonymous said...

Lane's would be smart to support Kleinberg. Mayor Kleinberg brings with him western Monmouth, the Jewish vote (many of which tend to vote Democratic), a REAL track record of cleaning up a town, and his own money so he is not beholding to anyone.

Lane's would be stupid to support Joey D now that he an email he wrote are the subject of a police and soon a prosecutor's investigation.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Who is Anna Little? Never heard of her until this week.

Ronald Reagan said...

New poll set up for the Monmouth County Freehold race at:

Undecided said...

I heard Terence Wall is supporting Anna Little. He knows how to pick them -- John Merla. Makes me wonder about the company she keeps.

Honest Abe said...

And where did you hear this?

Anonymous said...

Federal Immigration Law followed by Oath of office for Council position and freeholder position. Tell me how Little can Honestly take the oath of office for freeholder - she should quit councilwoman

Federal Immigration and Nationality Act
Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii)
"Any person who encourages or induces an alien to reside knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such residence is in violation of law, shall be punished as provided for each alien in respect to whom such a violation occurs fined under title 18 imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both."

Section 274 felonies under the federal Immigration and Nationality Act, INA 274A(a)(1)(A):
A person (including a group of persons, business, organization, or local government) commits a federal felony when she or he:
* assists an alien s/he should reasonably know is illegally in the U.S. or who lacks employment authorization, by transporting, sheltering, or assisting him or her to obtain employment, or
* encourages that alien to remain in the U.S. by referring him or her to an employer or by acting as employer or agent for an employer in any way, or
* knowingly assists illegal aliens due to personal convictions.



I, _________________, do solemnly swear that I will support the constitution of the

United States and the Constitution of the State of New Jersey; that I will bear true faith and

allegiance to the same and to the governments established in the United States and in this State,

under the authority of the people; and that I will faithfully, impartially and justly perform all the

duties of office as _______________________________________, according the best of my ability,

William H Seward said...

So you think immigrants, legal or not or not entitled to legal representation? Read your constitution again.

It looks to me that Mrs. Little's opponents are grasping for straws.

Undecided said...

Heard it from a mutual acquaintance. She said that he was supporting her. Since he's not county committee as far as I know, he'll probably do his automated call thing for her.

Honest Abe said...

If Terence Wall makes an endorsement, it's not necessarily because he likes the candidate; he may be looking to torpedo the candidate.
My sources tell me that Wall has been talking with Vic Scudiery, and not about new police radios for Keansburg. If you look at some of his recent votes on the Holmdel Township Committee I think you can get an idea of what direction he's going in.

agree with abe said...

Agree with Honest Abe. Heard the same about Wall from a good source. He might as well come out of the closet and be proud of what he really is. A democrat

Anonymous said...

Belong, Terence! Belong!

Anonymous said...

Bridgette is much more electable than Anna.

Anna is another lawyer and handles imigtaioon clients none the less. Bridgette is a special eduication teacher, helping kids.

Anna is a product of the gang on the hill, woned and controlled by Popkin and the bunch that think everything is just fine at the County. WRONG. She is not her own person but the anti-change candidate there to vote to protect all that is wrong in Monmouth.

Bridgette owes NO ONE. Is not owned by the party bosses and is our best choice in November.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Bridgett is just running to take votes away from Little at DiBella's and Kelly's request. She's an empty suit, dress, whatever.