Friday, January 20, 2006


Republican Committee members in several towns today have reported receiving a letter from Howell Township Mayor Joseph M. DiBella asking that they support his candidacy for the Board of Chosen Freeholders. DiBella is seeking the seat expected to become vacant on Tuesday when Assemblywoman Amy H. Handlin's resignation takes effect.
I'm told DiBella's letter includes biographical information and his qualifications to serve as a freeholder. His resume is enclosed. When I can get a copy of the letter, I'll post it. I will do this for any candidate if I can get a copy of their letter.

In a possibly related event, according to the Tri-Town News, a group of three Howell residents, called “The Committee to Recall Joseph M. DiBella from the Office of Mayor of the Township of Howell”, has filed a notice of intent to file a petition for recall with Township Clerk Bruce Davis. This may or may not doom DiBella's candidacy. According to the article, the recall group does not list its reasons for wanting to recall their mayor. I will caution the reader that the filing of an intent to petition for recall does not mean that there definitely will be a recall, it does not mean that the target of the proposed recall has done anything wrong and it does not mean that, should a recall election take place, that it will necessarily be successful.
If the County G. O. P. Committee chooses DiBella as a freeholder to fill the vacancy, he would assume his County office long before any recall election is to take place; indeed, possibly before the committee can even get its petitions filed with Davis. DiBella would then probably resign from his township post and render any recall efforts moot.
At this point, I would say it does not help him.


DiBella issued this on his site: said...

Joseph M. DiBella, Mayor – Howell Township
732-761-8734 (Home Number)
Email: MayorDiBella@Twp.Howell.NJ.US
Date: January 17, 2006

To the Residents of Howell:
Earlier today I was contacted by the Howell Township Clerk informing me that three residents filed a petition to “recall” me as your Mayor. I have enormous respect for the laws of our State, our great democracy and the will of the people. However, while I respect the “recall” process, I know that this particular action is completely politically motivated and designed to embarrass Howell Township and me personally.
Please know this; I will not be intimidated or bullied by special interests or those who have ambitions to hurt our community through malicious and “trumped up” politically charged actions. I have and will continue to stand my ground and make the tough decisions necessary to help move Howell in the right direction. When I campaigned for Mayor I promised to do everything in my power to make Howell a better and more affordable place to live, work and raise a family. I remain committed to these important causes and nothing will dissuade me.
I am committed to ethics reform. In fact I wrote the Howell Township Ethics ordinance that is law today. I am committed to open space. In the past 3 years, we have preserved more land that in the entire history of our community. I am committed to farmland preservation. Right now, we have contract agreements to preserve more than 1,000 acres of farmland – the most ever in Howell history. Most importantly, I am committed to tax reform. I presided over historic and challenging budget cuts that staved off a huge tax increase. I will continue to work to find ways to make our community a safer and more affordable place to live.
This recall is solely intended to embarrass me and the Office of the Mayor. Along the way it will embarrass Howell Township and the great people of our community. I am proud of my record as Mayor and while some may not always agree with me, I’ll continue to lead and vote from the heart. I love Howell Township and I will do everything I can to protect it. Most important, I will never back down when challenged by those whose sole ambition is to hurt our community.
I was duly elected your Mayor in a legitimate election by the people of Howell Township. I have and continue to work for all 52,000 residents so I will not be distracted by this latest attempt to hurt Howell. It is a privilege and an honor to hold this office and so I will not “cow-tail” to what amounts to an attempt to overthrow our local government. I ask for your support as we confront this latest challenge.

Please let me know what you think. Please call me at home (732-761-8734) or at Town Hall (732-938-4500, ext. 2155) and tell me how you feel about this matter. You may also email me at In closing I ask that you please stand with me in protecting the institution of our local government and in confronting these political hurdles designed to distract us from doing the business of the people. Thank you, God Bless America and God Bless our Troops.

Anonymous said...

DiBella was not a councilman in 2002. He took office in 2003. Already he can't get his story straight.

Anonymous said...

what a way to kick-off a campaign for freeholder. . . .on defense

Anonymous said...

Dibella's going to reinvent county government like he reinvented Howell? God help us! Someone should also tell him that the Democrats only had control for four years in Howell even though Konopka was Mayor eight years.

Moncty said...





keep him in howell said...

Maybe thats why he said he appeals to DEMOCRATS. The very first thing on his resume is Commerce Insurance Services, VP Employee Benefits. Now where will his loyalty lie, with the Monmouth County taxpayers or the man who signs his paycheck? Word is Georgie recruited dibella himself.

Honest Abe said...

"Word is Georgie recruited dibella himself."

Care to elaborate or are you just speculating?

keep him in howell said...

Right from Little Joe's mouth, "George Norcross recognized his talent and success in employee benefits health insurance sales" and asked him to come work for Commerce.

Now thats just who I want representing Repoublicans.

Anonymous said...

I like Joe too.

Anonymous said...

I'm already bored.

Do we really need this nonsense at the county level?

I'm not seeing an overwhelming support riding out of Howell for his candidacy. Certainly not what he had when he tried for the assembly seat.

DiBella strikes me as a brash, young upstart without a thought to his comments or actions.

He threatened to run a family out of town, for God's sake! It was reported in the News Transcript and the APP.

My other concern is that he seems to jump from one thing to another. DiBella was elected to council on November 5, 2002, he then ran for the seat of the late Mel Cottrell not 2 weeks later.
He lost, and many people wondered where he got his chutzpah.

He served as Councilperson for 1 year, only to run for Mayor.

Now a year later, he's running for Freeholder?

Does he even have a record to stand on at this point?

I like Rosemary Peters, she has the experience behind her to do the job WELL.

Curious said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I received the letter from Mayor DiBella yesterday.

Councilman in Sayreville for 1 year.

Councilman in Howell for 2 years.

Mayor for 1 year and being recalled???

He needs to finish what he starts at least once before he should be considered for another office.

I wasn't impressed by his public service record. It pales in comparision to other candidates.

Joe DiBella may have a future in Monmouth County Politics, but not this year, and if Fred pushes the issue, he may be out also.

Honest Abe said...

Curious, I deleted your comment. If you have any facts to back it up, you can post that information here, but if you're just posting randomness, grow up and knock it off.

Anonymous said...

Rosemarie Peters would be a much more steady hand on the freeholder board, which is what we need right now. We can't afford anymore close and out-of-control elections and I am very concerned about George Norcross asserting influence into Monmouth County, which we have been seeing more and more of. Additionally, we don't need the "Howellanche" coming to Freehold. Right or wrong, it seems that DiBella has been a very divisive force in Howell--the last thing Monmouth Republicans need is more infighting.

Anonymous said...

DiBella is very electable - very cute too! He'd be the best looking Freeholder for sure

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it, Dibella is very, very handsome actually.

More to come said...

DiBella called police officer Charles Kelly after talking with the press, and expressed his unhappiness with the manner of the arrest and the "tip." He asked Kelly "Is someone gunning for me?" DiBella said that he did not bring Gawron's name into the discussion, but that Kelly did bring up Gawron's name, suggesting that the arrest might have been caused by Gawron trying to get back at DiBella for not appointing Gawron as provisional chief, saying, "This is what you get when you [expletive deleted] with Bill Gawron." DiBella denied making any threats about Gawron's prospects. He wanted the arrest to be looked into by the chief of police (Sprague) because he felt that the manner in which the arrest was conducted was inappropriate and "unconscionable." DiBella admitted speaking to Sprague about the arrest. (He admitted that there was a bench warrant.) He also expressed his concern in a discussion with other Council members and with Zagata.

Anonymous said...

Joe Dibella is the most decent, warm hearted and charming person i have ever met in politics. He has been a wonderful Mayor and is an honorable and thical man. Monmouth needs this man on the Board of Freeholders.

Good luck Mayor Joe - Howell is behind you!

Truth be told said...

Kelly said that at one time he had a good relationship with DiBella, and that he had campaigned on behalf of DiBella and O'Brien. His relationship with DiBella worsened in March or April 1997 (the provisional appointment of Garbowski was announced on May 21, 1997), however, and animosity between the two developed by early summer 1997. Kelly called DiBella a liar at a public meeting of the Mayor and Council in 1998, and publicly called for his resignation. Kelly also acknowledged that he has filed suit in federal district court against the Borough of Sayreville and former chief Sprague in which he seeks compensatory and punitive damages, opposing his involuntary disability retirement ("I was fired."). In fact, in a letter written by Kelly just a few weeks before he testified (R-7), he expressed his opinion that the Mayor's and Council's actions towards him were "unconscionable and mean-spirited." Kelly testified that it was his opinion that the Mayor and Council have a personal vendetta against him.

DiBella for Freeholder said...

Isn't that just something...DiBella refuses to do FAVORS. Looks like he didnt make someone chief and they got mad at him. Hugh...
In howell, the dissidents are mad at just the same type of thing...he doesn't cowtail to anyone....
Keep it up Mayor with your ethics and maybe the STATE might get on the right track.

In the mean time...maybe Monmouth County can get a boost in the right direction...honesty and valor in politics!

Honest Abe said...

Would someone mind telling the rest of us the source of the arrest information? You know, for verification and stuff like that.

Not good for the party said...

The Arrest

First, Gawron was not directly involved in DiBella's arrest and, therefore, did not engage in conduct that is protected. Second, DiBella never challenged the legality of his arrest. Instead, he questioned the manner in which the arrest was handled in light of the nature of the underlying offense.

It is undisputed that DiBella was unhappy with the manner in which the arrest was effectuated. He was not happy with the way the arresting officer treated his wife or his father. Further, he questioned why he could not have been contacted by phone or in person (DiBella, as public safety director, had an office located in police headquarters)

DiBella testified that he never linked Gawron to the arrest until he was told by Kelly that Gawron was probably behind the arrest. He denied taking any action against Gawron or the arresting officer, Anderson. Further, after he discussed the matter with Gawron, who stated that he had nothing to do with the arrest, he considered the matter closed. He said he never considered the matter in the selection of police chief, and there is no direct evidence to contradict this.

