Thursday, January 05, 2006


This evening the Board of Chosen Freeholders chose William C. Barham of Monmouth Beach as Director of the Board; he succeeds Thomas J. Powers. Matawan's Robert D. Clifton was chosen as Deputy Director.
We at the Monmouth County Republican Blog support the Board's choice and wish the new director and deputy director well in 2006.


Rick said...

The decision is guaranteed to piss off the old guard.

Big question now is:

Will Amy give up her post on Tuesday?

I'm not really sure yet but I'm leaning towards NO.


Anonymous said...

I went to the meeting, Honest Abe. It was nice to see Joe Azzolina at the Lincroft inn after.

Sid said...

Did you know the Howell Mayor was pnactically glued to Chairman Neiman at that reception?

bayshore leper said...

Honest Abe -
Are you Greg Bean?

Honest Abe said...

Like the Ricola™ Cougher, "I might be a man or a woman."

Anonymous said...

DiBella better find someone else to hang onto if he wants to become a freeholder because Niemann may not be Chairman much longer.

Jackie Corley said...


you should keep a poll or post a list of some of the identies people have hoisted upon you. the list must be growing.

i hear the phrase "who's this honest abe guy?" cropping up more and more every day. ;-)


Billy Barham is a good person and probably one of the few bright spots in the GOP. He is more of a public servant than a Republican, so he is a worthy office holder, as is his running mate, Lillian Burry.

Ted Narozanick is an institution who deserves so much credit for the positive direction of the county. He certainly deserves the director job.

While I think I understand some of the reasons Billy has to be director (to rehabilitate Clifton and help give some gravity to the GOP in lieu of an actual chairman and real they won't lose), I cannot help but believe that Ted does deserve to leave as director. He did do his time and do it with great distinction.

I think Billy is very qualified, as is Ted. Both are great people and great public servants. It is a shame it came to this. I cannot say enough good things about BOTH of them, and I'm a Democrat. But, this is something that is simply sad.

Ted Narozanick is an ideal. He served as an infantry officer in WWII, won the Bronze Star and was an effective combat leader. He served his family and community so well these many years as well.

Billy Barham is a good businessman who probably should have been the GOP's chairman in 2004, but people are fallible and make mistakes. He is pretty much the hope of that party and, most importantly, I think he understands the nature of public service and the need to unite peopel and create consensus, which is the entire point of being an elected person.

Deputy Director Clifton took about $5K in "dirty" campaign money from a Middlesex PAC that Matawan developer Jack Morris contributed to and gave that money back more than a year after his election. I am on the record that I think he sold his town down the river for patronage and I stand by that opinion. I don't think he belongs in public service, let alone as the deputy director of the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders. In my father's generation, I think he would have been characterized as a "bum." I think I'll borrow a page from his book.