Sunday, June 27, 2010


Freeholder John P. Curley expressed concern at the June 10th Freeholders' meeting about the county's bidding process for trucks and equipment in the Department of Public Works and Engineering.

His concern stemmed not from the activities of the County Purchasing Department (cub reporter Bob Jordan or his editors left that part out), but from the actual writing of specifications within Public Works and Engineering itself. This is of severe concern, as we do not want to go back to the years of the past where corruption led to the F. B. I.'s big Operation Bid-Rig investigation.

Since then, we have discovered that the freeholders met with Public Works Director John W. Tobia, and while we are not privy to the actual discussion that went on in the meeting, we understand that he was directed to refine the spec-writing process in his department so as to avoid any taint of favoritism. When the freeholders give a directive to a subordinate it is to be obeyed, and we are told that any misunderstanding in this matter has been resolved.

John Tobia has been a very capable official; time will tell whether that continues or if he becomes the next "curmudgeon".

Anyone wanna guess why else this is relevant? And why are we bringing it up now? Here's why: It puts to bed County Commissioner (neƩ Freeholder) John D'Amico's whole concept that Monmouth County needs an inspector general or ethics board. Why? Because a freeholder did his job. It's that simple. When an item of concern was brought to John Curley's attention, he researched it and brought it to the entire Board of Freeholders for further action. Some may not like it, but it is what it is. Once presented with the information, the Board, after reviewing the facts and depending upon the severity of the situation, can dismiss it, reiterate and clarify county policy to the official in question, use the county's in-house disciplinary process up to and including termination (firing), or refer the case to law enforcement for prosecution. In this case a clarification was seen as sufficient. We're sure that Curley and the other freeholders will continue to monitor this.

Ironically, for all his talk about ethics, Flippy D'Amico ("This county can not afford to have another Bid Rig"), never expressed any concern about the specs and never brought it up to the Board. Seems he was more interested in theory than in practice.

This should be the final nail in the coffin for D'Amico's inspector general or ethics review board or whatever the hell he wants to call it the next time he brings it up. With an accountable Board of Freeholders, engaged in their responsibilities, there is no need for an additional layer of bureaucracy in county government.
There's also no need for Flippy D'Amico in county government.

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Flippy's puppet Bob Jordan gave him some more free press today, shocker