The testimony of those directly involved in the decision to appoint the new police chief demonstrates that the arrest of DiBella was never a factor in the final decision. Even Brauchle, who voted against the appointment of Garbowski, testified that he recalled only one conversation in which DiBella brought up the issue of his arrest (the conversation was in relation to the appointment of the OEM coordinator.) That conversation between DiBella and Brauchle took place within six weeks after the arrest. No one else who took part in the vote on permanent chief recalled any discussion of DiBella's arrest before the decision on a permanent appointment was made. No one on Council recalled any statement made by DiBella regarding his arrest in the context of discussions of the appointment of a permanent police chief.

The arrest of DiBella was not a factor in the decision on the position of police chief. Not one of the three members who voted for Chief Garbowski considered the arrest. No one present for the discussions of the appointment of permanent chief recalls that the arrest of DiBella was discussed or considered by Council as a whole or by individual Council members. No one who voted for Garbowski as provisional chief changed his vote when it came to the vote for permanent chief.

The arrest of DiBella does not meet the threshold requirement to establish a claim of retaliation. In order to be "protected activity" the conduct "must directly concern a violation of a clear mandate of law or a public policy of the State and may not merely be a personal disagreement or dispute regarding internal policies or management style." Shaffery, 97 N.J.A.R.2d 299 (CSV) at 309.

Any concern with the arrest stemmed not from the validity of the underlying charges or the arrest itself but from the manner in which the arrest was effectuated. DiBella testified that he did not dispute the validity of the violation and the fine imposed. Further, he did not question the legality of his arrest. He was concerned with the manner in which the arrest was carried out given the nature of the underlying offense. DiBella was concerned whether the treatment he and his family was afforded was similar to that other citizens received for similar offenses. He was also concerned with the manner in which the resources of the police department were being used.

The concerns surrounding DiBella's arrest did not involve a violation of law or public policy, but instead involved a dispute or disagreement over the manner in which Borough policies are carried out. As such, the circumstances surrounding DiBella's arrest do not qualify as "protected activity."

Even if DiBella had made the announcement that he was seeking to purchase a home in another town, he would still have been a valid member of Council until he moved or resigned, and still would have been entitled to vote.

DiBella still wins said...

Let me get this straight. The man has a partking ticket. So the police department, under the command of the fella they did NOT make chief has someone arrest him for the unpaid parking ticket?

You people are pathetic. Just leave the man alone. And people want to know why the good one's like Dibella want out of politics? This crap is why....dirty people slamming good people like Dibella.

Why are cops not our protecting the people like that little girl in NYC that was brutally beaten, or going after drug dealers, etc?

Its because they would rather use their police power to "get back" at people who did not grant them favors.

I was undecided on a Freeholder replacement. That is until now. DiBella has the guts to say no to some loud mouth cop who wanted to be chief, so good for him. Hey Dibella, you got my vote!

DiBella-Great for the Republican Party said...

This is great evidence of the courage DiBella has demonstrated.

I think a candidate who is FOR the the PEOPLE - not the BOSSES - is just what we need here in Monmouth County.

It seems to me that there are some people who he has not done what they WANT him to do.

It also seems to me that he does what is best for ALL of his constituants.

This young man has shown much strength in his short time as an elected official.

Great for the Republican Party actually, fairness and ethics are appealing to everyone.

Tip of the iceberg said...

I have a feeling that if he is given the nod the next tidbit of information will have us all running for the hills.

Sayreville said...

It was not one ticket. It was a lot of parking tickets. Dibella had some silly police commissioner placard that he thought would absolve him from having to obey the laws that everyone else follows. Dibella was given a courtesy call when he did not pay the tickets and still continued to ignore the fines. He refused to show up for court and the judge had enough. He issued a bench warrant for his arrest.Dibella admitted to not paying the parking ticket, for which a warrant was issued but he thought that his arrest on this newspapers called Dibella,after they had received an tip that DiBella had been arrested. He really expected the police to ignore the judge's orders beacuase he was the police commissioner.

Still not admitting that he was wrong in failing to pay the ticket, Dibella called the police chief and expressed his unhappiness with the arrest and the tip. Dibella wanted the arrest to be looked into by the chief and something done about the officers because Dibella felt that the the arrest was inappropriate and "unconscionable." He wanted the officers involved fired.

This snot nose twenty something kid tried to run the Sayreville police department with his big deal BS in political science. Dibella even said that he "did not view education and formal police training as significant factors" in employing police. He wanted officers who would work with him.

Good luck Monmouth County. You will need it. Just don't send him back here.

More from sayreville said...

Detective Anderson, SPD, knew of the existence of an arrest warrant against DiBella from the City of South Amboy, issued on April 22, 1997, for failure to pay fines on a parking ticket. He mentioned the warrant to Detective Zabrowski, SPD, who said, "I know him pretty well, I'll have him take care of it." Anderson contacted South Amboy Municipal Court to make sure that the warrant was still active, and then Anderson talked to Zabrowski, who said he had talked to DiBella but DiBella must not have paid his fines. Anderson knew that DiBella was the Public Safety Committee chairman and that DiBella had an office in the police station. Anderson said he went to the address on the warrant, DiBella's parents' home. Not finding DiBella there, he went to DiBella's residence, but DiBella was not there. When DiBella returned home, he was told of Anderson's visit and he went to police headquarters. Anderson placed DiBella under arrest. The arrest process took about one-half hour.

Anonymous said...

That is funny Sayreville, but, I dont believe you. Were did you get these quotes from? There are no sources cited, this should be is annoying.

starting 1/06 said...

Actually "annoying" anonymously is Illegal....see: and see how Sec. 113. amends existing law by changing the definitions in 47 U.S.C. 223(h)(1).

It reads like this:
"Whoever...utilizes any device or software that can be used to originate telecommunications or other types of communications that are transmitted, in whole or in part, by the Internet... without disclosing his identity and with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any person...who receives the communications...shall be fined under title 18 or imprisoned not more than two years, or both."

DiBella has Big "_alls" said...

This is great stuff. That anyone believes someone would get a warrant for two parking tickets is laughable. I love the fact that Dibella stood his ground. This kids has guts. No wonder the old power brokers are afraid of him.

Dibella, you got big donuts if you know what I mean. Look the other way. These patheric, small minded peopel are scared "S_T" of you.

You will be the next Freeholder because people see through the crap of these two or three morons who embarass themselves. You keep standing up to thug as it makes you stronger and really pisses off these losers.

Just a matter of time said...

This is a link to one of the sources about Joseph DiBella. I am afraid that if the party annoints him a Freeholder the rest of the truth will come out and he will make McGreevey look like an angel.

DiBella causes trouble wherever he goes. We don't need a jailbird as our Freeholder. Are you listening Fred?

dibella looks good said...

Oh please...Howell-abama

The bottom line is Dibella stuck up for what was right and ethical in the face of silly threats from adversity, in Sayreville and now in your own town of Howell.

I like that. He's the strongest elected public official I've seen in a while.

He's got my vote, and likely votes of I's and D's who do not like the usual politics - the kind of politics Corzine is playing.

Stay on the right team Howell.

Anonymous said...

Hey Santa (Hohoho) Abe can remove whatever and whenever he likes. This is HIS blog.

If you dont like it, dont read it. Dont post on it.

Dont be so bossy and try to discredit anyone (Abe especially) who doesnt share your opinions.

Anonymous said...





We Love DiBella said...

So now the truth about Dibella comes out....

1. He stood up to some sore loser cop who wanted to be chief and tried to intimidate Dibella who stood his ground for the people,

2. He was threated to be killed by Tony Spalliero and stood up to him and Dibella won and tossed him out of Howell,

3. And he is standing up to 3 nut jobs put up by those who are jealous of him on some silly recall designed to hurt his chances to be a Freerholder.

This guy has stood up to so many nuts and bullies it is unbelievable. Not bad for a guy who is pretty short! I like him. He has a lot of guts. To the two or three freaks from Howell who are insanely jealous of him, just remember, he is THE Mayor and you'll never beat him! THis is why you are out here on some blog rather than up on the dais with him! Bunch of sore losers.

Go Joe!!!!

Anonymous said...


You are your own biggest fan.

Pathetic, actually.

Anonymous said...

The opposition is scared "_itless" of "Joey D". He has the courage and guts to win. All this attention is so great for him. Lets hope these wack job losers keep the garabage coming because they expose that they are mineless little, puny people.

Freeholder & Mayor, Joe DiBella - has a great ring to it. I can hear Jim Gray's BOOMING voice calling out DiBella Now!! I love it.

Vote for Joe said...

Anyone who knows Joe DiBella KNOWS how humble he really is.

Anyone who knows Joe DiBella KNOWS he places the people he serves on top of a pedastal and asks them, "what can I do for you?"

And believe me Joe is VERY busy getting to KNOW everyone, NOT the power brokers.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe step away from the computer and go play with your kids. Your anonymous posts are so easy to spot. Especially when us computer geeks can see that you are online. At least leave more than a minute or two between your posts.

Stop kidding yourself. The only person who loves DiBella is you. Pathetic!

Honest Abe said...

"Seems anything deraogatory to dibella(sic.) is removed but all the other name calling from the Howellabamans stays on his site."

I remove posts that are clearly trying to hurt and not inform. I have removed posts derogatory to others, such as former Mayor Veitengruber. If you can't back up such statements with facts, then you're rtying to cause trouble and you're a troll. Read the masthead of this blog to see what I do with trolls.
I am leaving the Sayreville arrest posts up because they cite a source.

Anonymous said...

YOU are pathetic.
Leave the man alone.
Stop being so obviously jealous.
Joe has quite a following, don't fool yourself.

They are just losers from Howell said...

These people are so stupid. They think it is Dibella out here posting. They say this to try and create the impression that no one supports him.

I guess that is why he was elected and the re-elected 2-1 in Howell. They love the guy. And that you are after him makes him more the martyr. Hey Jay, you give yourself away with the "kids" line. Too bad you don't have the guts to post your name or confront the Mayor in public. It would be fun to watch him cruch you with a smile on his face!

I dont have access to RLL who does? said...

How about the link to the Rutgers Law Library denies access from anyother point on the IP address. Seems to me the person who posted the stuff is someone who has access to Tutgers Law library...

Now, lets make a list of the people we know who might have access the Law Library site AND have it out to hurt DiBella.

Hummm....could it be someone who he doesn't "cowtail" to?????

dibella-great for the republican party said...

Hey I dont think the Sayreville article hurts diBella.

It is actually proof that Dibella is for the people NOT just the bosses.

Anonymous said...

Let's see how the Freehold Regional complaint goes. It seems he is planning to file an administrative appeal, when the DOE site states plainly absent evidence of a law violation the Commissioner does not substitute the Department's judgement for the schoold board's. Since his figures are not accurate what could the basis be for the appeal.

Where was he when Howell HS was underutilized the past three years?

Could it be he does not want his area of Howell districted for Howell HS?

Anonymous said...

You slugs are pathetic. Now you attacke Mayor Dibella on how he has worked for the High School issue. You people are really slugs. Its that simple. That man has done so much to help our town in Howell and you just are so jealous.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Chris Christie ride back into Monmouth County and indict all the people who annoy poor little Joey. Somehow I think he has a few more important things to do, especially because the section of the Federal (not state) code that you refer to pertains to

"U.S. Code as of: 01/22/02
Section 223. Obscene or harassing telephone calls in the District of Columbia or in interstate or foreign communications ".

Someone better get Joey a GIS so he can figure out that he is not in DC and voters expressing their opinions on this Blog does not constitute interstate of foreign communications.All this garbage is comming out of DiBella's campaign team. Are you paying attention, Freddie? This is what you want in Freehold? Did Joey threaten to sue you if you didn't give him the job?

I say we look into a class action suit against Joey for harassment and for being a danger to free speech.

gotcha said...

ACTUALLY it is GWB, Anonymous, Read below:

Anonymous blog posting/ commenting to become illegal in the United States (unless you have only nice things to say), potentially outlaws comment spam

US President George W Bush ratified a new law last Thursday that makes it illegal for people in the United States to post anything to a blog that could be deemed “annoying” anonymously.

The law, which was buried in the Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act, titled “Preventing Cyberstalking” rewrites existing telephone harassment law to prohibit anyone from using the Internet “without disclosing his identity and with intent to annoy.”

The one positive from the law though is that it potentially also outlaws comment spamming in the United States.

I got it right the first time...keep reading. And BTW you are starting to annoy me!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Joey the link to Rutgers Law Library works just fine, and brings you straight to the case. Yeah we know. You will calling up someone at Rutgers and threatening to sue them unless they take the case off the website. Maybe Georgie Norcross can help you out. So like you.

As far as Freehold Regional goes Joey is just trying to repay the Township Attorney for his campaign contributions to his boy Wayne Lucey. And filing suit against Freehold Regional is the same as suing 6 other towns in Monmouth County. That will certainly get the Republican County Committee votes of Marlboro, Manalapan, Freehold Township, Freehold Borough, Englishtown and Farmingdale. The poor people of Howell will be left with another huge legal tab courtesy of Mayor DiBella. Come to think of it, the taxpayers in those town will be digging intoi their pockets to pay for this nonsense, too! This is just a preelection, publicity at any cost stunt of Dibella.

Anonymous said...

actually, it's "kow-tow," but your point is made.

Anonymous said...

Hey, gotcha, if you are right some of us can't wait to ask for an indictment of the annoying things you and DiBella have posted all over cyberspace. "Bring it on."

You annoy me. I hear footsteps. Lo and behold. It is Chris Christie here to take you away, Gotcha! Just leave room for Joey in the paddy wagon.

Anonymous said...

How come your knowledge of the alleged Federal code comes from an ANONYMOUS post on a blog and not the actual Federal Code? Huh, Huh?

Now we know it was an attempt by DiBella to intimidate his opposition and shut them up. Great thing about cyberspace is anyone from Middletown to Brielle, Millstone to Long Branch and all the rest of Monmouth County can come here and see what DiBella is really all about.

paid Researcher said...

Anyone can access the law site by visiting:

All of the items on the left side of the home page are available free and unrestricted.

Go to the 4th item on the left and place you mouse cursor over the NJ Legal Resources line and highlight

Then double click on NJ Administrative Dec

Enter DiBella in the search box and hit enter. You will be taken to all of the cases involving anyone named DiBella.

Like I said previously, if DiBella is given the nod, I will post some very damaging links that you won't find on your own. DiBella has a history and is bad news. If the party proceeds to give him a Freeholder post, I will have no choice but to reveal his past, it is very disturbing. The party will suffer and not be able to recover. I have not bothered with DiBella in Howell as he is out of my sight. But if he enters county government all bets are off.

No one, including DiBella can say they weren't warned. Please Fred don't let it come to that.

Marlboro said...

Not for Nothing...
but the Rutgers Law Library Link says

"access denied"

I tried to access it through the link myself and it said "403 forbidden"

Then it said: "Forbidden: You don't have permission to access /oaldecisions/ on this server"

It really does look as if the person who posted the link must have access to the Rutgers Law Library.

Regardless, Dibella looks good to me. Looks like he can win in Monmouth County come Nov. 06.

Isn't that what counts?

Anonymous said...

Is paid researcher another Terrance Wall? "I have damaging info, but you can't see it."
If you have something show it; otherwise shut up.

Anonymous said...

Is "paid researcher" threatening???

Was "paid researcher" promised something and did not receive it?

Better yet, is "paid researcher" trying to blackmail someone in the county to get something that they want? appears to be so.

Is "Paid researcher" trying to hurt Fred? "Paid researcher" doesnt want to expose anything unless Dibella is put up for County position, interesting. Does Fred Cow-Tow to threats?

"Paid researcher" wants to keep him in Howell.

Are these comments coming from someone outside of the party trying to get the Monmouth County R's not to nod on Dibella because they are afraid of his talent and attractiveness to ALL parties?
..are these comments coming from someone who is for one of the other candidates up for the appointment?

Gutless Slugs said...

Oh yeah, Chris Christie swore in Mayor DiBella last year. The only people he would be after in Howell are the slugs who post here but do not have the GUTS to show their names. Go back to Howellnj with the rest of the nuts and loser and go debate the price of crude oil or something!

You pathetic slugs just embarass Howell. Its that simple. And not a one of you is REpublican.

Anonymous said...

On the topis of recall, can we recall county committee members? Like Sue Vitengruber?

Michael Borg said...

DiBella still wins said...

"Why are cops not our protecting the people like that little girl in NYC that was brutally beaten, or going after drug dealers, etc?"

"Its because they would rather use their police power to "get back" at people who did not grant them favors."

Sir or mam... you are a coward! Why don't you show your identity.

I am in Law Enforcement; degrading those of us who protect the rest of you from anarchy is disgusting. We try and protect children everyday. What do you do, support politicians who will get you your next contract?

My criticism of you and your cowardice should not be interpreted as a slam against Mayor Dibella, being an upstanding individual I am sure he is disgusted with your comments as well.

Sue Veitengruber said...

Sue Veitengruber posts with her name, not anonymously because I am not gutless.I am one of 1000's of employees of the Rutgers University system. I do not work for Rutgers Law School of Rutgers Law Library. I did not post the link.However, I know it makes you feel good to keep attacking me, Joe.

The fact that my name is listed in brochures as an instructor is not bragging. It is University policy. Who is jealous here? Get a grip.

DiBella ignore me? That's a blessing! I do not believe recall petitons can be filed on political party county committee members, but knock yourself out, Joe. I am only one vote in the freeholder selection process. I quite frankly don't care.

I find it amusing that "anonymous" poster is complaining that he/she is getting annoyed and trying to cyberbully others who obviously do not share his/her opinion with the threat that criminal prosecution by the Feds will be pursued. Have you called the FBI? See to prosecute someone for "annoying" them, the victim wuld have to be known.

For the record,I, and probably others, found the decision interesting reading after it was posted here. It has to do with the hiring of a police chief in Sayreville,not Joe DiBella.The ALJ found in favor of Sayreville. NJ court opinions are online and have been for several years. However, for research is more comprehensive because it covers all 50 states as well as the Federal system.

I am sure the researcher/author of the Howell Black Book, aka the municipal chair, already knows that.

Sue Veitengruber said...

Sorry about the double post, Abe. In keeping with my belief that if people have something to say, they should do so with they're name, I reposted it under my user name.I did not realize that I was not logged in.

Sharon Migliaccio said...

WOW! This was an interesting read!

Point of information- I welcome Joe DiBella being named Freeholder. I'm not sure how he is going to work, be mayor, be freeholder, stay on the planning board and spend time with his family while posting on the internet, but more power to him.

We shall see what becomes of this.

As for the anonymous poster blasting Jay, he was at the movies this afternoon being a Dad to our terrific son, so he WASN'T posting derogatory stuff on the internet.

Anyone who knows Jay and I also knows we stand behind our comments,good, bad or indifferent.

Nice try though.

Honest Abe said...

Good Morning!
Sue Veitengruber: I deleted the double post; it's no problem.
Paid Researcher: Knock off the threats. If your links are legit, let's see them. Otherwise just shut up.
Anonymous: No you cannot recall county committee members. They serve for a two-year term and run in the primary. The entire county committee is up for election this June. While Sue Veitengruber's backing of an independent for Council may be reason enough to replace her, it does not disqualify her from running for the position. To replace her you would need a Republican woman in her district to run against her in the primary and win. I would think that Norine Kelly is probably looking into this already. Until then you're stuck with her. Get over it.

Let's talk about negative posts. The posts linking to the Rutgers site are, I believe constructive. They would appear marginally damaging to Mayor DiBella, but it is better that it comes out now so that:
a) DiBella may defend himself and move forward. Better for the party that it be debated now than in October with a DiBella + running mate candidacy on the line.
b) Allow county committee members the opportunity to decide whether that incident is even important enough to deny him the Freeholder appointment.
I am tired of posts that serve only to hurt people, and will be much more liberal with the editorial features at my disposal.

Honest Abe said...

I'm sure county Dem boss Victor Scudiery is punching some walls since the Sayreville stuff came out now. He probably had his heart set on it being the "October surprise."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
DiBella is very electable - very cute too! He'd be the best looking Freeholder for sure

Come to think of it, Dibella is very, very handsome actually.

I like Joe too."

Stop mooning over Joe, sweety. And stop chasing elected officials. You're married. We know who you are. Freeholders are not chosen on their looks and there are a lot a people who would disagree with you about Napoleon anyway.

William H Seward said...

"Anonymous said...
DiBella is very electable - very cute too! He'd be the best looking Freeholder for sure "

I'm partial to Lillian

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I have this straight

1. 1st town dibella was a councilman in he was arrested - booked - mugshot - and convicted for not paying parking tickets by one of his own police officers.

2. 2nd town where he is elected he is being recalled

3. He works for a democratic boss

Do I have this right

Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy. I go away for a few days and Howell implodes. This thread really gave me a few laughs. The other candidates are laughing too. Word around the county is that Neimann wants to "get him out of Howell" before he destroys whats left of the Republican party just like he got Handlin out of Freehold. When is he going to learn. Neimann gave jobs to Kelly and her crew and what did it get him, more grief, more demands. The only place for DiBella is on the freeholder board because the legislators won't have him. I can't wait to see the website. Those other four won't know what hit them.

Honest Abe said...

We Love DiBella wrote...
"He was threated to be killed by Tony Spalliero and stood up to him and Dibella won and tossed him out of Howell"

Do you have any documentation for gangsta developer Anthony Spalliero's threat?

Polling for DiBella said...

Why does DiBella have pollsters call at dinner time? The same outfit out of Florida that has polled for him before is at it again. This is a push poll. It asks if the voter is happy that DiBella ran the developers out of town. You can only answer yes or no. If you tell the caller he didn't you are registered as an undecided.

The poll also asks about whether you would sign a recall petition, and the pollster knows your telephone number, and presumably your name and address, so DiBella will know how you answered. The poll also asks about the Tri Town news and whether or not the resident reads it.

I wonder who is paying for this poll?

Sharon Migliaccio said...

I never thought of that. The pollster generates a list of households that would sign a recall petition.

Or one could say they wouldn't, giving the county a false sense of security.


Howell has seen several push polls over the last 2 years. No one wants to own up to it, but since at least the last 2 were done by this company, it's safe to say it wasn't the dems or independents.

Most people, politically minded or not, realize when someone is trying to get them to say something they don't want to. It tends to turn them off.

Anonymous said...

Abe. Know anything about the connection between Neiman and Gilmore the Ocean County republican chairman? Look at how many attorney appointments Holzapfel gets in Monmouth County!

Anonymous said...

DiBella should realize that we are going to have a tough fight for the next two freeholder seats. If Unger wasn't in the last race we would have lost!

Mr. DiBella perhaps, should put his ambitions on hold, serve a few years more as Mayor, put together some major accomplishments as mayor, and then reconsider in a few years.

He is going to be targeted... unfairly, or not. I could just see the dem pieces now...DiBella's mug shot on a nasty piece. It would be unfair for all of us to suffer a loss, or have to beat back the negative attacks. Better for one to fall on his sword than for the whole team to suffer.

howell for dibella 4 freeholder said...

WOW...look what Mayor Dibella worked on in 2005 alone.

This is his first year as "mayor" am I right?

Anonymous said...

Dibella's ego is win at all costs. Take a look at all he's accomplished. Howell is more divided than at anytime in its history. He could not get his own candidate elected last November when he made the entire election a referandum on Joe Dibella. He might even be recalled. Even Konopka was not subject to recall. A group of citizens wants to change the form of government because of him.

He has bad mouthed every administration and elected and appointed official before him including his pal Morrell. He tried to bring in high density residential housing in the commercial zone. (Can you say Town Center, Middletown?)That's when the recall petitions went out. He has raised the municipal tax rate a whopping 35% in three years. He abolished an entire department and hired more consultants. He stopped bulk drop off at Howell's recycling center and now the town looks like one big garbage dump because it takes weeks for the DPW to come pick up items. Who knows what he will do to the County Landfill if elected.

The roads are crumbling but Dibella is putting plans together for a seven building municipal complex that will cost the Howell taxpayers 100's of millions of dollars. He has already spent a half of million on architectural renderings -- not floor plans. He also wants a $6 million environmental center even though the Manasquan Reservoir Center is only a mile away. He claims it will be paid for with a grant but who will pay for the maintenance and operations of that, especially since he laid off park workers?

Dibella has made name calling an art. He is abusive and threatening like the school yard bully when he does not get his way. He has refused to commit to stepping down as mayor until 2007 because he would not have a permanent term for freeholder until then. He has torn Howell apart. I can't believe otherwise intelligent people want to give him the opportunity to bring his brand of government to Freehold. His own people want him gone.

Moncty said...

APP today says Handin endorses Peters

Anonymous said...

And as goes Handlin, so goes Clifton and the rest of the Bayshore. Billy Boy better watch out. Joe has designs on the Director's job already under the guise that it should be rotated.


I have nothing against Joe DiBella. He seems like a nice guy, if not some kind of vassal for Joe K. But, he probably doesn't have the votes to win.

It's not really his fault. He's buying into a weak chairman and a lot of nonsense. His situation in Howell is less important than others working in that party for another candidate.

County Committee elections are not based on the "great man" theory. They are based on whoever makes 800-and-something calls, two times.

It doesn't happen...just cause. Niemann is probably leading him astray. More influential power brokers in the East aren't done yet.

Not speculation...just the truth.

Wanna know what's going on in the GOP... ask a Democrat.


For Sue:

All my best. Hop all is well. My compliments, from an "Irish American male" in the Bayshore.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said,

"Mr. DiBella perhaps, should put his ambitions on hold, serve a few years more as Mayor, put together some major accomplishments as mayor, and then reconsider in a few years."

If left to his own devices the only thing he'll be putting together is a "RAP SHEET"


Yeah, DiBella IS a mover and a shaker! He's always putting himself forward, moving past negativity and moving on with optimism. He makes a difference to all of his constituants.

Here's the evidence...look what DiBella worked on in 2005 alone:

DiBella's, "RAP SHEET of EXCELLENCE" certainly is growing!

Anonymous said...

From Mayor DiBella's "Rap Sheet of Excellence":

The township council and I held historic hearings, investigating allegations of a ‘zoning for dollars’ episode that took place some years back. As a result of these hearings, we overturned an approval to build 500 senior houses that was mired in ethical lapses and campaign improprieties. In the end, we stood up to corruption and made it clear that such behavior would not be tolerated in our community;

How'd that one work out for Howell?

Anonymous said...

From Mayor DiBella's "Rap Sheet of Excellence":

We purchased additional open space for passive and active recreational use. Here too, these acquisitions were at historic levels. Never in the town’s history have we preserved as much open space for our resident to forever enjoy in their natural state;,

Eminent Domain lawsuit for a gravel pit with a contract purchase on it.

18 million dollar bond to the taxpayers without a question on the ballot.

Where's the fiscal responsibility?

Anonymous said...

More from Mayor DiBella's "Rap Sheet of Excellence":

The governing body passed one of the toughest ethics laws in the State. In doing so we banned ‘no bid’ contracts, banned gift giving to elected officials, prohibited possible jobs to politically connected people, banned campaign contributions from developers and mandated a code of conduct for all employees and elected officials. It is unfortunate that the behavior of a few public servants has eroded the public’s faith in their elected officials. I hope that the measures we have taken in Howell give our residents the comfort of knowing we have the most honest and open government in New Jersey;

1. Accepted money in his campaign from numerous professionals working for the town and developers;

2. Accepted tickets for him and a "guest" to Dick Cheney's fundraiser;

3. Did not denounce sexist comments by Councilman Lucey at a public forum;

4. Gave paid appointed to former Councilman Lucey, even though the application was not submitted by deadline and Lucey left his seat in Novemeber 2005;

Very ethical. NOT!

Maybe he should try to run on his good looks.

Anonymous said...

Well Lucey got the appointment because he was a member of the governing body, but not "elected" to ithe Council, and therefore not an "elected official" in Joe's eyes.

Joe also set up a PAC for the purpose of wheeling funds to Lucey. And when that PAC reached the limit it could give to his candidate, he set up another one, and defended the practice of wheeling because the state hadn't outlawed it.

Do as I say, not as I do Freeholder Joe.

Anonymous said...

All of Norine's horses and all of Fred's men are not going to be able to put Joey back together again.

Anonymous said...

DiBella is going to fall off the wall this the front page for a story that will take him right out of the picture. He is the last person the MCGOP should endorse. Even Norcross will run for cover.

Anonymous said...

DiBella may be out of the race as of Wednesday.

Word at Monm Co Courthouse is he blasted a judge for ruling against Howell Township in the infamous Spalliero rezoning that took place last year.

Many people lining up to file defamation lawsuits against him personally.

We DO NOT need a guy who mouths off about a judge leading the county.

What an embarrassment for Fred.

Anonymous said...

DiBella publicly comdemns anyone who disagrees with him. He doesn't care who it is. DiBella mouthed off about the local paper Saturday at a ribbon cutting. He told the rival Howell Times photographer and some business owners that the Tri Town News "was a disgusting paper" and he "was going to put it out of business." The Chamber of Commerce members were shocked. Wait until he is a Freeholder and takes on the Asbury Park Press. Good luck, Bill, Lillian, Rob and Ted. You'll need it.

Anonymous said...

George saw the same things that make DiBella such an effective Mayor; also make him an effective producer. Politics probably has nothing to do with why DiBella was hired.

Anonymous said...

Joseph M. DiBella is the best thing to happen to Howell since the local militia ran the red coats out from the Our House Tavern. As Howell's Mayor, DiBella has executed flawlessly in upholding the most basic of Republican Ideals of Less Government, Lowering Taxes, protecting our open spaces, and Improving public services.
DiBella has proven himself again and again that when the going gets tough he doesn't cut n run; he fights for Howell. Case in point; recent redistricting of Howell HS Students for the 3rd time in five years when other communities had to move only 1x.
Even though DiBella is probably 5'8" he is a smart, tenacious, scrappy, heavy weight who will make an excellent freeholder. I am excited to see the many things Joe DiBella will accomplish on behalf of Monmouth County.

Anonymous said...

The FRHSD is not going to be DiBella's shining momnent. His figures do not add up, and now he definitley lost interest. evidenced by his recent absence from last two meetings. The new attendance areas are set. His adminsitrative appeal will be as successful as the marlboro appeal.

Does he realize the adminstrative appeal takes weeks to set up a hearing, requires a period for the parties to comment, on the interim findings, then it goes to the Commissioner to accept or reject the findings. By the time this all occurs, the next school year would have started. (Note he has not even stated the appeal was even filed.)

Anonymous said...

Joe, stop writing abot yourself. Everybody has stopped listening. Joe is actually about 5'2". They don't make 6 inch elevator shoes.

Joe has done so much for Howell. Wheeling thousands of dollars of contributions to his pal Lucey then appointing Lucey illegally to a job with salary and benefits which is against Joe's ballyhooed ethics ordinance.

The trial of developers he held was just thrown out by a judge and will cost the town millions. Joe promised his developer pals 8 to the acre residential development. Joe abolished the best youth and family service department in the state and lied about what service the county would provide.The tax rate has gone up 40% since he was elected and Howell now employs 14 lawyers just to keep him out of trouble.

He continually attacks the residents, the Township employees, the Township police, businesses and the local papers with name calling and bullying tactics. And when all else fails he just makes something up. These are the same tactics he used in Sayreville. Here he comes Freehold. He already has his agenda.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention how much the FRHSD appeal will cost the taxpayers of Howell, Farmingdale, Freehold Township and Borough, Manalapan, Englishtown and Marlboro. Just what we need, a Freeholder who files suit at the drop of a hat and cost me money in more legal bills and more taxes.

Anonymous said...

Howell's Mayor Joseph M. DiBella is truly a dynamic person who knows how to get things done despite the few whining crybabies who are his constituents. DiBella, has effectively dealt with a very small very vocal group of citizens who cry and whine every time something doesn't go their way. DiBella has effectively dealt with this group of whiners the way any parent would talk to a 4yr. old; he constantly stays on the offensive addressing the lies and misinformation as they are dished out. DiBella is the technology leader by effectively using all forms of media available to keep in contact with his constituents. DiBella just may be the most technologically saavy pol in the history of NJ.

Anonymous said...

So sad, Joe. Your writing style gives you away. The most open space in the history of --- A historic ethics ordinance, historic budget cuts and now the most technology savvy pol in the history of NJ. Sad, really, sad. Pathetic actually. It's over. The GOP just doesn't want to take a chance on someone who wants to be center stage all the time and only sees the freeholder seat as a quick whistle stop on his trail to Drumthwacket.

Anonymous said...

Take a chance! Monmouth County will be taking a chance if they don't bring DiBella in as freeholder! The overwhelming majority of Howell Citizens suppport our Mayor in his bid to become freeholder. The Silent Majority overwhlemingly want Mayor DiBella to pursue the Freeholder's position. Howell will be best served if the Mayor becomes freeholder and stays on as Mayor to finish out his term.
The only thing that could possibly derail his run is the recall and everyone in Howell including the people who filed it know what a joke it is.

Lisa said...

Joe Dibella. Friend of the little man.

Anonymous said...

The man has attention deficit disorder. A year in Sayreville, and he loses interest.

Gets elected to Howell, and immediately runs for the late Mel Cottrell's seat. The absentee ballots weren't even counted yet!

Serves 2 years and runs for mayor. Wins by outspending the opposition 10-1.

Meanwhile, has threatened to run a family out of town, maliciously slandered and libelled a past councilman, made a deal with Bob D'Anton (democratic lottery Chairman) to allow 300 condos on 14 acres.

He has backed off of every major play he has tried to pull over on the residents of Howell as soon as he is found out.

Redevelopment and Eminent Domain of Rt 33?
FLIP-FLOP as soon as the residents yelled RECALL.

Redevelopment of Frequency Engineering to allow high density housing?
FLIP-FLOP as soon as the residents cried FOUL.

Expansion of the Sewer Service Area?
FLIP-FLOP when 300 people showed up at town hall.

2 acre zoning to 6 acre zoning?
FLIP-FLOP when the residents held up RECALL signs at the planning board.

High Density 6 units per acre zoning?
FLIP-FLOP when he realized the residents found out he can't add.

And so it goes.

Now he wants to be Freeholder in the midst of all this baggage and animosity he created.


So he can jump ship and run for , say, a congressional seat?

That's one way to get him out of Howell.

Anonymous said...

If all you say is true, why do you say DiBella Flip-flopped? I would say that DiBella Stakes out a position on an issue and then listens to his constituents! To be an effective leader it requires someone with the courage to take a position on something and then listen to what Howell has to say. If these things occurred as you say they do, Might Joe be using his initial positons to drive debate and find out what the public really wants?
I think DiBella is a strong enough leader that he uses these issues to find out what the community really wants.

Anonymous said...

Joe listen to the public.That's the best laugh I've had in a long time. The facts never get in the way of what Joe wants. Now the taxpayers are on the hook for millions of dollars for the Crawford Crossings debacle.

Monmouth county sentiments said...

It is too bad these few people in Howell are hateful bullies. Are they really republicans? Their obviously resentful remarks appear to be of personal nature. Some anonymous person posted about his height. That is pointless.

He is actually a bigger, classier person than anyone who is so ignorant as to make such remarks.

Howell, it is obvious that the same anonymous postings are from the same people, over and over again. You are embarrassing yourselves.

and you might be able to contribute to your community if you would focus you attentions on helping others, rather than beat on the your mayor.

I for one do not trust your opinions since they are so very childish and stupidly repetitive.

DiBella is a smart, strong guy from what I have seen and heard of him.

People will listen to him before they take the opinions of what appears to be an obsessed few.

Anonymous said...

Going after another person's job, Joe like you went after the Howell NJ webmaster. What about all those emails you put out on Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield's server and time? That came back to bite you when someone threatened to sue BCBS over your threatening emails that were put out as "official mail" on their time under their name.

Would your latest post have to do with Morlino breaking the Crawford Crossings story? Better put more money on that county legal expense, Bill. You ain't seen nothing yet.

Sharon Migliaccio said...

Dear Anonymous:

Oh, this is boring me. Can you change the tune?

1. I have never met John Pearson( recall petitioner), have met the other 2 once or twice. If I wanted to run a recall, I would be front and center. I'm just funny like that.
But you already know that about me.

I believe a change in the form of government is in order and removing the mayor will not advanced that goal. I look forward to the charter study commission.

Oh, that brings up another issue. How many times did they have to redo the ordinance on that because they couldn't get the noticing right?

2. Bashing DiBella? I think not.

The fact is, the Mayor and Council was advised to NOT overturn a final planning board approval until such time as the Prosecutor's office handed down indictments.

Mayor DiBella chose to ignore that advice, and Crawford Holdings motioned for Summary Judgement.

Judge Coogan granted the motion in a well worded decision on Friday.

Where were you anonymous? Unless you are one of Sherman's attornies, you weren't there. In fact, no one was there from Howell, except Tom Gannon, township attorney.

I will reserve my comments until Kathy Baratta's article hits on Wednesday. I gave her my word at the courthouse on Thursday, and so I will keep it.

My personal opinion? More than one person should have been there to represent Howell. To me it showed a lack of interest. In fact, I don't think anyone even knew the decision was being rendered on Thursday.

How do I know these things, and no one else does? Why doesn't someone pick up a phone a make a couple of calls. It works wonders.

I don't hate DiBella, and I truly hope he gets Freeholder.

I don't like many of his decisions, including the one where he chose not to rezone the Crawford Holding site before approval, when he could have without putting the township in peril.

I guess its whether the political career is more important than Howell.

Anonymous, you seem to have some anger issues that need to be resolved.

Why are you so threatened by me? My only goal is to protect my town from irresponsible development and to help raise awareness on affordable housing issues within the township.

In fact, I have contacted John Pearson (one of the recall petitioners)to learn more about TDR's and how perhaps we can use them to preserve farmland and advanced the goal of creating quality, reasonably priced homes for moderate and low income people, persuant to COAH.

If that is what you consider scummy, well so be it. Many people are opposed to reasonably priced homes. I don't debate the validity of the state's stance on affordable housing like the mayor does, I only want to ensure that our town does not run afoul of COAH again and doesn't get overrun by development at all costs.

Meanwhile, you could help your candidate more by refraining from calling people names

Jay Migliaccio said...

Anonymous posted,

"Jay (Mrs. Carpenter) and his husband Sharon."

Was this meant to insult me, Nice try!
"Husband Sharon" I don't think so but at least she's got the balls to sign her name to what she posts unlike you.

"SCUMMY", you must be an educated person to have come up with that one all by yourself!

Unfortunately I can't take credit for starting the recall no matter how much I'd like to. As I've said before I'll gladly sign the petition when one comes my way and I'll encourage my family and friends to do the same!
Wait a minute you said you knew who was behind the recall on website, here's your quote,

" I learned that two politcally active attorney's in Howell are behind the politically charged recall of me. One of the two admitted this to a mutual friend, bragging how they were going to embarass and dammage me politically. And how they found the perfect group to act as the front for this. One of the two is the former attorney to our planning board I am told. The other practices law with an office on Rt. 9 in Howell.
All I can say, is I knew it all along."

This quote says it best when you think about Joe Dibella, I can't take credit for this one either, too bad it perfect:


Nice try!

Anonymous said...

Mayor Joseph M. DiBella

Defender of Truth, Justice and the American Way!

Lowers Taxes
Less Government Buereucracy
Takes on Developers
Fights for open space
Makes vital investments in infrastucture
Brings pride back to Howell!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You forgot,


Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Mayor Joseph M. DiBella

Defender of Truth, Justice and the American Way!

Lowers Taxes
Less Government Buereucracy
Takes on Developers
Fights for open space
Makes vital investments in infrastucture
Brings pride back to Howell!!!!! "


Municipal Taxes have increased a whopping 38% in the three years dibella has been in office in Howell. The reval will raise everyone's taxes because the open space tax is a set amount per hundred dollars of assessed value.

More consultants and less service than ever before in the history of Howell.Abolished Youth and Family Services and hired more lawyers. Did away with recycling center drop offs and hired a grant consultant for $36,000 who has provided nothing Howell didn't already have.

Dibella illegally reversed zoning after an applicant had final approval and cost Howell taxpayers millions. At the same time promised high density high rise residential to developers who wheeled campaign funds to his council replacement Wayne Lucey. Lost when 500 angry residents showed up to the Planning Board meeting, but first called opponents names like racist and anti semetic.

Overturned a contract to place a farm in the preservation program because a developer friend wanted it for a project, denying the farmer much need funds. Threatened Route 33 residents with eminent domain if they did not sell their properties at bargain prices to developers.

Dibella proposed a $750,000 environmental center that will cost thousands to maintain and operate when the Manasquan Reservoir EC is a mile away. Miles of road are crumbling, but dibella proposed a $100 million seven building new municipal complex with more millions for operation.

Dibella is an embarassment to Howell. Up up and away would be could for Howell. Like blown out to sea,

Anonymous said...

Joe, get off the computer and get back to work. Your actions are the reason an independent won last year. You couldn't convince Howell to vote for your hand picked successor. Walsh trounced him. Your running is the best thing that could happen to the Democrats. 30,000 votes in the D column. You are such a loser.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous posted,

"like I said yesterday my interactions with dibella have all been good ones."

Thats not something I'd brag about if I were you, thankfully I'm not!You must either be someone Joe feels can do something for him politicaly or another mindless URC member who'd blindly follow Charlie Manson if he was a loyal club member!

Anonymous said...

Joseph M. DiBella

Good for Howell, Good for Monmouth County!

Anonymous said...

One more resume embellishment ----

Today's paper says Howell has preserved only 270 acres in farmland, a far cry from the 1000 acres that DiBella has claimed. Only 142 acres have been preserved since DiBella took office in 2003 when voters approved a 2 cents per $100 of assessed value tax.

DiBella's resume also says he was a councilman in Howell in 2002. He did not take office until 2003. What else has he lied about on his resume? In the corporate world DiBella would be fired for this type of behavior.

Anonymous said...

Joseph M. DiBella

Good for Howell,Good for Monmouth County!

Anonymous said...

Joseph M. DiBella

Bad for Howell,Worse for Monmouth County!

Anonymous said...

Judge rules Spalliero can build in Howell
Township’s effort to undo approval is rejected in court BY KATHY BARATTA
Staff Writer

A state Superior Court decision handed down last week has paved the way for construction to begin on the 497-unit Colts Neck Cros-sing (CNC) age-restricted community on Route 33, Howell.

In an action brought by Crawford Holdings, a company whose principals include devel-opers Terry Sherman and Anthony Spalliero, Judge Robert Coogan, sitting in Freehold, decided against How-ell. The litigation was filed by the developers after Howell officials took action to rescind municipal approval that CNC had received.

Specifically, the Township Council voted to void the Planned Retirement Community (PRC) zoning that had been adopted for the project and the Planning Board voted to rescind the approval CNC had received after the zoning on the Route 33 tract was changed.

In noting that the adult community received approval as a fully conforming application, Coogan ruled that Howell officials had no legal grounds to rescind any approval or to change the zoning after the fact.

The council changed the zoning on the Route 33 parcel to PRC in April 2002 and the Planning Board gave CNC preliminary approval in October 2002. In addition to the homes, there is also a commercial component to the project.

The property in question is a 334-acre site on Route 33 near Colts Neck and Cranberry roads. Most notably, the parcel is home to the Flame Motel, which will be demolished.

In explaining his decision to strike down the township’s action, Coogan referred to hearings that were held by a special commission created by Mayor Joseph M. DiBella and the council, as well as the confiscation by the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office of all township files pertaining to any application that involved Spalliero.

Spalliero is currently under federal indictment on bribery charges stemming from development applications in other municipalities.

At the time the files were confiscated from the Howell Planning Board office, the prosecutor’s office, under former prosecutor John Kaye, said it was confiscating files in any town in which Spalliero had open development applications such as the CNC subdivision in Howell.

At about the same time the Planning Board approved CNC, Spalliero had met with DiBella, who was a councilman at the time, Councilman Juan Malave, and James Stanberry, who was the president of the United Republican Club at the time.

At a public meeting of the council following that get-together, Spalliero alleged that the Howell officials attempted a “shakedown” of him in return for an uncontested approval of the CNC application.

DiBella, Malave and Stanberry categorically denied the charge made by Spalliero, and the developer subsequently withdrew his allegation.

In mid-2005, the township started its hearings into how the PRC zoning was enacted and the approval that was granted to the CNC application. The special commission conducting the hearings was comprised of DiBella, Deputy Mayor Peter Tobasco and then-Councilman Wayne Lucey.

The commission eventually determined that the CNC approval was tainted due to campaign donations from CNC’s principals to the Monmouth County Democratic Party, which in turn helped fund the re-election campaigns of some Howell officials who sat on the council and the Planning Board at that time.

Coogan did not see things the same way as the special commission did. The judge said, “To quote Jerry Maguire (a sports agent portrayed by Tom Cruise in the motion picture of the same name), ‘show me the money.’ ” As to the fact that the CNC files had been confiscated by the prosecutor, Coogan said, “So what?”

“There is not one shred of credible or believable evidence to support the conclusion of conflict or the dynamic by which the Township Council (special commission) came to its decisions,” he said. “What we are left with is surmise. There is nothing to support any conflict of interest or anything else prohibited. There simply are no hard facts and no evidence to demonstrate to this court that the township’s hearings or the prosecutor’s pending investigation has any merit. These are nothing more as far as I am concerned but speculation.”

Timothy J. Konopka, the former Democratic mayor of Howell, was the main target of the all-Republican special commission hearings. Konopka was mayor at the time of the PRC zoning adoption and Planning Board approvals for CNC (both in 2002).

Attorney Charles Moriarty, who represents Konopka, said he was not surprised by Coogan’s ruling or the judge’s remarks regarding Howell’s special commission investigation.

“My client, Tim Konopka, has never talked to (Mr.) Spalliero outside of the public hearing in the conference room (at town hall). We said from the beginning that the origin of this whole special commission hearing has been political. Judge Coogan found there is no merit to it and we think this should put an end to it,” Moriarty said.

In response to the judge’s ruling, DiBella said, “The ruling disgusts me. It flies in the face of everything New Jersey is trying to fix when dealing with the issue of corruption and that the courts are apparently going to be an impediment to fighting corruption is very sad indeed.

“If this judge thinks the exchange of nearly $200,000 in donations to elected officials determining the development application wasn’t a conflict, then I have a bridge to sell him in Daytona Beach,” DiBella said.

In the summer of 2004 when several members of Planning Board started pushing for board members to rescind the approval they had already given to CNC, then-board attorney Louis Rago advised against doing so.

Rago told the board that since the CNC application was a fully conforming proposal according to the zoning in place at the time, with no need for variances or waivers, Howell would lose in court if it tried to rescind the approvals that were mandated according to municipal land use law.

Rago said the loss would be “in dollars and credibility” and also warned that if the township lost in court it would face the prospect of having to pay Crawford Holdings’ attorney costs and fees for the litigation.

Speaking just prior to the Planning Board’s memorialization of the CNC approval, Township Attorney Thomas Gannon agreed with Rago and advised against taking any action against the CNC application. Gannon said that if at the end of the prosecutor’s investigation any wrongdoing was found to have tainted the Colts Neck Crossing approval, then perhaps a court challenge to the approval could be mounted.

Pauline Smith was the chairwoman of the Planning Board when CNC received approval in 2002. She was still a member of the board in 2005 when it voted to rescind the approval (she abstained on the vote). She was not reappointed to her position in January.

When informed of Coogan’s decision in the CNC matter, Smith, who sat on the board for 12 years, said she was not surprised. She said the reasons raised by Rago as well as another matter were the reasons she abstained from voting on the motion to rescind the CNC approval.

“I abstained because I knew there wasn’t anything irregular about the application. I was sad to see such a big development coming in, but the fact was they were a fully conforming application with no waivers or variances being sought,” she said.

Smith said even though board members are supposed to be indemnified by the township, experience taught her otherwise. She and another board member were the targets of litigation brought against them as individuals in another Planning Board matter. Smith said she spent more than $24,000 to defend herself.

As she was and still is in the process of trying to recoup that money from Howell, Smith said she warned her fellow board members of the liability they faced if they voted to rescind the approval of a fully conforming application like Colts Neck Crossing.

Former Councilman Fritz Kirchhof sat on the council when the Route 33 PRC zoning was adopted and he was subpoenaed to testify at the special commission hearings.

Kirchhof, who has publicly stated his anger over the hearings, the manner in which they were announced, as well as the way they were conducted, said he believed the special commission hearings had been a ploy for DiBella to “put himself in the limelight.”

“He (DiBella) has said he is committed to saving the taxpayers money. Ask yourself how much more of the taxpayers’ money will be squandered to pay the legal fees and damages on this,” Kirchhof said.

Attorney Wayne Peck represented Crawford Holdings in court when the judge’s decision was announced on Jan. 26. Peck said Crawford Holdings will file for damages against Howell as well as against particular individuals.

DiBella has promised that the township will pay to defend any township official or volunteer who is targeted in any litigation related to the CNC application.

Speaking immediately after the judge ruled on the matter, Gannon said he would need to review the decision, but believes it is likely he has a basis for recommending that Howell appeal Coogan’s decision.

After delivering his ruling which directed that all prior zoning and approvals pertaining to Colts Neck Crossing be put back into effect, Coogan also directed that municipal officials sign the necessary maps and immediately issue all permits needed for the project to begin.

Anonymous said...

So DiBella see's potential for corruption and decides to do something about it. So he holds a special commission to determine whether there was a conflict of interest and determines that there was one.
spalleiro sue's wins and now we go to round 2.
I like the fact that DiBella instead of sitting on his arse and just let the thing go through when if you look at what transpired in regards to the payments from spalleiro/sherman to the Monmouth county dems; the fact that Konopka gets a consulting contract with the Dems and the fact that spalleiro had a track record of this kind of behavior in Marlboro It is not a stretch to think why the Mayor thought there just might have been some impropriety in regards to the application. Most pol's would have said the Hell with it and let it go. DiBella thought there might be something wrong withthe approval and decided to do something about it.
So we go to round 2 and see what happens. as they say it ain't over until the fat lady sings.

Howell Resident said...

Dibella fights corruption.

Thank YOU!

Finally a politician who stands up against corruption!

I am proud to say he is our Mayor!

Keep up the good work Joe!

dibella's freeholder literature said...

"I personally presided over the firstever ethics trial where we stood up to the corrupt developers and threw them out of town."

After the Judge Coogan's decision on CNC on January 29th, 2006, 11:07 pm Joe DiBella said on

"The council, not I alone, acted to hold the hearings."

On Jan 29th, 2006, 9:40pm Joe DiBella said on "We had all received some large black book with Elect Reports in it that was also sent to investigators."

That black book was authored by a Howell and high ranking MC GOP official and orchestrated by DiBella for maximum publicity.

In the TriTown News of August 12, 2004 Howell Township Attorney Thomas Gannon said "there was no legal argument to make for the council to repeal a Planning Board approval of a conforming application." Gannon’s legal assessment of the situation was the same one Planning Board attorney Louis Rago made."I see no legal argument here now," Gannon said. "You’d lose in dollars and credibility," the attorney said, noting that the township would be forced by the court to pay all of Crawford Holdings’ attorney’s costs and fees if litigation had to be initiated by the applicant in order to enforce the approval it had already received.

The council and Planning Board were advised NOT to recind the approval or the zoning. Howell Township did not provide any evidence to support their contention the rezoning was illegal during the court hearing.

Yet Gannon let DiBella "preside over the first ever etnics trial" and now says without even seeing the decision that "believes it is likely he has a basis for recommending that Howell appeal Coogan’s decision." Someone should file an attorney ethics complaint against Gannon. How much more money is he going to allow DiBella to cost the taxpayers? Punitive damages will not be picked up by the insurance company. This action was deliberately and maliciously taken by DiBella to maximize his political profile. And if the insurance compnay picks up anything, it will just come back to the taxpayers in the form of higher premiums and deductibles.

Anonymous said...

There was no mention of the bully-tactics played by the CNC gang when they were afraid they would get rezoned back. If they were so sure that they had the case in the bag they would not have come to intimidate the PB in Limo.

The truth will come out.

Sharon Migliaccio said...

I am disappointed in the fact that Howell will have 497 new homes, but not in the judges decision.

Howell Township could have easily and, more importantly, LEGALLY rezoned the site prior to approval using the "Time of Decision" ruling.

Instead, they tapdanced until final approval is eminent.

Do a last minute full court toss to try to rezone.

Met privately with a developer without benefit of counsel, which they were advised AGAINST.

Got sued, go to court without any evidence or documentation.


Unless an indictment is handed down, don't waste the taxpayers money.

Dibella caught in ANOTHER lie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Honest Abe said...

I would advise those posting newspaper articles to post a link from now on. Posting the entire article as a comment takes up a lot of space, especially if more than one article is posted.

Anonymous said...

Besides the fact that it is copyrighted material and the Webmaster could be charged with violating the news organizations copyright. FYI- It is alright to post links to the site from where the copyright originates.

Anonymous said...

What's a matter, Joey, is the bad press starting to erode your support?

Anonymous said...

Lane's would be smart to support Kleinberg. Mayor Kleinberg brings with him western Monmouth, the Jewish vote (many of which tend to vote Democratic), a REAL track record of cleaning up a town, and his own money so he is not beholding to anyone.

Lane's would be stupid to support Joey D now that he an email he wrote are the subject of a police and soon a prosecutor's investigation.

Anonymous said...

Lets try and discredit the Howell PD,WHY NOT! After all the PBA did endorse the wrong guy last november!
This is just another in a long list of things that proves Joe Dibella will do anything or sacrifice anyone to prolong his!
Can you really call it a career?

Anonymous said...

Before rushing to jusdgement; shouldn't we wait until all the facts are out? We know that you have already found the mayor guilty of perpetrating some crime but isn't it wise to see all the facts before coming to a conclusion instead of relying on the reproting from one newspaper article. reasonable and unbiased people will wait before making their judgement.

Disgusted with dibell's lies said...

The mayor's email is written. He made the accusation and admitted writing the email, but, no surprise, he is refusing to state who the "anonymous officer" was who broke the chain of command in violation of department regulations.

WHY? Because it did not and could not happen. There are no printed petitions. No Howell police officer would talk to dibella. This was just a way of taking a slap at the PBA because they endorsed Bob Walsh. Dibella made the chief of police's and manager's life miserable when that happened and blamed them. Dibella just can't take responsibility for his own actions.

There is much more to come on this email that will make him look even worse.Dibella has a long history of clashing with all law enforcement.He refused to pay a parking ticket because he had some stupid placard on his car that he thought spared him from putting 25 cents, 25 CENTS in a meter. Are you paying attention Lillian, Rob, Bill and Ted?

Freddie is setting himself up for a fall, no a crash into the abyss. If the Monmouth County republicans select dibella it will be the best thing that ever happened to the Democrats. After digging themselves out from under the scandal of the Monmouth 11 you would think the GOP would look for someone more honorable.Let's see if the prosecutor's office gives him a pass on this.

Anonymous said...

DiBella has already been tried and convicted by "Dibells Lies". How can you make a judgment on something when we still do not have ALL the Facts? It's really disgusting.

dibella lies said...

The email is in balck and white. That is a fact. It came from Dibella and his computer. That is a fact.Dibella hates police both in Sayreville and Howell.That is a fact. Dibella said a officers in uniform "on the beat" were asking people to sign a petition (which did not exist) and he was told this by an "anonymous officer". That is a fact.

The only question is if he put a call into Chris Christie who swore him in as mayor to complain about how "mean" the people in Howell are to him, and to ask for the investigation to be squashed.

Joe DiBella A True Leader said...

Joe DiBella is not Anti-Cop in either Sayreville or Howell. The fact of the matter is that Joe DiBella is very pro-Law enforcement. Joe DiBella has taken positions in regards to the Howell Police that will save the taxpayers money changing their health Plan and cut back on ovetime. Obviously the Police Union did not like these changes because anything that could negatively impact the earnings of their members is not going to be well received. Unfortunatley, for the police Union they are not the ones who have to foot the bill for their benefits or overtime; the taxpayers of Howell do! The fact that most public sector jobs these days when counting all health and welfare benefits and retirement plans are substantially more than what private sector employees make. Mayor DiBella's positions on the police are to try to help those families who are literally "scraping" by just to live in Howell and the vast majority of Howell residents support the stance he has taken in regards to the police and all areas of the local government to limit the unsustainable growth of generous government benefits. The Mayor is absolutely Pro Law enforcement but he is not going to give into the demands of the union at the expense of taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

From the mouth of Joe Dibella:
"experience and education should not be factors in hiring police -- It is more important to hire someone I can work with."

Joe DiBella A True Leader said... "Joe DiBella is very pro-Law enforcement."

Yeah that's why the Sayreville and Howell cops and the MC Sheriffs officers have no use for you.

"Joe DiBella A True Leader said... Joe DiBella has taken positions in regards to the Howell Police that will save the taxpayers money changing their health Plan and cut back on ovetime."

Who asked you to? We would rather be safe and protected. Your health plan will cost the taxpayers more at the end of the year due to the "equal or better than clause."

"Joe DiBella A True Leader said... Obviously the Police Union did not like these changes because anything that could negatively impact the earnings of their members is not going to be well received. Unfortunatley, for the police Union they are not the ones who have to foot the bill for their benefits or overtime; the taxpayers of Howell do!"

So the truth comes out. You want to cut the police salaries. Did you check how many Howell cops live in town? They are taxpayers too who the foot the bill for your bad decisions like Crawfords Crossings and taking the PBA to arbitration only to have the arbitor award the PBA what they asked for and the taxpayers pay the bill for your labor attorney.

"Joe DiBella A True Leader said... The fact that most public sector jobs these days when counting all health and welfare benefits and retirement plans are substantially more than what private sector employees make." Compared to who, someone in Alabama? You consider it welfare to be a law enforcement professional in New Jersey?

"Joe DiBella A True Leader said... Mayor DiBella's positions on the police are to try to help those families who are literally "scraping" by just to live in Howell and the vast majority of Howell residents support the stance he has taken in regards to the police and all areas of the local government to limit the unsustainable growth of generous government benefits."

How by cutting the number of police and their salaries? So it is true you want to cut the salary and benefits of all the employees in Town Hall while you hand out the highest number and the most generous professional services contracts in the history of Howell.

"The Mayor is absolutely Pro Law enforcement but he is not going to give into the demands of the union at the expense of taxpayers."

Not in the opinion of the majority of taxpayers in Howell. Do you have a push poll to back that up or maybe we can get a testimonial from Sayreville?

Joe DiBella A True Leader said...

The fact that the Howell police, Sayreville Police or the MC Sheriffs office have no use for the Mayor probably does not bother him one bit.
David Dinkins was the most popular Mayor to the NYC police unions, Why? because Dikins in negotiations would give in to any demands that they threw out to him. When Giuliani got in; the Unions loathed him; Why? becase Giuliani was a businessman who was a tough negoatiator and hammered out the best deals on behalf of the taxpayers. He also made the police work! That is why now NYC has one of the lowest crime rates for a large city in the world.

The point is; DiBella may cause friction with the police because he is a businessman who is going to hammer out the best deal for the taxpayers. It does not in any way make DiBella anti-cop. It simply is smart business to hammer out the best contract on behalf of the people who foot the bill! which is the Howell Taxpayers. Is there anything wrong with that? Caving to the special interests has never been good business policy and is a good part of the reason the state of NJ is literally in the dire straights we are right now. Don't worry though good 'ol Jon Corzine is going to get us out of it; not by cutting spending but by raising your taxes. But you must be one of those people who like the government to take(redistribute) your hard earned money!

Thank You Mayor DiBella for not caving to the special interests and sticking up for the average Howell Taxpayer!

Joe DiBella A True Leader said...

No I do not need to do a push poll; whatever that is. I simply talk to my neighbors & friends who live in Howell gauge what their feelings are about the Mayor and the Township. In my informal survey done this last week; Polling over 20 people the Mayors ratings were overwhlemingly positive. While this is hardly a statistical sampling of Howell residents all these people are your average working citizens who pay taxes and maintain a home. The overwhelmong majority of them say the Mayor is doing a good Job. I say bring on the recall because alot of Howell residents are going to be mighty pissed at the people who are going to run against the Howell Republican slate; even with Bob Walsh's money! So Bring it on!

Anonymous said...

joe dibella has done nothing but alienate those that supported him, and create new enemies by being an arrogant self-serving typical politician. the crawford holdings fiasco was a clear example. that deal was done and made before the dibella regime took office. simple economics will tell you that senior housing will benefit the town. they don't typically have children therefore no burden on the schools and they pay taxes. plus that eyesore roach infested motel would be knocked down. but not the illustrious dibella, he had to try and end it to make himself look like chris christie even after 3 attorneys told him it would lose in court, and i'm glad it did. plus, how much did it cost the taxpayers of howell to fight this ridiculous loser battle in court? to make things a little clearer on the police issue, dibella did not cut any slaries or save any taxpayer money. what he did do was drag out the contract process and force the police union to work without a contract for a year. in the end the union got exactly what they wanted, and guess what else? a year's worth of back pay for every member of the dept. not to mention what it cost the taxpayers in attorney fees to arbitrate. and the health benefits plan? well the dept. was enrolled in the state benefits program which a well run stable program. old joey boy went and contracted it out to a private sector company who just happened to be a contributor to his campaign. and a certain senator's wife is an executive with that particular company. isn't that funny? dibella is no friend of the pba and endorsing bob walsh was proof of that. dibella's hand picked flunkie was trounced by an independent. what dibella didn't realize was that the howell police dept. is one of the most professional and respected agencies in the state if not the country, and their union runs like a well oiled machine. they have enormous support from the residents and that won't change anytime soon.

Joe DiBella A True Leader said...

The Howell PD is absolutely one of the best in the state and Mayor DiBella has said that publicly on many occassions. He also believes the Howell PD deserve to be fairly compensated for the very important work that they do to see that the citizens of Howell are Safe.
Regarding CNC; The mayor and Council through the special hearing determined that there was a conflict of interest when CNC was approved by the PB. The Mayor and council did the right thing because spalleiro was accused and likely to be convicted of the same exact thing in Marlboro. While the Mayor is for bringing in senior housing to increease the taxbase without adding to the schools; He is only willing to do it when the development was approved without a potential conflict of interest. Is it wrong to stop something that may have been approved with undue influence? I think the Mayor himself would love to have the CNC property developed but cannot allow it to happen under the circumstances surrounding how the property was approved! I hope the township appeals the Judges decision and stops the development of CNC. The majority of Howell citizens are with the Mayor on this.

Joe DiBella A True Leader said...

While I do not speak for Mayor DiBella I am sure that he does not appreciate that any of his constituents are unhappy with him to Make up vicious lies and Rumors to purposely embarass him. Mayor DiBella has been more open to constructive criticism and sharing of ideas than any Howell Mayor has ever been.
The fact that there is a very small group of Howell citizens who would purposely try to embarass him through the recall and the lies they spin on this board and the Howellnj board is downright hurtful.

Mayor DiBella is open to constructive crticism and sharing of ideas to help improve Howell Township and Monmouth county.

Anonymous said...

DiBella is not the type of politician who asks many people for advice. He likes to think of himself as the more knowledgeable of any group. That's his downfall and also the downfall of the Howell Republicans. That is why they lost to an Independent last November.

In spite of all the spin, he is not really doing that good a job. He alienates people without even trying. And his base is eroding. People just don't trust him to do the right thing. He has a spin for everything.

He is definitely not going to get that many votes from his own county committee for freeholder on Feb 25. Some from Howell are voting for McKenna. Others are voting for Little and a few for Gus Toomey.

Its really too bad. He's not a bad guy but he is very headstrong and he's really not that smart to be able to pull it off. There is one screwup after another in his administration and he really doesn't learn from any of his mistakes.

If he doesn't get freeholder he will still be in line for assembly when there is an opening, which is what he really wants in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Joe Dibella a true leader posted,

"Regarding CNC; The mayor and Council through the special hearing determined that there was a conflict of interest when CNC was approved by the PB. The Mayor and council did the right thing because spalleiro was accused and likely to be convicted of the same exact thing in Marlboro."

Too bad Howell's lawyers and Judge Coogan disagreed with Chief Justice Oliver Wendell DiBella and associate Justices Tobasco and Wayne"I ain't a councilman no more"Lucey! He's going to blame this disaster on Tom Gannon you can bet on it!
Oh wait a minute he already blamed someone else, he blamed the judge, sorry I forgot! Smart move by the way with this comment,

"In response to the judge’s ruling, DiBella said, “The ruling disgusts me. It flies in the face of everything New Jersey is trying to fix when dealing with the issue of corruption and that the courts are apparently going to be an impediment to fighting corruption is very sad indeed."
I'm sure the judge was real happy when he heard about the Mayors comments!

When Chief Justice Dibella tried to get the charter study ordinance in under the wire he blamed Bruce Davis and Tom Gannon for the noticing screw up!
I think its safe to say Mr Davis and Mr Gannon have properly scheduled and noticed enough special meetings to know better but Joe didn't want to hear it!
The Mayor was responsible for the improper scheduling of the meetings, everyone knew it but Gannon and Davis took the bullit for him like the good soldiers they are!

He's got a great way of leading,
He uses the,
"Do it his way until it blows up then he'll blame it on somebody else because he's never wrong" method of governing!
I can't think of one time I've ever heard Dibella admit he was wrong about anything, can you?

Joe DiBella A True Leader said...

Those who cannot argue based on the facts resort to name calling ala "oliver Wendell DiBella", "associate justice tobasco" and "wayne 'I ain't a councilman no more' Lucey".
I don't mind people saying what they want because all statements tell a story about the people who write them. resorting to name calling plainly shows that you cannot build an argument against the Mayor based on the facts of his stewardship of Howell Township. The fact of the matter is Mayor DiBella is doing a terrific job as mayor for the majority of howell citizens and the citiznes of Howell know it. The Mayor will continue to lead howell to a better future thorugh following upon his and the councils vision of the township. The group of brigands who continually attack the mayor at every opportuntiy continue to look like the fools that they are and continually weaken their own position with every post. Post Brigands Post!

Joe DiBella A True Leader said...

Joseph M. DiBella

The RIGHT Man for Monmouth County Freeholder!

Anonymous said...

Joe, now you're calling yourself
"A true leader"?

Brigand; A robber or freebooter, especially one of a band of bandits.

Freebooter; a person who pillages or plunders; especially, a pirate; buccaneer.
What did you hear that word in some movie you were watching in the middle of the night because you had a nightmare that woke you because the boogie man Chris Christie was comming to get you!

Joe, only you would use a word like "Brigand",come on whats next more quotes from dead presidents?
The way I see it is you're the only one robbing or pillaging here in Howell! You keep right on telling yourself and everyone who'll listen that its just a small group who wants you gone, remember DE-NILE is not just a river in Egypt!


Anonymous said...

What did "Joe DiBella A true leader said" actually say?

She sounds like she is infatuated with him and is drinking the kool aid to excess. Ah, love is blind.